Cleantech Venture Investment Soared in 2007—Bay State a Distant Second to California

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Source: All data is from VentureSource, except information in italics, which has been partly or wholly filled in by Xconomy.

State Rankings by Dollar Value

1) California—$1.3 billion
2) Massachusetts—$273 million
3) Washington—$175 million
4) New Mexico—$130 million
5) Texas—$101 million

State Rankings by Deal Number

1) California—66
2) Massachusetts—11
3) Colorado—8
4) Washington—8
5) New York—7

Top Areas of Cleantech Investment

SectorInvestment SizeDeals
Solar$693 million27
Transportation$311 million6
Biofuels$265 million17
Power & Efficiency Management$163 million11
Agriculture$128 million6
Natural Gas$120 million3
Fuel Cells$98.5 million8
Energy Efficiency Products$93 million13
Construction$80.5 million6
Batteries$76 million5

New England’s 10 Biggest Cleantech Deals

GreatPoint Energy, Cambridge, MA—$100 million
Boston-Power, Westborough, MA—$45 million
Konarka Technologies, Lowell, MA—$45 million
A123 Systems, Watertown, MA—$40 million
Premium Power, North Andover, MA—$21 million
Lilliputian Systems, Woburn, MA—$20 million

Advanced Electron Beams, Wilmington, MA—$17.5 million
Unnamed company, Plymouth, MA—$15 million
groSolar, White River Junction, VT—$10 million
Ze-Gen, Boston—$5.65 million
Second Wind, Somerville, MA—$4 million

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