EMC Gets Serious About Software-as-a-Service—Forms New Business Unit and Launches Enterprise Version of Mozy Online Backup

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of major applications such as EMC’s Documentum content management platform and its eRoom collaborative workspace environment.

Just by using MozyEnterprise, however, businesses will be able to tap into a range of EMC technologies, including security features engineered by its RSA division. “We’ve embedded enhanced security features from RSA into EMC Fortress, such as strong authentication, authorization for administrators, and key management for the encrypted datasets that are sent to EMC data centers,” says Sanford. “If you’re a home user, you can pretty much manage your own encryption key, but if you’ve got 10,000 or 100,000 keys, that creates a little bit more of a challenge—if you lose your key, your lose the ability to see your information. So key management is critical for larger organizations. We’ve also expanded support personnel to guarantee 24/7/365 phone and e-mail support.”

Sanford says customers who don’t have time to wait for terabytes of data to be transmitted over the Internet—a slow process even at broadband speed—can get started faster via “physical seeding.” That means shipping a hard drive directly to EMC, which will copy up to 2 terabytes onto its servers as the first backup. (Network engineers used to call this mechanism of physically transporting data on a fixed storage medium “SneakerNet.”)

MozyEnterprise will be available directly from EMC, or through private-label agreements with a number of resellers, including Verizon Business, TelX, eFileCabinet, and FusionStorm. When purchased directly through EMC, the monthly subscription fee for the service will be $5.25 per desktop or laptop plus $0.70 per gigabyte stored; for Windows servers, the monthly fee will be $9.25 per server plus $3.25 per gigabyte. Sanford says those prices represent a savings of up to 30 percent over the total cost of conventional on-site backup and recovery systems. But even more than the savings, corporate users may appreciate the convenience of an automatic, off-site backup process that can be managed by a single administrator through the MozyEnterprise web interface.

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