ConforMIS Launches Knee Implant

Burlington, MA-based ConforMIS, which custom-builds implants for less-invasive knee surgery and is in the midst of an expansion push, today announced the commercial launch of an implant for partial knee replacement. The device was approved by the FDA in 2005 but, as I mentioned when I profiled ConforMIS last fall, the company has taken the unusual tack of performing additional clinical trials on each of its approved devices before marketing them.

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3 responses to “ConforMIS Launches Knee Implant”

  1. Adrian Amaya says:

    i have had problems with my knee for over 30 yrs. if i get this iform inplant will I be able to run and play basketball? and what is the key to long lasting of these insert?

  2. Keith DuBose says:

    how much exercise and running will i be able to
    do after a partial knee replacement


    In Boston we all know that many of the knee surgeons are at New
    England Baptist. Why are none of them using Conformis implants
    inasmuch as they perform thousands of surgeries every day? I
    think we would feel a little safer knowing these skilled surgeons
    are involved in this.