Gone Today, Hair Tomorrow—Follica Raises Funds to Begin Human Trial of Baldness Treatment

Call it a hair-raising event. Follica, a Boston startup out to develop novel ways of treating and even curing baldness and other hair-follicle disorders, today announced it had completed a $5.5 million Series A financing round. The round was led by Interwest Partners of Dallas and Menlo Park, CA, and joined by founding investor PureTech Ventures, in whose offices Follica is currently housed.

Follica was founded in late 2006 by PureTech and a group of leading academics who include Harvard Medical School dermatologist Rox Anderson, University of Pennsylvania stem cell biologist George Cotsarelis, and Vera Price, director of the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) Hair Research Center. Its primary initial focus is an extremely common form of hair loss called androgenic alopecia—aka male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness.

Follica has targeted a, shall we say, growth industry. According to PureTech’s website, treatments for conditions of the follicle—chief among them hair loss, acne, and pigmentation issues—represent a $10 billion-plus annual market. It’s all part of the even broader category of “aesthetic medicine,” which also includes things like plastic surgery and many obesity treatments. And it is really in the recognition of the potential of aesthetic medicine that the, um, roots of Follica’s story lie.

Daphne Zohar, PureTech’s founder and managing partner (and an Xconomist), says the firm began thinking seriously about aesthetic medicine in early 2006. “There’s huge markets, and most of the technologies and things that are out there don’t come from real academic science,” she says. “A lot of them are this late-night infomercial type of thing.” But the market potential is undeniable, and it wasn’t lost on Zohar that people pay out of pocket for aesthetic treatments, meaning no health insurance reimbursement issues for manufacturers to contend with.

PureTech put together a team of expert advisors to begin looking at different aspects of aesthetic medicine. Their survey spanned everything from skin rejuvenation approaches to fat melting techniques, perhaps more than 100 different ideas in all, Zohar says. “As we were looking, we noticed the most interesting things … Next Page »

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487 responses to “Gone Today, Hair Tomorrow—Follica Raises Funds to Begin Human Trial of Baldness Treatment”

  1. Seems, um, hair-brained. Even if they can get enough new hair to grow, won’t it just thin out again because of the same things that cause male pattern baldness in the first place?

  2. mat says:

    Good Point Erik; the name of the company Follica leads me to believe that this company is focusing on Follical treatment therapy like Rogain or Tricimon. But for a chemical to be effective it not only need to help stimule follicals but it needs to help reduce DHT. Not sure that they can come up with a product mmore effective than 5% Monoxidil. But I hope they do.

  3. David Steinberg says:

    I am with the company. While we have not tested this in humans yet we fully expect that hair will persist. There are multiple reasons for this. First of all, consider hair transplants – while they have other flaws, the hair does indeed persist despite the presence of circulating DHT. In a distinct, but similar way, the Follica treatment changes the microenvironment of the follicles. Further, a single hair cycle lasts several years, and at the very least the new hair should last one full cycle (because of the underlying physiology of the condition). Also, circulating levels of DHT actually drop over a man’s life. We have seen numerous clinical reports of patients showing sustained hair cycling when exposed to conditions similar to the treatment Follica is pursuing (in a carefully directed and controlled way).

  4. Mat says:


    Is this treatment going used it conjuction with Rogaine, I’m assuming it is a topical?

  5. Bob says:

    David…..would it be possible to use this treatment in conjunction with a regular hair transplant(HT) ???…….as Im sure you know….HT’s take genitically DHT resistant follicles from the sides and back of the head and put it on top…..would it be possible to perform a regular HT and then use the Follica product on the sides or back to regrow the DHT resistant hair follicles back on the sides or back……basically replacing your donor region……although this would be labor intensive, it should lead to permanent hair replacement (if it would work)……and if I remember correctly, Follica will require some “wounding” to make the product work…..would the “wounding” during a regular HT (maybe an FUE (Follicular unit extraction HT) where small follicular units are removed rather than a large open strip surgery) be capable of being used along with your product to cause regrowth?

  6. Jim Bob says:

    Even if regrowth by this procedure also succumbs to the effects of DHT, one might hope that it would take as many decades for that to happen as it took for a subject’s original hair to have stopped growing.

    So, for example, someone who went bald by the age of 25, might with this treatment be able to get his hair back for another 25 years, when he is 50, so that at least he would have had hair during the time of life when it’s needed the most.

    By then there may even be more permanent solutions if he wanted to continue having hair for even longer.

  7. rev says:

    It’s a brilliant, and utterly inspired concept to use already approved components towards the treatment of MPB. It could certainly expedite FDA approval and market penetration via standard cosmetic –not strictly plastic surgery– outlets (a must for the droves of eager men – like myself – seeking a quick, legitimate solution).

    DHT resistance, and regrowth volume are obvious concerns; however, even a DHT susceptible procedure would offer a much needed reprieve to balding men until DHT resistant options become readily available (from Aderans or Intercytex no doubt). The third concern surrounds the actual abrasion process; it seems like the recipients head must be shaved for the procedure, and that strikes me a tough sell for female clients /norwood 3 or less males. Any additional incite on the these concerns, however minor, would be greatly welcome.

    Aside from that, please pass-along my thanks to the rest of the Follica staff David. For the first time in a while I feel more excited than discouraged.

  8. Haircoach says:

    Is this news linked with that?


    Author is Cotsarelis!!!!

  9. Jim Bob says:

    As for those concerned how this treatment can be used on those with diffuse thinning . . .

    At the very least, maybe they could treat one small area at a time, so that existing hairs in neighboring scalp areas can be used to conceal the area being treated.

    Or, if you’re like me, just go ahead and shave my whole head if you like, so long as I’ll have a decent head of hair again, who cares.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I really hope some new and effective treatment will come!

  11. P says:

    Sounds encouraging…It would great to obtain more news updates as the technology matures. Thanks, God speed, and keep us posted!

  12. Jahangir says:

    Its sound realy good to me, when we are going to the products????????

  13. Haircoach says:

    The test clinical are beginning…

    See the following link to access at the list:


  14. R says:

    At the very least, progress is being made by first understanding new and viable mechanism(s) never considered or understood which deliver a deeper understanding to potential avenues and ultimately a cure. Remember, this window of knowledge will make other researchers step up the efforts and build upon the existing knowledge of this process.

    This procedure will work around hair transplants (fill in gaps and re-implant the donor area for a natural look and normal coverage), scars and other injuries due to the ability to start the growing / primitive nature of the follicle.

    I would say that two-three years hair loss will be an option. Cost will reflect a less payout compared to HT’s due to the ease and availability of the procedure. The simpler the approach, the greater the competition and cost will come down quickly. On another note, Elaine Fuchs found a way to awaken sleeping follicles by inhibiting inflammation on the scalp. The end is near I believe to this horrific disease that is only understood by the sufferers. God speed for cure!!!

    Look at the string to see no matter the extent, age or gender, Hair loss is a terrible disease that needs a true miracle and cure. Cotsalrelis should win the highest award for this breakthrough. Remember that many children and adults that have brain surgery need to fill in the head scars due to cancer and this procedure will do the trick. I believe it Will!!

  15. R says:

    Follica Representatives, please folow the string and read the stories of the hopeful at every age and gender anticipating the cure and or remarkable treatment that demands an end to baldness. Also, if Follica needs donations to cure this disease, I and many others would chip in to move the research and ultimate end along!!!


  16. Mark says:

    I’m sure if I was a time-traveller I could go forward 300 years and articles will still be saying that the baldness cure is “only 3-5 years away”.

    Curing baldness must really be a conundrum, given we can perform miracles elsewhere and flew to the moon almost 40 years ago. There’s many complications, even extending to replicating the grain or direction of hair, that naturally grows in a swirl around the crown, but if this research (in this article) is something truly new, then good luck and best wishes! I’ll be in line sometime, in my time traveller spacesuit.

  17. R says:

    I agree that past outcomes were futile. However, science is taking on a new leaf and today artifical skin made from one’s own hair follicle is being used starting this Jan 2008 to help replace ulcerated and damaged skin.

    Remember that we dont need a full head of hair to frame the face. Any addition is welcomed. But I understand your remark and agree that we have been led blindly only to see nothing but false promises.

    Today’s information is flowing fast and people are starting to bring false claims to light never before seen without the introduction of the Internet. So, to make money and increase consumer purchases flowing, a real cure or damn good treatment is needed beyond the normal half-witted attempts made in the past. I just tell everyone to stop buying hair products and for corporations to make money scientist will need to invent the cure or no one will buy the product. But many deaf ears have arisen.

    Let’s hope that Cotsarelis is on to something and Follica truly can heal and cure this disease. I believe modern science is allowing for further understandig of the body and genetic makeup that fules the organs and cells that will allow for a further development not ever seen before.

    Follica Reps want to answer and comment further. We are all ears and billions would be made if you guys become successful!!!

    By the way, the only stress in my life is the hair loss. How vain and stupid but I am mortal and everything else in my life is great. Just need this little coverage to complete the wonderful journey on this earth. Smile!!! Nice comment Mark and very true to say the least!

  18. D says:

    I think they have a good chance of success. This I base on some other observations that I’ve read and heard from different people.
    In that link you can read about a guy needling his scalp and getting regrowth on places once totaly bare. And some other persons have tried it and they also observed new hair growth.
    Also, I have heard of a case where a guy put motor oil (by some strange reason) on his head, which infected and wounded his whole scalp. Before that he had had very thin hair in the front and at the top. He had to go to the doctor to remove all the scars and wounds he had on the head. After removal of the scars, they observed massive hair regrowth with dark and thick hairs. After that he had great hair.

    So with regard to these observation, and now adding some extra components, I think they have a good chance! Let us hope!

  19. R says:


    This is encouraging in that the concept of wound healing allowed different people from varying situations and technique to promote follicular growth never understood until today. Many observations from scientist and lay-people promoted much noise into past alopecia cures / treatments and others still wounded from false promises that never surfaced beyond the petri dish await wide-eyed believing this may be the end. As science matures and the biological and chemical composition of the human body is understood, we can witness the true leaders who work to solve valid problems through compassion rather than greed to answer and cure diseases.

    Many pharmaceutical businesses would like the word “treatment” to underscore the backbone of medicine forever. However, such path of incessant insatiability is failing the more knowledgeable public as information and word-of-mouth exploits the inferior products, doctors and researchers that are marketed to the public. Many scientist / doctors are exposed as noise makers diluting their credibility under false promises and or lack of true research. Today doctors / researchers are restoring organs and partial limbs through regenerative medicine (see CBS Evening News under Health). Shouldn’t the follicle be somewhat easier?

    Elaine Fuchs and the other scientist that report but never apply are the backbone to the understanding of the human body, but more application from these great minds are warranted to the clinical / application side of science in order to push the envelope towards a cure.


  20. brian self says:

    I really think this may have some merit because I recently slid into second base and ripped the top layers of my skin around my shin area. All athe skin and hair was ripped off. Six months later the skin is now healed but what is interesting is that I have twice as much hair in that area compared to the other side. Weird but it shows that their is some truth to this whole thing! Hopefully!

  21. rev says:

    Any updates on human trials yet?

  22. R says:

    I believe this summer 2008? However, due to my conversations with Follica Reps and the multitude of people experiencing regrowth of hair after skin injuries like some of the responses posted above, I believe this will work. Actually, Dr. Mercola stated he will under go an Adult stem cell treatment this year and Dr. Phil is starting this week. Don’t know if it is true, but after contacting his reps, they were quiet and beat around the bush on a definite answer. See this string on his comment and you decide. Could be humor?

    Mercola Quote:

    Dr. Mercola’s Comments:
    My first thought when reading this article was, “Is there even ONE good reason for clogging up the information highway with this kind of nonsense?”

    Well. Since no one was around to answer me, I decided to do some digging, and will share my findings with all you loyal readers who deserve to know the answer to this pressing question, and perhaps — at least partially — restore your faith in the mental faculties of our educated scholars.

    Turns out this research may not be the result of an LSD experiment gone wrong after all.

    (On a side note, if you don’t have much hair, like me, then this is not a big deal. But I will start some investigational ADULT stem cell topical therapy soon, and there is a 90 percent chance I will have a full head of hair in one year — so at that time I’ll be paying more attention to my hair care. Dr. Phil starts it this week.)

    Personal Care Products and Indoor Air Pollution

    After unearthing some information about the author of this study, Associate Professor of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering Glenn C. Morrison, I found that this is merely a small part of a much larger investigation into the physics and chemistry of indoor air pollution — something that does concern us all, more so than deciding whether or not washing our hair will affect our lifespan to any measurable degree.

    According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air is up to five times more polluted than outdoor air, on average. So, considering the fact that you spend about 90 percent of your life indoors, the study of indoor pollution is a worthy one.

    Their main aim is to determine what kinds of chemical pollutants are created indoors, and how they accumulate in indoor environments. Related projects include “secondary pollutant emissions in homes,“ and “pollutant transport to indoor surfaces,” for example.

    Morrison states:

    “Since proximity to a pollutant source is as important at the source strength, we have begun evaluating pollutant dynamics and chemistry in the region around the human body, specifically the head region.

    “We have learned that ozone flux to human hair is very fast, and that ozone reactions with human sebum will be responsible for lower ozone exposure, but also responsible for higher exposure to oxidation products such as aldehydes and ketones.”

    Aha, here’s where it actually gets interesting, albeit meandering, so stay with me.

    They found that dirty hair absorbs seven times the amount of ozone — a respiratory irritant — compared to clean hair.

    This means, when you let your hair go to funk, you inhale one-seventh the amount of ozone as your squeaky clean neighbor (since your hair absorbed more of it).

    But, the ozone level is only lowered because of the chemical reactions that take place with the squalene in your skin, AND while ozone levels are lowered, secondary chemical reactions create yet another nasty byproduct: 4-oxopentanal, which is a different respiratory irritant.

    Are you still with me?

    To recap the finding, grungy hair does NOT necessarily mean healthier air around your head, due to the secondary byproduct being produced, and Glenn Morrison states that this finding, in and of itself, may not mean anything.

    But, in another published study, “Personal reactive clouds: Introducing the concept of near-head chemistry,” co-authored by Morrison, they found that ozone reactions with certain chemicals contained in personal care products can lead to elevated, and potentially harmful levels of ozonides, which rapidly decompose into carbonyl compounds such as aldehydes and ketones.

    In plain English, your personal care products can spell double-trouble for your health.

    First, by being absorbed into your skin — which I’ve written about before — and as described here, through the process of chemical reactions with your skin and hair. Hence the reason for this grungy hair study.

    Morrison underscores just how little we know about ozone — that unstable oxygen molecule (O3) that oxidizes anything it bumps into — and how we may be exposed to unknown toxins simply because we don’t understand how it reacts with our body chemistry.

    What Health Concerns ARE Implicated by This Study?

    In conclusion, this “nonsensical” study actually points out two important areas of potential health hazards, due to the secondary chemical reactions that occur with ozone.

    First, personal care products that are sprayed or applied to your skin (such as lotions, hair spray and perfume) can cause secondary chemical reactions, causing you to be exposed to high levels of potentially dangerous compounds.

    And second, it also points out yet another reason for avoiding ozone generators and ionic air filters in your home.

    Although ozone generators work for removing odors, killing mold and mildew, it can also kill small animals with enough exposure. And what this research tells us is that there may be many more secondary reactions that we’re just not familiar with yet that can harm your health.

    To wrap this up, I recommend you review the related articles below about BAU Biologie & Ecology for more information on how to improve everything from your indoor air quality, to the health of your entire home.

  23. R says:

    I believe Summer 08 or sooner! However, due to the lay-people who experienced regrowth by injury or self mutilation, Follica may have something. At the very least, the technique will able to help bring additional hair to frame the face and hide scars etc.. It is not always the quantity but quality that trully matters.

    Sorry for the post above just go to this thread as it relates greasy hair and Mercola’s comment.

    On another note, see Dr. Mercola’s comment on his up coming treatment and Dr. Phils. Hope he is not lying!!! http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2008/3/22/can-greasy-hair-protect-your-lungs.aspx

  24. D says:


    I couldn’t in that link find the treatment of those two guys, maybe you have some other?
    Also, what kind of worries me about Follica’s method is messing with the WNT pathways. I have read that researchers have tried WNT proteins before to increase hair growth, and it did, but those mice later developed cancerous tumours. So I really hope Follica have found some way to avoid these tumours this time. Do you have any info on this R?

  25. R says:

    No, None was mentioned. However, He was happy about Follica’s breakthrough. So I assume based on timing and Mercolas careful approach to medicine (he criticizes everything) this is the technology he boasted about some time back and stated something like how happy he was to see science tackle baldness (shows you no matter the person, baldenss sucks). Subscribe to his free news letter and see how careful he is about any innovation let alone trying it on himself. He even restricts vitamin and supplement intake. So to my suprise he stated this in his news letter, which doesn’t seem factitious.

    Follica,s technique is just using our natural healing process but souping the healing sooner. Based on past studies the introduction of the wnt factor was by other means that I can’t explain but represented a more artificial approach than compared to natural healing. Remember this healing process was discovered back in the 1950’s but dismissed by biased practioners that would not challenge the norm of medicine.

    This technique seems different and duplicated (somewhat) by sport injuries and self probing using a couple of ingredients by many people as Follica’s Reps stated contacted them about there breakthrough and how it mad sense to the victims as more hair grew back.

    Dr. Mercola also stated that if he took antioxidents he would have kept his hair. Who knows for sure but I feel and wish this will work. They are regrowing finger tips and this should be one facet of innovation.

  26. R says:

    Update on Intercytex, which failed based on the latest report. However, hopefully it opens new avenues and knowledge to support hair research.

    Please look at the latest discovery and the people trying to solve and cure hairloss. I believe since greater understanding of the genetics and the human body, scientist are gathering much information to solve and cure diseases.

    See the link for additional discoveries.

  27. Hi all,

    We appreciate all the comments and queries, especially about an update on Follica’s progress. We checked in with the company, which says it has no updates to share at this time. We will stay on this. Thanks again–Bob

  28. R says:

    Any news that Dr. Mercola and Dr. Phil are taken part of this research? Dr. Mercola’s staff stated that if it is written in his news letter than it is true. They would not elaborate on it further.

  29. D says:

    Do you think they meant Follica? Or maybe it’s some other stem cell treatment that we haven’t heard about?
    Also, I wonder what it says to us that they regrew hair on human skin attached to a mouse. It’s still not the same (I guess) as human skin attached on the human body, but does that tell anything about how likely it will work on humans?

  30. D says:

    I believve he meant Follica due to his past statements made after Cotsarelis breakthrough. Also, why not use high profile people to sell the product. Dr. Phil is running reruns and one episode stated that he did not disagree/ plastic surgery as long as you are mentally sound. Also, for Mercola to jump on the bandwagon is crucial to the potential success of the treatment, including cosmetic, safety and quality of the procedure.

    Now, in regards to using a mouse, the experiment is being reported by lay-people and Follica Reps stated that they have been receiving calls from people stating they too had regrowth after injuries. This year will bring a new era to the unstanding of hair growth. Hair experts are identifying new genes and the on/off switch to activate the receptor. The latest breakthrough shows genes are on all the time but only wispering. They may need to only increase the frequency. Remember, they are growing finger tips already and using hair follicles to make skin. It wont be long for something new due to many more people accepting hairloss and willing to wait out the current procedures. To make money, the industry needs to step up! The competition knows the potential jackpot and the race is on for the cure or viable treatment. I continue to contact Mercola’s reps for more feedback. I guess we monitor Dr. Phil over the next several months, if it is true!

  31. R says:

    Dr. Mercola’s staff acknowledged he is to participate in a Topical Adult Stem Cell treatment and will communicate the progress as it continues. They are careful about saying anything more other than “This is something he is working on and they have limited knowledge” I don’t know all the facts other than we wait and see!

  32. D says:

    Oh, so this Dr. Mercola is one of the developers of the treatment? So you think he is maybe helping Follica?

  33. R says:

    No, not a developer, but a viable target due to his extent of hairloss and that he is very anal about evrything. Also, Mercola’s reach in the media and Internet will help seel the product if it works. Trust that Mercola is skeptical about everything, so this is big if he tries the procedure. So, if Dr. Mercola is willing to try this formula regardless if it’s from Follica or another source, he believes in the product and that he has a 90% chance of restoring his head of hair. Now, this year and the subsequent three will mark the target range for the product to hit the market according to Follica. Mercola may not be using Follica, but I highly doubt he has another formula. Elaine Fuchs and Cotsarelis are working together I believe which was documented on another site. Follica Reps also stated that they share information with the top scientist to trully solve and cure this diease. Just wait and see as we trully don’t know until the news is updated. However, since baldness is being accepted, they have to create a new platform to sell the product against past subpar products or failures of other researchers. The end will come due to the knowledge being gained at record speeds by mapping and understanding the human body from the inside out. Remember University of Bonn thread that shows a drug target for many types of hairloss. The race is continuing to end baldness and reap billions of dollars and folklore appraisal.

  34. D says:

    Really nice. So now the method is there and they can basically start the trials immediately. I hope the initial trials will start now during the summer, as R wrote before.

  35. P says:

    Finding this article and all of your comments really made my day. If this cures baldness I can’t describe how happy it will make me (I am wayyy too young for this :( ).

    Two question though, I still have a good amount of hair on my head, would getting this treatment kill all the hair I currently have?

    Also, is there any word on the amount of hair that grows back from this? Could this actually just… fix you? Like.. to the thickness/amount of hair you had in those teen years?

  36. D says:

    Well, it is basically a waiting game now. We just have to wait and see how the results will be. As I wrote earlier about this kid that got a full head of hair (he could comb it, style it any way he wanted, just like a teenager), it seems possible to retain the great thickness and amount you had before. This kid was basically born with this genetic defecit, so he had a male pattern baldness look (only some hair at the back of the scalp, none on the front) during his 13-14 years, until he applied motor oil, got scars, removed them and voila. Now the question is of course, will it work every time and for everyone, that is something we hopefully will find out very soon (I personally think it will, since these processes of regeneration seem to be present in all of us).

    I don’t think it would kill all the hair you currently have if it is done properly, since this guy still had hair at the back of the scalp, as he had before. I’m not into this science so much, so I can’t make any justifiable, scientific statement.

  37. R says:

    It is a waiting game, but a viable time to witness this disease to end and or create another platform from which to fill in hair. Consistency was mentioned as one of the great results of this technique as it worked too well not to bring to market as stated in the MSNBC string above. You see, you only need 50% of the total volume for dark-haired / fair skinned people and around 20-40% of the original thickness to create a good volume of hair for other hair color and skin types. This is the premise of HT. Now, because new knowledge has surfaced and greater attention is given to solve the problem, I would guess within three-years to solve this problem.

    My communication and further reading has shown a target of four years but many say two-three years. One post stated an insider w/Follica gave 1-2 years? Let’s see what happens but Follica Reps as I stated earlier are receiving many phone calls and e-mails by lay-people describing similar results via accidents.

    Now, utilizing controlled scientific masterminds, the results should be far greater and consistent. Remember, you just need the procedure at least to restore 50% (at least) but let’s hope 100%. To kill the existing hair would probably not occur due to the technigue (many size instruments for unique areas would be my guess) to restore and tackle small / in-between areas and hopefully change the micro-environment to keep the hair growing. Another important part is to cover scars which allow HT patients to hide their donor scars and those suffering from accidents, brain surgery etc.. that will benefit. Remember the growing finger tip by a particular extract sent by mail to a man by his brother. It just took 4 weeks. People, growing hair should be easier as the human body has regenerating properties and scientist are now admitting and backing this claim by growing all kinds of tissue and organs. We should see something soon that guide the next three-fours years. Scientist are aware now of the patent and if Follica becomes too static, others will take advantage of the technique by alternative methods. This is seen in the automotive and other arenas. Follica Reps know that they have a small window to succeed.

  38. D says:

    But what I am wondering about is why it would take 3-4 years? Is it because of these regulations by the FDA? Assuming of course that they succeed the first time they try this out.

  39. R says:

    The three-Four years offers a cushion regardless of advanced knowledge. Remember there are potential setbacks (may need to tweak the formula or application to suite humans), proof-of-concept studies (pilot studies) that require a full hair cycle i.e several months to see the true results, followed by a larger group study (see percentage of success). This also entails training said practioners and creating enough supply of the formula for the demand. The FDA already apporved the ingredients and the actual application for hair growth will entail some proof to the FDA but not through so many loop holes. Regardless of path taken, if they can swing it in four years, I would be grateful. In the meantime, take half of a propecia pill and pray it happens sooner. based on some knowledge and comments, this could come out in two-three years!

    See this string for Regenerative Medicine Breakthroughs http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2008/04/12/re-growing-organs-the-future-is-here.aspx

  40. D says:

    Yeah, that sounds reasonable. As I wrote before, I am very optimistic about this approach. Let’s just follow the progress and continue posting all new things we find out on this forum!

  41. R says:

    Folks: Dr. Mercola’s staff acknowledged that he is participating in a Topical Adult Stem Cell procedure to restore his hair and would not elaborate further other than it is true and he will update further information as he progresses.

    Now, I contacted Follica and the receptionist does not have knowledge of him but offered that she is out of the loop. She did want his name though to research. I figure they would not admit anythig due to Non-Disclosed Agreement. Basically, Follica stated that they will start very soon and she paused before that comment, so maybe they already have, who knows!

    I thought that I should share this information and it could be that Dr. Mercola is trying something else not previously known? But, I still bet on Follica!

    Note to the administrator: Have heard of a start date and or would a Follica Rep communicate any further on this topic?

  42. D says:

    This is really exciting, especially since I have so much hope in this! You give me goose bumps every time R! :)

  43. D says:

    Hm, maybe Dr. Mercola will try out Acell’s product, the regenerative powder? I’ve heard it is already being tested on soldiers in the US to regrow limbs.

  44. Steve says:

    I have noticed that people with plaster casts have a lot of hair growth after the casts are removed. What is this phenomenon due to and could it be applicable to the scalp?

  45. D says:

    Yeah I’ve also heard about it. Maybe it’s something else happening there, the hairs maybe become thicker and grow faster or something, but I don’t think you create new hair follicles. And those areas are not sensitivite do DHT I think, so it’s another situation there. But that is also maybe in some sense a proof of skins own regenerative ability. So let’s just wait and hope Follica activates this regenerative process and that it renders hair once again on bald scalps!

  46. D says:


    I heard (on the HairLoss Help forum) that Mercola’s stem cell treatment was just an April Fool’s joke and that there is no such treatment that he will participate in. A guy on those forums asked Mercola’s stuff and they wrote that to him.

  47. R says:

    I was referring to another story that was unrelated and this came out way before the Aprils Fools Sea Algae reference. His sources stated that it was true. Please remember that my reply’s are based on actual responses by the source and not by opinion. The article referenced was different and did not relate to the one mentioned. Contact Mercola’s group and reference the one above and yu should get a different reply. Mercola did state that it was an April fools joke in the second article unrelated to the Greasy /Polution Hair article back in early-mid March. Either way, since shaving heads is in and hair loss is being accepted, a cure or damn near approach will have to surface or the hair industry will fall way short of past profits. Word-of-mouth on the web is exposing inferior products and will expose inferior doctors and their potions like Dr. Proctor etc…

  48. R says:

    The March Letter stated above is true and just confirmed that Dr. Mercola will participate in an upcoming Hair Growth program and that the March news letter is unrelated to the April fools Joke. (please be wary of most hairloss forums as most speak without proper research). Here are real questions and answeres by his staff to solidify the news.

    (2:35:12 PM) Answer: We do know that he will be participating in a study

    (2:35:42 PM) Q: So this article is unrelated to the April Fools Joke

    (2:36:11 PM) Answer: yes, but he will give more information in upcoming newsleters

  49. Grommit says:

    Hey guys,

    I’m “that” guy from hairlosshelp. Lol. I sent a question to the company via email about the supposed adult stem cell treatment, and they referred me to the April Fool’s joke. Now, the joke has nothing to do with stem cells so it’s possible whoever answered my question was confused. The date on “the quote” was March 22 and roughly a week later (when Dr. Phil was supposed to start) was April 1st. I don’t mean to spread rumors, I am just saying what they told me.

    R, you sound very intelligent and trustworthy. I really hope you are right about everything, but where exactly are you getting these answers? It looks like a chat room of sorts? It is possible you can’t divulge the source but is it someone that works for Mercola, the doctor himself, etc.?

    Sorry for any confusion, I’m just as hopeful about this as anyone else.

  50. R says:

    Thank you! The answers are brought forward by the Mercola chat box where a live operator anaswers your questions. Telephone responses are alomost zero, so the chat method is guranteed for now. Mercola’s people are sending inquiries to their QA portal on the website. The pattern of the discussion went from if he wrote it then it must be true………until now where the response is Yes, it’s true and he will update the subscribers as the testing develops.

    Now, I did ask the same question under different genders to help solicit how they would respond to people of all ages and sex. Diviant, yes, but the truth is an elusive response only brought forward by true emotional connections. But, I digress!

    Mercola’s staff acknowledged as you see in the above response that the April Fools Joke is not related to the previous March 22, 2008 article and that Dr. Mercola will participate in the study soon. Now, this is significant as Follica Rep stated they will begin very soon. Connection??? Hopefully and remeber my previous post that Dr. Mercola is very careful and trust hardly anyone with any scientific or medicinal approaches without true research and application. Dr. Mercola is willing to partake in this clinical proof of concept study shows true value and first-time results beyond anything we can imagine. I am hopeful too, but approach this scientific experiment cautiously and respectfully based on the literature and support by “select” doctors that may know more than what is being published. You see, when you ask and approach the matter in different angles, you gain further knowledge by communicating questions and answers beyond the normal Q/A response and make (subconciously) the target individual to communicate more information than they wanted to prior. However, the tone and pause after specific questions allows you the receiver to capture mannerism that bring about more data.

    Mercola’s staff and Follica responded from subpar answers to more definite responses that changed over in just one month. This tells me that they know more and that greater knowledge is being gained beyond the media report. Elaine Fuchs and Cotsarelis are joining forces where one masters the signaling pathways and the other in a totally different concept or should I say the same concept that was known and buried since the 1950’s. Other scientist gained knowlegde of the public patent and will try to bypass regulatory pathways to create their own breakthroughs.

    As for Dr. Phil, I don’t know due to he looks the same so far, but could change over time and or he opt out until others went through the research. We have read the string that Mercola’s group stated Yes today where one month ago they were not sure due to dis-connect in the internal communication channels. But further research and meetings stated Yes, it is true. We now wait and hope! Also, The government is supporting regenrative medicine to accomplish it in five years. This also supports hairloss as eac regenrative breakthrough helps scientist understand signaling pathways, which are now being identified as easier than predicted just 10 years ago.

  51. Grommit says:

    GREAT! I HAPPILY stand corrected… We’ve got at least one high-profile volunteer, let’s all start praying this stuff works! Thanks for your help, please keep us posted with anything you learn!!

  52. rev says:

    Yes, thanks R. Your posts are always very insightful, and optimistic.

    Now let’s hope Follica starts testing…. SOON!!!!! We’re all very anxious to see if this technology will work on honest to goodness human beings.

  53. P says:

    I just went from 6 to 12

  54. Mary says:

    Hi !!!! I´m sorry about my english it´s been a long time without writting. Doing a little research I found this forum, and Im soo glad !! I live in Europe, and all the news that i´ve hear about hair loss solutions are about Intercintex. But I didn´t like the last results that they published last month. So I thought that was time to talk about Follica, and yeah !! a very important newspaper made a an article about it… and they interviewed very important doctors asking them about follica and their treatment, and the answers were not very positives, they don´t see it happening in a long long time … Why are the been so negative about it ? Its cause of the distance that they dont get it ? or its that they still trust in Intercyntex (U.K) solutions ?? I rather go with Follica … but thats me

  55. R says:

    Why would most doctors believe in true miracles. Most are subpar and don’t even have the knowledge or background (i.e all the data) to make an informed decision. People, cures or great performing products take away many dollars from greedy practioners. Look at how many people rely on hair growth products under different names, they would be shot down for good.

    Remember that i am like you and want a cure. My information is through research and comparing discussions and communicating with the elite people. Check this out as Teeth are also part of the same innovation and don’t forget the University of Bonn.


    Doctors hate to see innovation that breaks through the common ground of medicine. These doctors are who? and what interest do they have about Follica. If they read and witnessed the study, would they say the same thing? These practioners like most lay-people are conditioned to witnesse failure and caos based on the media reporting mix results about medicine and the lack of true cures especially hair loss. However, they forgot this was done in 1950’s as was HT, but most doctors are static in their beliefs.

    Look at the first open heart surgery (blue baby). The fellow doctors mocked and laughed at the attempt to open heart surgery. Well it worked and open heart surgery is mainstay, well now so advanced that many people I know walk out the next day like nothing happened. You see, they hate to see colleagues advance and like the cushioned arena. Only the select caring doctors that go across the grain succeed beyond the norms of society and achieve medical breakthroughs. Again, please post the doctors background and interest to see why they want it to fail.

  56. r says:

    Forum members: Remember that many research projects take time and the Hair program is one that shows results over a year period. The hair may grow in three months, but the rate of growth and true visibility is more like 6-10 months. When I reply to the questions, they are based on true one-to-one phone and e-mail conversations. Many doctors are wary of hair loss cures due to past failures and it is easier to shoot down innovation in this field due to the high failure mark. Now, people wjho don’t suyffer from hair loss (other than those who’s children suffer) do not want the bald to be hairy again. Competition grows! I may sound paranoid but I study people and economics enough to see how people respond to treatments.

    The government does not care either as we rely on joggers and marathon runners to cure cancer. Why haven’t they banned smokin? Diabetes association was approached by a possible cure and turned away, why money would lost. People who care are the minority and we must believe in those that want to trully heal. Fortunately Follica has many bald investors and executives that want their hair back so that is a good sign.

    My point is that the people that shoot down innovation are scared and or greedy to relinguish their money pot and or even the playing fields. Trust me in that Follica see’s billions to be made and that is the fuel. But the caring minds to heal and cure paves the moral obligation to succeed.

    We all hope and pray it works for everyone. Children, elderly, women and men that are scarred and disfigured rely on this too. Never assume that money is not the first and foremost reason behind business ventures. No one cares enough about you to do this or any medical breakthrough for free. Some doctors do offer treatments for free, but money and support comes from somewhere. This is the time to witness innovation never seen before and we will either solve hair loss or create another platform from which to achieve.

    It is easy to say people will fail as this was the case forever. Why wouldn’t they as the ball always landed in their laps. I believe that will succeed but time is all we have to witness the outcome. Stay at this forum and ask questions, pressure Follica and Mercola, University of Bonn and Elaine Fuchs. Call the elderly, children, men and women to state their desire to be cured. Once the voices are heard, the dollar signs will transmit obedience to the crying souls that will one day look in the mirror and smile. Our voices represent our only arsenal. Other hair sites are hypes without true research. Only speak to the actual researchers and venture capitalist to gain the ruth as everyone else just speculates. I cannot impress upon more!!!

    Hairloss products that work onlY!!! Propecia and Rogaine. Never shampoo and or anything else from any business. The MPB Website has natural supplements from Life Extension that should help. Never buy shampoo from Proctor and Revita or any other source as they are hype. Shampoos don’t work!!!

    Look at the real studies first and has the FDA tested the results and product? Stay away from all other hair products no matter the story and you will see the business fail and the real products that offer a real solution appear. We must sink the bogus product to make the hair industry people find real solutions. Spread the word!

  57. Grommit says:

    R, you are absolutely right. I cannot tell you the amount of people that love seeing us bald. Our society feeds off of money and insecurity. This sounds stupid, but the only way for bald people to get a cure is to work together since we are the only ones with the desire to put the wheels in motion.

  58. Grommit says:

    R, are you on any other forums? If not, you should be. The audience is much greater and I feel you have things to say that should be heard.

    I have also studied economics and society only furthers itself when people act out of self interest. This is our self interest.

  59. R says:

    No, I stay here only due to not wanting to fall into the noise that is created on other forums. many are people are full of it and just make noise. If this forum falls prey to to the same format, I will leave.

    The important aspect of this forum is prevent loss of money, will and hope and to speak only when the information is valid by the source. We need to ask and then report based on facts from the horses mouth and not by opinion of forum members that trully don’t know what is happening behind closed doors. This keeps us in the know “now” and a path to learn more as the real answers are published.

    People, they are growing limbs (finger tips and soon body parts) and today organs. Trust that hair follicles won’t be far behind and remember that the follicles don’t die, just sleeping. Scientist are trying to enhance the signal which is now wispering and not turned off to grow hair back. People have grown hair back after being a norwood 5 for over 40 years on their head by taken strong anti-inflammatory drugs (not reccommended) but this shows the follicles are alive and ready to grow back. Just need to increase the volume of the signal, ours are turned down just as a dial on a radio. You see, many facets can grow hair, we just need the right drug or application to bring it back. Soon it will be so I believe and hope just as you do and think it will happen due to the billions to be made and the down-turn in the hair loss business. People are accepting hair loss now and to make money they need a viable solution. Within 5-10 years baldness will just another part of life that people just accept beyond the norms of 10 years ago. This year and the next will be very important to hair loss suffers.

    Having hair does not matter to most “real” women, as you can see how opposites attract so be yourself and don’t giove upyour life as their is someone for everyone and you find a handsome man or pretty women to spend your life. Look at the people with half a body with normal mates and tatoo faced people and the lizard man all with normal looking mates. People live and just know God is there to help no matter the obstacle.

    I hope all of you prosper and enjoy life to the fullest.

  60. R says:

    Forum Members, Innovation from another perspective. This shows that much is being gained about hair loss and many of the drugs used today are side effects of other medical measures fro example {Minoxidol = Heart, Propecia = Enlarged Prostate) They work well but now as scientist target and create drugs and or treatments for hair loss, the results will be more dramatic. I should have included these earlier. But you see that many scientist want to cure hair loss and have dedicated their careers and life to end the disease. Please read below from Jan and Feb 2008. I believe more will come later on this article and others such U of Bonn as much is being learned and shared with Follica and others as stated by Follica Reps. They share information and build upon each others breakthroughs. However, much is still secret among the leaders but they share among a select few such as Fuchs and Cotsarelis. The Jan 25 article shows the significance of ant-inflammatory on the scalp as stated earlier in my previous post when a man grew hair on his head after being a norwood 5 for years. The technique is not ready yet but shows progress and another path when it is perfected. I hope this helps you all to see the diverse path of innovation and potential hair loss cures.

    (Jan. 25, 2008) — Like fine china and crystal, which tend to be used sparingly, stem cells divide infrequently. It was thought they did so to protect themselves from unnecessary wear and tear. But now new research from Rockefeller University has unveiled the protein that puts the brakes on stem cell division and shows that stem cells may not need such guarded protection to maintain their potency.

    This research, to be published in the January 25 issue of Cell, raises questions about what stem cells need in order to maintain their ability to regenerate tissue. It may also be key in developing new treatments for thinning hair.
    The impetus for the work began five years ago when Elaine Fuchs, head of the Laboratory of Mammalian Cell Biology and Development, and several researchers in her lab discovered that the protein NFATc1 was one of only a few that are highly expressed within the stem cell compartment of the hair follicle. Clinical research, meanwhile, showed that a particular immunosuppressant that inhibits NFATc1, a drug called cyclosporine A, has a rather unsightly side effect: excessive hair growth.
    Fuchs and Valerie Horsley, a postdoc in her lab, realized that there was a connection between the drug’s side effect and the abundance of NFATc1 within the hair follicle’s stem cell compartment — the bulge. The mice they treated with the drug grew fur at a much faster rate than mice they did not treat. The researchers then showed that this excessive hair growth was due to increased stem cell activity within the bulge, a process that cranked up the production of hair. Specifically, the hair cycle shifted gears from its resting phase, when stem cells slumber, to its growth phase, when stem cells proliferate.
    To maintain their multipotent properties, though, it appears that these stem cells hardly needed much “rest” at all. These findings came as a surprise to the researchers, who, like their colleagues, had believed that stem cells proliferating infrequently protected them from depletion or mutations that would lead to hair loss. “It seems like the resting phase isn’t as necessary as was once thought,” says Horsley. “Even though these stem cells are highly proliferative, they still maintain their stem cell character.”
    Using genetically engineered mice bred by colleagues at Harvard Medical School, Horsley and Fuchs then further explored what happens when skin stem cells lack NFATc1. They found that these mice looked exactly like the hairy mice that were treated with cyclosporine A: The loss of NFATc1 didn’t stop the hair cycle, but rather shortened the resting phase and prompted precocious entry to the growth state.
    In probing the underlying mechanisms mediating this process, Horsley and Fuchs discovered that NFATc1, a transcription factor, blocks the expression of a gene that provides the cell cycle with “go ahead” signals at certain checkpoints. By blocking these signals, NFATc1 prevents the stem cells from dividing, preventing unnecessary wear and tear. These same cells, if treated with cyclosporine A, show a rapid loss of the transcription factor, an effect that turns the light green at these checkpoints.
    For those with thinning hair, this research may hold promise. As people age, the resting phase of the hair cycle gets longer and longer such that the stem cells proliferate less frequently and hair does not grow at the rate it once did. “If we could use a local and more specific inhibitor of NFATc1 than cyclosporine A to stimulate these stem cells, which are just sitting there during an extended resting phase, we might be able to promote new hair growth,” says Fuchs, who is Rebecca C. Lancefield Professor at Rockefeller and an investigator at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. “In a sense, by blocking NFATc1 activity in our older mice, their hair follicles were brought back to what appeared to be a more youthful state.”
    So far, these proliferating stem cells lacking NFATc1 have not led to increased tumor formation, which is often a dangerous byproduct of triggering stem cells into action. “This is the first case where we have been able to activate the hair cycle without accompanying signs of tumorigenesis,” says Fuchs. “If we can control the activation process of follicle stem cells without promoting tumorigenesis, then this would be a big move in the right direction.”
    This research was supported in part by the National Institutes of Health, American Society for Clinical Investigation and the Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation. Fuchs is a faculty member in Rockefeller’s Center for Clinical and Translational Science, which is supported by the NIH’s Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) program.

    Article 2

    Hair Formation, Skin Stem Cells And BMP Signaling

    The February 15th cover story of G&D reports on the recent discovery by Dr. Elaine Fuchs and colleagues at the Rockefeller University that BMP signaling in dermal papilla cells is important for hair follicle formation.

    The dermal papilla (DP) is a small cluster of mesenchymal cells that exist at the base of the hair follicle, and instruct nearby epithelial stem cells to induce hair follicle growth. But because DP cells are so few in number, and loose their hair-inducing potential in culture, the details of this molecular conversation have remained elusive.

    Dr. Fuchs’ team developed a clever genetic strategy to delete specific genes of interest in DP cells, and then graft these genetically engineered cells onto the backs of immunocompromised (and bald) mice, to study the effect of gene deficiency on hair growth.

    The researchers found that deletion of the receptor for the bone morphogenetic protein 1a (BMPR1a) in DP cells prevented the formation of hair follicles in engrafted mice. However, if BMPR1a is intact in DP cells, and a bit more BMP protein is added to the cells, then the DP-stem cell cross-talk is prolonged, and recipient mice grow a tuft of hair on their otherwise bald backs.

    “Several years ago, we devised a method to purify the cells and characterize the genes expressed by the DP and its neighboring cells that make hair,” says Fuchs. “This gave us clues that BMP signaling might be important in specifying the unique hair-inducing properties of DP cells. We’ve now succeeded in testing this possibility and our findings are important not only for our understanding of the mesenchymal-epithelial crosstalk that is so critical for hair production, but also for developing new and improved methods for stimulating hair growth.”

  61. R says:

    Regarding other hair loss sites: We have people who visit different forums expressing their knowledge and stating that the cure or procedure won’t avilable for at least 20 years. These people then should walk away from all forums if they trully believe this remark. The same should be for this forum if you want to rely on the other sites without hearing from the source and then waiting a respectable time frame.

    I don’t have all the answers and wait just like you. However, my reply’s come from the source and if you read other blogs, the remarks and answers are noise. Nothing worthwhile happens in a day so wait it out unless you have the cure. Follica is getting near to trials and this I see through the lack of responses due to secrecy. People brought Intercytex to the front lines?? Anyone backed up by Bosley is subject and that is why I never believed in them nor tracked them.

    Remember to keep this forum INTELLIGENT we must answer based on known and communicated facts by the sources. The Chat reference is Mercolas chat line and will show time stamp etc… I took out the name of the customer rep out of respect for the person. When people such as Follica etc.. become quiet, it means that we are nearing an important phase of the program and nobody should communicate to the audience due to secrecy and trial safety.

    I ask that if you hear people say the cure won’t arrive for 10-20years, then please ask the person to leave the forum for that time. If they don’t, their response is either out of anger and or lies, meaning they don’t believe their own words. If they did, why would they stay? This shows the noise being generated by people who don’t trully believe in what their saying or they would have left for that time frame above.

    None of us have the answer but only to reiterate the Q/A by the actual scientist and reps, nothing more as we all know that our knowledge is limited. My advice, stay close to the forum and communicate true knowledge only. All the Follica, Mercola, Fuchs, Bonn etc.. can be reached by each individual here today. Don’t wait but express a great need to the target innovators to end this disease.

    On a another note, if you frequent the other forums (don’t know why) ask the nay-sayers to leave for good as they believe nothing will come in our lifetime. If they saty, their just frustrated noise makers, some of whom don’t suffer from hair loss (I presume!).

    P.S. The G-Receptor represents a target for drugs including the U of Bonn and Fuchs to create hair loss drugs by switching the on the receptor. Even though the article does not state hair loss, every innovation compliments all diseases. see article string

  62. Q says:

    I’ve visited some of those hair loss forums and they’re mostly full of embittered men who dismiss any kind of scientific advancements as innovative as this one because it’s just been such a painful process for them over the course of many years, so in a way, I can’t blame the poor buggers. But even so, they shouldn’t post mis-information out of anger and frustration.

    I’m still quite young in my early 20’s, and I’ve jumped on my hair loss problem quite early with the current available products, but I’m still not quite satisfied (even if I have what would be regarded as a “full head of hair”), so it’s very comforting and exciting to know that if worst comes to worst for me, highly reliable treatment (cure even!) like this will be available sooner than people think. With my minimal hair loss, the cost shouldn’t be too much to bear.

    Before you know it, you’ll be seeing more and more men walking around with hairlines like Judge Andrew Napolitano!

  63. BB says:

    Don’t you guys think there is a strong possibility that Follica won’t even tell us when they are in trials? Reason for this being that they are a privately held corporation that doesn’t need to communicate to the public unless they want to. I’m just curious.

  64. P says:

    That I’m not sure about. It’s possible that they wouldn’t tell anyone about their trials, but the fact that they released videos of the rats that grew hair, and the interviews they have done etc would lead me to believe they are a fairly open company.

    Perhaps they would be more secretive if they weren’t confident in the results of these trials, but if these Mercola and (especially) Dr. Phil rumors turn out true, there is no way they are anything but confident, since the results are there for everyone to see.

    Personally, I think trials may be very close to starting, or may have already started, but we probably will not hear anything until the results are in.

    There is, however, a lot of hype around the potential for this, and the longer we go without word the more likely we are to see that hype turn to the negative. So if there are positive signs early on I really hope someone at Follica (David from above perhaps) lets us all know :)

  65. G says:


    Where did you hear about the motor oil story? Do you have a link? I’d like to know more about the procedure he got – for scar removal. Was it simple dermabrasion, chemical peel etc.

  66. R says:

    Folks, I read in a site called Hairsite that people contacted Follica and Jen stated that the it will take several years before they would have something available / answer for the target audience. Right away the responses stated 10 years away etc… Well, I contacted Jen to explain her version of several years and she stated 2-4 years. Again, assumptions without contacting and asking the people to explain further.

    We will hear something as they move along and if people are achieving the same results via injury, motor oil etc… I would expect a scientific board with strong analytical and body / cell knowledge would be able to achieve at least the same results if not more.

    We have been conditioned to see failure in this arena so we must take it for it is another path beyond the normal reasoning we were conditioned to see over the years. I wouldn’t wait for Dr. Phil as I highly doubt due to his public apperance he would risk something fairly new (could be wrong) but Mercola and others are knowledgeable about something so it is a waiting game.

    David from Follica and or the site Monitor would like to comment further?

  67. D says:


    I heard about the motor oil story from my mother, so I do not have any links about it. Those people were her neighbours in the 1960’s, and they had a son that basically had no hair at the top and front of the scalp, only at the back. His parents said he had that since he was born basically. And so one day that happened and after they removed the scars he got a lot of hair. And when I read Follica’s patent application I saw “antiinflammatory” as a treatment method to the injuries, and then it struck me a bit: maybe those doctors in the 1960’s used antiinflammatory drugs to the wounds after scar removal and that contributed to the incredible hair growth.
    After the kid came home, they all commented: oh my look at his hair!! it’s incredible!

    And I asked my mom: why didn’t people that were bald at that time pursue this and contacted the doctors to ask them what they have done? Mom said that she doesn’t know, but she says it’s probably because people didn’t care at that time if you had hair or not (it all happened in a small town in old Yugoslavia). I found that kinda hard to believe since I personally care and a lot of other people, but at that time there were not so many bald people in her neighbourhood and probably not all heard about what happened. And the doctors, well as we know, people have observed this in the U.S. too 50 years ago, but nothing was done. Probably the same reason made this doctors not to pursue this any further; they were happy that the kid recovered from that terrible injury, and the hair, well it’s just a plus :) But my mom, and other people living neighbours with them, are living evidence of this event, so it’s nothing made up. Because of this, as R said, I am hoping and expecting them to reach at least that at some point in their research (since I believe it is something that is possible in all of us, not just to that kid and his genetics).

    So just as R said, let’s just wait and try to find out if possible some “insider” information (by knowledgable persons) on how it’s going with the study. And I totally agree with R, let’s not create a HairLoss Forum of this site, but instead only write about REAL advances being made.

  68. Grommit says:

    I sent follica some questions regarding the trials and whether or not they would try and grow hair on the backs of heads or thighs in addition to bald scalp. Jen stated she couldn’t disclose details since they are in development. She also said they have no specific date for trials (other than they hope to start trials in Boston soon) and that she cannot anticipate precisely when this will be launched as a commercial product.

    Time to be optimistic: She said she can’t anticipate WHEN it will be launched, not IF it will be launched. Is that good news in and of itself or am I just looking too far into her statement?

    Either way, she assured me any progress they made would be announced to the public so now it is just a matter of time if and when they start human testing.

    I just really hope (as we all do) that this is the last time we ever have to get our hopes up.

  69. D says:

    On Hairloss Help Forums, once again there is a post of a guy doing needling and achieving regrowth. He used needling of the scalp and a cortisone cream. He did not do it for a while he says cause he has been busy with other things in life, but the remarkable thing is that the hair he regrew was still there today! So it seems that DHT will not affect these new hairs. Here is the link to that post:

    And this, to me, gives once again more credit to Follica’s approach. It really seems to work! Follica has now to figure out a way to wound the scalp in a better and more effective way than a needle, and hopefully those other substances they will add are more effective than the cortisone (which, if I’m not mistaken, is also antiinflammatory, which Follica also plans to try out?).

  70. R says:

    People, The only problem I have with the individual claiming hair re-growth after the cortisone and self needling he stated to achieve continuous hair growth is that the before and after pictures are non-existent. This does not represent a true / actual event no matter how much I like to believe the idea. However, since others have achieved similar results and hair loss is strongly tied to inflammation, it could real. I would ask that the individual provide some before and after picture to substantiate the claim and show the results to help gauge Follica’s path forward.

    On another note, Follica won’t divulge much and I suggest asking David Steinberg as he heads the project and oversees the program and positioned too understand and communicate way beyond Jen’s (receptionist) knowledge. She is told specific data to convey and David has greater knowledge. I have personally written and was answered by Cotsarelis as he only states he will work diligently to achieve this milestone. The trials should be near based on some of the buzz and remember Daphne Zohar quote “A proof of concept study involving 15 to 20 patients (Follica has no shortage of volunteers, as several hundred people sent in e-mails when word of Cotsarelis’s work reached the public) should begin in the next few months. The trial has several phases, however, and Zohar cautions that final data won’t be in for at least a year. So don’t pull your hair out waiting for results.”

    A year for several phases of the trial. Hence Mercolas 90% chance of getting his hair back in a year. What is the partial say 50% – 80% which would give almost definite coverage to many people. This I say with concern that people of this forum may jump to conclusions and or read too much into some of the blogs already assuming without the knowledge.. We are in a crucial era and much is being discovered beyond the follicle, meaning that each breakthrough regarding signaling pathways, proteins, etc.. communicate to other organs (i.e follicle) which if you remember Daphne stating much of their work and path for many diseases and conditions begins with the follicle.

    Inflammation as I stated earlier is part of hair loss and that is how the cortisone may work. Secondly, Steinberg stated I believe that they are looking at other avenues especially with Fuchs but their concentration is creating new follicles. Fuchs and University Bonn discovery with the G-Receptor and inflammation significance will bring the treatment to another level that may compliment and or be a viable alternative to Follica. As always, we need a Follica Rep to communicate on the board to help clarify and guide much of the knowledge and discussion on this forum.

  71. D says:


    There are pictures that a member of that forum posted. He is the one that created that post, “free indeed” is his nick I think, and the pictures can be found in that post I sent you. The pictures are on his yahoo mail I think, and he gave the password and all so one can go in and check. There you can see the results.

  72. R says:

    D, I can’t open the link, but was this self-procedure done before Cotsarelis’s breakthrough? This would hold greater significance if it occurred before the announcement by Follica. I am still wary of lay-posters bringing evidence to the forum and without having greater knowledge of the individual or procedure (how he actually done it by live video, before/after pics etc..).

    I may sound wary at times but this is why we need to ask people why, how and where’s the proof to not let this forum be anbother hair site. I appreciate your support and knowledge concerning this person and I too want the procedure he is doing to be real. It probably is real and I will say that his post and others after trauma achieved the same hair growing results.

    However, see the latest news and supporting link to limb and organ regeneration. I have included the article.

    ‘Pixie dust’ brings scientists closer to growing limbs

    Australian Broadcasting Corporation: News Online


    American researchers claim they have developed a medical powder that allows severed fingers to grow and reform.

    They are confident it has the potential to treat a range of conditions including cancer.

    Sixty-nine-year-old Lee Spievak, who works in a hobby shop in Ohio, severed his finger in an accident with a toy plane.

    Mr Spievak says his fingertip grew back in only four weeks after using the medical powder he calls pixie dust.

    He says the powder came from Dr Stephen Badylak, a leading US expert in regenerative medicine.

    He is experimenting with cells extracted from pig intestines, dried up and then turned into a powder.

    Dr Badylak says putting the powder onto a wound encourages cells to regenerate, which means doctors are one step closer to creating new limbs and organs.

    “I do think we will have strategies that will allow us to reconstruct the bones and to promote the growth of functional tissue around those bones, and that is a major step towards eventually doing the entire limb,” he said.

    According to Australian doctors, the reason the treatment worked was because the patient’s finger bone and nail remained intact.

    “The finger pulp, in fact no bone no muscle or no nail part has been regrown and that is possible,” Sydney’s Concord Hospital’s Dr Peter Maitz said.

    Doctors can grow new skin cells but they cannot get the blood vessels in those cells to stay alive.

    That is where this new substance might prove invaluable.

    See http://www.abc.net.au

  73. D says:

    Oh yeah, this guy did this in 2006 sometimes, way before Follica anounced anything. He got the first “needling” treatment when he was in Thailand, by some doctor there, and then he was thrilled with the results and kept on doing it when he returned to U.S.

    Go to http://www.yahoo.com and there go to Mail.
    As username write “hair_idea1” and as password “checkitout”. There are the pictures of that guy.
    As seen, the density is not good, but that is something Follica hopefully will figure out as I mentioned earlier.

    Also, I totaly agree that one should be catious about what people write and claim if they have no proof. But this guy here seems to have done this for real and it seems he got some regrowth there. Many complained about the quality of his pics and he excused the bad quality. And other guys on that post also said they have tried it and they also experienced regrowth.

  74. Grommit says:

    Does anyone have any new informaton or updates?

    Sorry, don’t want to make this a transplant forum, but I have a question. Does anyone think the Follica patent seems too simple? I mean, can everything we’ve been doing all these years plus dermabrasion really be the cure-all? It just seems entirely too easy.

  75. Grommit says:

    Given that we are on this particular board searching for facts only, would David Steinberg mind making another appearance?

  76. JS says:

    With stem cell research playing a role in this treatment, it does give you more hope than all previous hair loss products.

    However the time it will take to know if this treatment is successful is dissapointing, With all the drugs FDA approved you would think it would speed the process through.

  77. rev says:

    I suppose the tiny sliver of good news we can take away from all the recent information is that it’s possible to regenerate/create hair without the use of a scalpel… now let’s hope someone makes the concept work on humans.

    Incidentally, here’s a link to an older Q&A video interview with Daphne Zohar.

  78. D says:

    As we wrote before, we should not have this as a speculative site, hairloss forums are for that. David does not seem to come to this site anymore so there is no point in writing several posts asking him to make a comment. Instead, send a private mail to him or something and then communicate to us others on this site what you have learned, if you are eager and cannot wait. I am not trying to control this site at all, but I just want it to be kept as scientifical as possible, so that we only communicate real news that have something to do with hair loss and Follica, just as R wrote before.

    Also keep in mind that the reason it might be taking so much time is they have to figure out how deep the dermabrasion has to be, how to perform it in a safe way, etc. One probably also has to find a way to monitor the cells in patients for safety, so I guess there are many of these small preliminaries that one must take care of first.

  79. R says:


    We truly don’t know the complete path and or time frame, especially the true results that will come to light after the pilot study. This procedure could re-grow hair (full head) in one year or half a head in two years. Daphne hinted multiple stages in one year.

    The bottom line is that if people were doing this in Thailand and announced before Follica, then real scientist with proper backing may achieve greater heights in this area. My concern is that why haven’t Thailand doctors brought this sooner if it worked under their control study? Maybe Follica saw something their not saying. Hair loss is a catch 22, many people don’t care and only those suffering will keep track of this breakthrough. As you see today, more people are shaving their heads and the bald market is losing revenue. Shen-Min and other herbal products, especially “ALL SHAMPOOS” are bogus and you will see people eliminating inferior products and procedures. This will guide innovation to reap greater dollars.

    See, we need to view this realistically. We don’t know and speculating provides false hope and mis-information. David Steinberg will not communicate more that is allowed and may have caught some heat on the board earlier. We will know in one year and more in two years. I would like this come to light sooner and maybe it will if the pilot study shows remarkable results. The main objective is that we have identified the G-Receptor to control hair growth with pharmaceutical drugs, inflammation pathways to develop drugs and re-grow hair and the Follica technique. Time is all we have and the amount of money (which will be cheaper than HT’s as Cotsarelis stated) to be earned. Dollars and un-met needs guides this process not any one of you concerned on the board. We need Daphne to lose her hair which may help the speed. LOL

  80. R says:

    Forum Members,

    After speaking with David Steinberg, Follica will not disclose any information to the public beyond the new web page that is currently being developed as a communication medium. David response was stern and communicated that any / all internal information is confidential and that Follica representatives are asked not to divulge information about the trials. I further asked David about Mercola and he stated that he can not answer any questions about the trials. This signaled to me that Mercola may be involved with Follica! My last question related to his expectations about this procedure and application in the market. His response was that he is very “enthusiastic” about the procedure and outcome.

    Based on his response, mice DNA closely related to humans and the Mercola comment, as stated in my earlier post, I believe they are in the process or very near to start trials and that confidentiality is extremely important during this phase of the program. Now we wait and see, but this may be the beginning of the end. Again mice DNA (why scientist use mice) are very similar in every aspect and they may be closer to solving ALS. So, as long as scientist keep advancing human biology and signaling pathways, we should see numerous outcomes to future treatments and cures. Like I said in earlier posts, every breakthrough compliments other scientific areas and since dermatology (skin = largest organ of the body) requires many facets to control and sustain its function, will compliment many regenerative capabilities. Again, we wait!

  81. JS says:

    R..Thanks for the update.

    And lets hope this treatment really is something to celebrate when the results come out.

  82. rev says:

    Dr Cotsarelis will be speaking at thhe Fifth International Congress of Hair Research (lot’s of other great speakers as well).

    Here’s the link

  83. SB says:

    I hope this stuff works … but,

    in 3 or 4 years from now … more blogs just like this one will be saying …

    “scientists have made new discoveries … blah, blah, blah … the cure for male pattern baldness MAY just be another 5 years away”

    Sorry for being negative, but, don’t get your hopes up folks … we’ve been hearing the “it’s just another 5 years away” crap for a decade now!

  84. steve says:

    Hey SB, I thought this was going to be a forum for positive thinking only. I am 21 and am hoping that I can still enjoy whats left of my youth if there is a cure in five years time. Being a Norwood 4 at 21 is not easy and I am willing to be very optimistic about follica and I think you should do the same

  85. rev says:

    Steve – the problem’s that most guys have been waiting decades for a cure that was “just around the corner”. Many spent their 20s, 30s, and 40s being taken for a ride.

    SB’s right to be skeptical. Just look at this article; Follica gathered 5.5million in funding back in January, but they have yet to submit a single new press release regarding trials or anything for that matter.

    I appreciate the need to keep privileged data privileged; however, I’d be more appreciative if David Steinberg could chime in with a scrap or two of data. Perhaps he could tell us the Month they plan to start trials, or the rough size of their phase one cohort.

  86. D says:

    R wrote what is going on. They are developing a website where they will communicate advances to us all. So why can’t we all just wait for a while, and get more concerned if nothing happens in the next 3-4 months?

  87. SB says:

    Sorry Steve,

    I’m really hoping for this too. I know how you feel – I was probably a NW 4 at 17 when I started receding in highschool.

    I’ve had 3 HT’s – starting 5 years ago. I was NW 6 before 1st one.

    The best coverage I can achieve (after 1 more HT – and totally depleting my donor) will give 40-50% density on crown, top, and frontal core.

    This density is (I hate to say it – BUT..) about the equivalent of a glorified come-over with my hair type!

    When I look back on it, I should have just been a “head-shaver” and should have just accepted being bald and moved on.

    Although I’m hoping for decent results from my last HT, I’m expecting only a slight improvement.

    I pretty much have to finish the process – to try and get rid of the “HT under-construction look”

    Honestly, the ONLY thing, besides a toupee, that will give me a truly good-looking head of hair, is Follica’s or ICX’s process.

    If I could do it over again, and if I was your age, Steve, I would have just shaved and got buffed in the gym – and forgot about hair.

    I’m with you for a cure, for my own sake (I hope it works for guys that have HT’s too).

    I didn’t mean to be negative. I just hope it’ll work and all of us can have hair – once and for all.

    like R said, it’s a waiting game now.

  88. SB says:

    I meant to add this into my last post, but it was past 10 minut editing time:

    I’m still positive about hoping for decent results from my next (and final) HT. But, realistically I’m expecting only a slight improvement.

    I pretty much have to finish the process – to try and get rid of the “HT under-construction look” Honestly, the ONLY thing, besides a toupee, that will give me a truly good-looking head of hair, is Follica’s or ICX’s or Aderan’s process.

    If I could do it over again, and if I was your age, Steve, I would have just shaved and got buffed in the gym – and forgot about hair.

    I regret the HT’s. I’m not saying their bad for everybody, just some guys (like me) shouldn’t have tried. Now, I have to try and finish the process.

    Please, don’t ask who my surgeons are as I won’t reveal them. It’s not their work at all that has caused me any problems. In fact, my surgeons are awesome. I’m totally happy with their work, and they are excellent and highly reputable. They never guaranteed I would have a full head of hair.

    I’m the one who had expectations “too high” I should have done more homework on guys like me with NW 6′ before having HT’s.

    I’m with you for a cure, for my own sake – as I hope it works for guys that have had HT’s too.

    I didn’t mean to be negative. I just hope this cell regeneration therapy process will work and all of us can have hair – once and for all! Sorry for being so long-winded.

    Like R said, it’s a waiting game now.

  89. steve says:

    Hey SB, I completely understand. my hair doctor dismisses transplants completely until 25. He thinks I should on my current regime be able to keep my hair for the next five years anyway but I wont consider transplants. Don’t get me worng I was let down my HM so I am not completely taken in my Follica but I don’t think there is anything wrong in just hoping without dismissibng it straight away.

  90. R says:

    Again, if no one believes in this for at least several years then “Goodbye!” We wont see you for the many years to come. No one has the answers but what breakthrough on hair replicates what we see today in science? This is a new era of biology etc… We can rant all day long but some of the newbies should read all the posts realistically. I and everyone here do not have the answers just information to share. My advice, shave the head and enjoy life. Surgery works for some and nothing is a one size fits all. We should see posts only when new information is available that compliments the progress. Nay-sayers are secure in that past breakthroughs were futile. So it is easy to dispute the announcement. Further more Follica will not say much throughout the year because it is a new system and procedure. Be realistic and or leave the forum and visist the others that blow hot air all day long. Remember that anything connected with Bosley is subject!

  91. rev says:

    We appreciate your comments R, but you don’t have to get preachy. Look what happened to InterCytex lately… people have reason to reserve optimism until they see something tangible (on humans).

  92. SB says:

    I just want to share one thing from my own experience – that’s all. This may sound a little naive and stupid, but this is the mistake I made.

    Here it is:

    One of the criteria that made me get a HT 5 years ago (and start on the HT track), was that “HM” was just “right around the corner -in the next 5 years”

    So, if I wasn’t happy with my HT results, it wouldn’t matter, HM would fix it anyways. I wouldn’t have to live with it for too long.

    Big mistake = logical fallacy!

    I know this sounds dumb – but now I regret my HT’s – and HM or cell therapy is STILL just “a few years away”

    I have read all the posts on here BTW. That’s it. I won’t post anything more unless it’s positively related to Follica.

  93. R says:

    First and foremost: My advice is based on “true knowledge and research” beyond psycho babble debates experienced by most practioners!

    1. HT’s = Never do it and watch the commercials, each person is under dim lighting. Bosely and associated people are scams. Especially Intercytex!!!!! Never believed their comments or in them!!!!

    2. No other vitamin and or drug works! Especially INFORMERCIAL PRODUCTS!

    3. If it is on T.V. it is a scam. Guaranteed!

    4. Curcumin and Reservatrol w/ Propecia works for most people as they attack the DHT and inflammation problem

    5. Shampoos Don’t work

    Now, why visit forums if you believe in being disappointed as you have since the beginning of time. Please all members and this is not a joke or stab at you, this is serious!

    1. Shave or cut your hair short and once you are used to it, your true personality will follow and so will your love life and etc…You will see that this and any other forum won’t that important to you or the people’s comments.

    2. Don’t listen to bogus rumors or talk without true research and facts.

    3. This site is based on Follica and the treatment that compliments people who have experienced similar hair growth after “skin disruption” etc…

    4. Mercolas staff acknowledged his comment is true and I ask that all of you study him and how careful he is with everything. Basically, he thinks everything is Bull!!! So if he is trying something with a 90% chance of success, than that is good news!

    5. Trials take time and don’t allow silence or the lack of media cause concern. Many projects like these are sensitive and people are trying to get the formula / procedure for their gain.

    6. Live life and always keep my words handy. Women will love you for you and if they don’t, trust me they are not worth it!!!

    7. Science is progressing in lightning speed! Good News!

    8. HT’s and other medical attempts are being down graded by people accepting their fate and revenue is dropping for the money hungry product makers. Varicose veins are taking the place of HT’s, so men are saying the hell with it give me something real or nothing. This echo’s to all practioners and scientist and they want to keep money rolling are now realizing a viable treatment or cure is needed.
    9. Let’s wait to hear more real answers and don’t assume anymore, please!

    10. Never post Intercytex and or forcasted years anymore. They are based on personal beliefs and not facts. I don’t care about past attempts or failures as they represent new knowledge like all innovations we see today. Edison would have quit long ago, yes! Review his failures!!! Keep this forum based on facts only please!

    On a side note: Most people interviewed who shave their head do because of the lack of real solutions. They would like their hair back and would sign-up if a real solution was available. They may seem happy, but they want their locks like everyone around them in the world. This represents as scientist and Follica Reps know as un-tapped market of people who will jump on this formula.

  94. JS says:

    Firstly i would like to say i understand why people are negative whenever a new treatment comes around,

    But please stop relating everything that has gone before with the possibilities that stem cell research is bringing about as we speak, It’s like pandoras box has been opened.

    This time last year who on this board would believe a man could grow part of his finger back,Like i said stem cell treatments are moving fast and at some point a cure for hair loss will be found, So why not now.

  95. R says:

    JS, I too hope for this to work and relate the advances in stem cell research as the catalyst for the Follica breathrough. I also believe because made the announcement, The University of Bonn and Elaine Fuchs discoveries area part of the race to end this disease. My comments are from the heart as I feel for each and everyone of you who suffers and are depressed over hair loss. I may sound stern or direct but we have all had sugar coated dialouge that is not welcomed here. I believe we should hear something by the end of summer or first part of fall that announces the trial and progress. Hell, maybe sooner but the end-result should not be available to aroound 2009.

    We are in a unique time of discovery and human biology. The breakthroughs and potential drug candidates as well as target G-Receptors are on the horizon as hair loss breakthroughs never seen before. You see for the most part people never cared to trully solve hair loss issues, Today they care and driving the cure to fruition.

  96. SB says:

    Does anybody know if they are using adult or embryonic stem cells?

    If it’s embryonic that is needed, gov’t funding won’t be allowed in US. Bush veto. Maybe next US pres. will allow gov’t funding for embryonic. That’s why other countries (Japan, China, Germany, UK)are making greater headway in stem cell research. The US is already years behind these other countries in stem cell research b/c of “prolife” pres. Bush.

  97. Thanks for all the thoughtful comments and feedback. I would like to provide some perspective regarding our silence.

    Even with the best intentions on the part of the bloggers (in various forums), there has been significant misinformation out there and inidviduals drawing conclusions that are not based on fact. When we have responded to inquiries in a measured way, comments have been taken out of context and posted on a number of websites.

    Our goals are very much aligned with yours. We are working through the most rigorous clinically driven scientific methods and results will take time. Furthermore, as a private company we need to protect our business and confidential information.

    We will not be announcing anything further for a while, nor will any Follica representatives be able to answer any questions by phone. Despite our lack of communication with the public, please be assured that we are absolutely focused on driving this forward.

    Thanks again for all of your comments and support.

  98. Grommit says:

    I completely respect Daphne for coming on this forum and trying to clear things up. It was something she didn’t have to do, but chose to anyway. I just wish her response was not as cryptic. She said there is “misinformation” but does does not say what is true and what is false. I respect their desire to keep things secretive, but the statement “results will take time” is the scariest message she could send to those who have waited so long already. There is clearly nothig she can do to speed up the process, but her response (sorry I’m not trying to misconstrue this message too) seems very negative as far as results and expectations are concerned. Please nobody take my opinion as fact that things are going awry at Follica, I’m just posting my feelings on her gracious response.

  99. JS says:

    Grommit i think she means there is nothing more they can say until the trials are completed, Which will obviously take time.

    And if you have ventured onto some of the other message boards then you would see what she meant by misinformation and people drawing conclusions, I myself have read alot of people just speculating on the drugs that will be used and why they don’t think it will work.

    I think the best thing we can do is hope and wait for concrete results on humans.

  100. bill says:

    hello guys.i was gust wondering if there is any possibility that we can have this on market(if its proved that it is working)in about a year?am i too optimistic?i”m sorry but hairloss is a big problem for me as for all of us

  101. D says:

    One year is too optimistic yeah. I would guess in about 3 years (from now) if everything goes perfectly.

  102. jordan says:

    Were probably not going to hear from follica until they news to share, which could take a while. We will know more by the end of the year on their progress. God willing this is breakthrough we’ve been looking for! Hang in there guys!

  103. R says:

    People, For one thing Daphne cvhose this forum and explained the details and as common sense dictates we wait intelligently. This forum is probably the focal communication medium chosen by Follica so we need to keep things in perspective. Give it a year for the proper time line needed to perform a proper trial and then we should hear some news. In the meantime, University of Bonn and others are trying new things as well as scientist that are experimenting and showing some results with natural ingredients.

    This is a big market and since people are accepting hair loss more and more daily w/o considering HT’s or spending money on supplements will create a need to feed the industry. You will start seeing less people doing anythig more than waiting it out. For the young ones out there, believe me that it does not matter as much as you think so wait it out and don’t ever consider any other option other than natural supplements or FDA approved drugs. Nothing else no matter what you might think as an alternative. This will work and I believe we may have something here to be joyful about in the coming months.

    Most of us older folks never had the Internet to warn us of inferior products or procedures so count your blessings and listen to the advices as they come from experience and from the heart, well for most people.

  104. D says:


    Have you heard anything new about the gene breakthrough from University of Bonn?

  105. R says:

    No, I was told that they will be working on this breakthrough and take hair loss very seriously. The breakthrough is one that will benefit many types of hair loss due to the placement on the G-Receptor. Menaing that current drugs today are marketed to target the G-Receptor and this area is promosing and easy to target for hair loss. They stated that when they find the drug or agent to turn off the hair loss signal, then many people with different forms of hair loss will be treated in a way that restores basically all the hair.

    Remember Elaine Fuchs and the inflammation breathrough stating that people who were a NW5 reagaining their hair again by a strong anti-iflammatory drug. The drug in question is dangerous but she will look to find another agent to stimulate the follicles.

    Ealine also found that (good news for all Hair Loss sufferers) the hair follicle doesn’t die but is in continuous resting phase. The signal is soft and needs to be amplified. So even if you had HT’s etc… The hair will come back. Now, Follica Treatment will work around HT’s so no worried trust me!!! Secondly, if some fo the HT’s damaged some of the surrounding follicles, don’t worry, the amount of hair needed to provide complete coverage is much less than 100%. Hell when you notice the hairloss in the area the amount is close to 50%, so 60-80% provides remarkable coverage.

    In a nutshell, Follica if successful will help everyone! U of Bonn and Fuchs will help 99% of the rest by awakening the sleeping follicles. Furthermore, we don’t know if Follicas treatment will awaken the sleepers which could provide even greater value. Interestingly, people who undergo HT’s and take propecia find that surrounding sleeping hairs grow. Science and those that trully care are making remarkable progress.

  106. JS says:


    Did ealine fuchs discover the inflammation drug caused hair to regrow by accident, Was she treating someone who was seriously ill meaning the risk of the powerful drug was secondary.

  107. Haircoach says:

    Steinberg said 4 years in this interview. Is it true this forecast?

    Instead in this interview Steinberg said 2 years:

    Steinberg or Zohar, Can you answer at least if are these interviews true?

  108. D says:

    I couldn’t see 2 years in that second link. But in any case, it is just guesses basically, based on what they know right now. The human trials must first get started so that we see how this method works in its current state. If it needs to get improved and they don’t know how to do it immediately, then it might take more than 4 years. If it turns out to work great at the start, well then it might take even less than 4 years, it’s pretty logical right? I know, we are all eager for this to start, but we can’t do more than wait for the results of the trials.

  109. Haircoach says:

    “If all goes well, Steinberg said, bald men will be able to undergo the procedure at doctor’s offices within a couple of years.”
    Couple of years = 2 years!

  110. jordan says:

    ummmmm did you read the postabove? result will take time!! we will hear from them when they have somethingto tell us!

  111. D says:

    Oh, I thought “a couple of years” meant “several years”, not that it actually refered to “couple” as two (english is not my mother language) :)
    Yeah as jordan said, let’s just wait.

  112. jordan says:

    I no its hard to accept hair loss, but we have to look on the bright side of things, there are many companies out there that are attacking this disease from various angels and who are all looking for the real deal. It a race to the finish line. Good luck to all those who are trying to make this happen!

  113. That small amount of funding is a drop in the bucket compared to the money that has been spent by much larger pharmaceutical companies like Merck who have been searching for a “magic bullet” for hair loss for decades without success.

  114. rev says:

    Balding fast – Firstly, consider a vast majority of the research was done at the university/academic level – thus alleviating the brunt of the research expense.

    Secondly, cash flow will be a moot point once proof of concept is shown consistently on human subjects.

    The only question -now- is will the process translate well to those human subjects.

  115. R says:

    People, past researchers were not trrying to cure hair loss no matter who said so on any board. The funding was never there to cure but create half-a$$ products to create an influx of revenue without spending money on real research. That is why most products are bogus!!!!! Think people!!! This dicovery by Follica is making people study and create a real solution never before attempted due to the Internet exposing fradulent products, people, scientist and the money that will be made once a real solution is available.

    Secondly, funding for Follica will not be that expensive in the beginning due to the available (approved) products and the body is doing most of the regenrative work, not the drugs. In the past, people used products that mimicked accidental products, meaning the hair products today were side affects only. The rest is speculation without real scientific research. Scientist just got lazy and copied everyone else without applying real money into real science and research. If they had, then there would not be so many hair products on the market (100’s) with the same ingredients, just different variation and bottle color etc…

    For the question above about Elaine Fuchs, No, she just happened to discover something known for a long time and just ignored! The amount of years stated by Follica reps were 2-4 years only, and some stated if all goes well 2 years! Mercola stated one year to have his hair back, 90% chance, and if true, means another two to prove, make supply, train doctors and market etc… So maybe three! However, we don’t know and if Daphne Zohar and Follica communicates here, then we should continue the proper approach and wait. Speculation is what causes anxiety and frustration without having real knowledge. Most boards are full of hot air so wait it out.

    I believe the process will translate to human subjects if the stories of self-pinning and accidents created similar results!

  116. Grommit says:

    Hey R, first off I wanna say thanks for all of the information and the positive attitude you bring towards an increasingly negative subject (given all of the failures). I’m one of those real young guys struggling with hairloss so even though I know it is futile I cling to every hope for a treatment. You seem to have alot of insider info (talking to Steinberg, information from the University of Bonn) but how does a person like me know that you aren’t getting my hopes up for no reason? What makes you so optimistic and do you honestly, honestly believe this could be it?

  117. Grommit says:

    Furthermore, wasn’t the Follica discovery a mistake also? Aren’t they reportedly using drugs that have nothing to do with hairloss just like propecia?

  118. R says:

    First, I understand and wnat everyone to know that I too learned the hard way by believing everything until I took charge and told everyone was full of it and give me proof. You can count on me because my words are based on the information that any of you and some have contacted Mercola’s group and got the same answer. My experience with the pharma and natural side as well as surgery makes me forefront expert that can read bewteen the lies and bull.

    I will not let others be lied too and or encouraged by false hopes. I state the truth and direct all of you to wait patiently. Follica experiment was a mistake but the Cotsarelis was making huge headway in solving the hair loss puzzle. This is a breakthrough beyond the norms and offers a new platform for science and is creating an atomosphere to get people off their butts and solve this mess.

    You can receive the same information by calling the target scientist and sending e-mails. I also research and learn what works and what doesn’t in the real world. I will never make promises just facts and MAYBE a timeline prediction based on the original authors forecast only.

    Please, everyone trust me that I care want this to end and will present data from the source. Look, Daphne and David from Follica report here, yes? Never think that I don’t worry that this wont work or my optimistic approach is wiithout doubt, but as time and science progreeses and research is showing organs etc,, being grown as well the Gov supporting a five year plant to regenerate body and possibly limbs, my optimistic demeanor is one of dissecting the science and seeing that we are understanding many areas beyond what was possible just 5 years ago.

    Hang in there and just take propecia (.2 -1 mg) Curcumin / Reservatrol see Life extension supplements at the Life Extension Foundation Website. Many studies show these work for any age and hairloss pattern. New formula to follow soon by a published patent.

  119. JS says:

    Thanks for answering R.

    The reason i asked was because i remember reading about people who have discoid lupus and one of the things they have done to help hair growth was injections of a mix of steroids and minerals or something along those lines, into the scalp.

    Obviously they suffer from a disease which causes inflammation quite badly so i wondered if it had ever been tried on healthy patients who suffer hair loss but i guess not.

  120. R says:

    People, Like I said in the previous post, Follica will have to work hard as many people will see the breakthrough and work to secure their footing in the market arena. This competition will bring benefits to us and hopefully end the disease. See post below!

    Evaluations Of HGEN-001 Formulation Indicate Capabilities For New Hair Follicle Creation And More Rapid Healing Post-Laser Resurfacing
    Main Category: Dermatology
    Article Date: 19 May 2008 – 5:00 PDT

    Histogen Inc., a regenerative medicine company developing solutions based on the products of newborn fibroblasts, today presented findings from preliminary evaluations of the Company’s HGEN-001 formulation, during International Investigative Dermatology 2008, taking place May 14-17, 2008 in Kyoto, Japan.

    Histogen’s HGEN-001 liquid formulation is produced through a proprietary bioreactor system which simulates the embryonic environment, including hypoxic conditions of 3-5% oxygen. Under these conditions, a number of growth factors key to tissue development and regeneration are significantly elevated, specifically WNT proteins 5A, 6, 7A, 10A and 11. HGEN-001 is the first evidence of naturally-secreted, native human WNT proteins in a commercially scalable growth system.

    The HGEN-001 formula was evaluated as a post-laser resurfacing treatment in 49 patients, with 26 receiving a placebo gel and 23 receiving a gel with HGEN-001. The products were applied several times per day for 8 days, after a micro-fractional ablative and non-ablative laser treatment to the face.

    Patients were monitored for 14 days with mexameter readings, survey data, as well as independent clinical assessment of re-epithelialization,

    The preliminary results indicate that patients receiving the active HGEN-001 product experienced less dramatic post-laser symptoms, such as erythema, edema, and flaking, with a more rapid recovery when compared to the placebo group. The data suggests that topical application of a skin gel supplemented with HGEN-001 can provide overall improved visible re-epithelialization of post ablative laser facial skin, and thereby accelerate patient recovery, while keeping superficial cutaneous side effects to a minimum.

    “The ability to provide a treatment that results in better patient comfort and overall healing outcomes is key to many plastic surgery treatments,” said Dr. Mark Hubka, Histogen’s Director of Clinical Affairs. “Histogen is dedicated to developing a product pipeline to provide multiple patient benefits post dermatological and plastic surgery procedures.”

    Because of the native soluble WNT proteins and growth factors contained in the formula, HGEN-001 was also evaluated as a stimulus for new hair follicle creation. In the C57 Bl mouse model, an animal model widely used for hair growth, HGEN-001 was shown to significantly increase hair growth and new follicle formation.

    “HGEN-001 induced a significant increase in hair follicle growth, as compared to the control, in our preclinical model,” Said Frank Zeigler, General Manager of In Vitro Products for Histogen. “Researchers have reported the importance of wnt proteins and wound healing growth factors in the induction of new hair follicles for over a decade. Our research helps to substantiate the importance of these active agents in follicular neogenesis, all of which are components in HGEN-001.”

    Clinical trials for HGEN-001 as an application for hair growth are planned for late 2008.

    About Histogen

    Histogen, launched in 2007, seeks to redefine regenerative medicine by developing a series of high value products without the use of embryonic stem cells or animal products. Through Histogen’s proprietary bioreactors that mimic the embryonic environment, newborn fibroblasts are encouraged to naturally produce the vital proteins and growth factors from which the company has developed its rich product portfolio. Histogen has two product families – ExceltrixTM, Histogen’s human Extracellular Matrix (ECM) and HGEN-001, Histogen’s proprietary liquid formula.


  121. Grommit says:

    Unfortunatly Histogen’s website says the release date for a hair regrowth product is planned for 2015…

  122. R says:

    Nothing happens overnight, but they are targeting 7 years or 2015. This could come earlier but again we can only observe. Follica should be much sooner and since the company mentioned Cotsarelis, the treatment may come sooner. However, 7 years is the basic prediction for most products as they state 5-10 years. Seven years provides a cushion and I believe since the product can wake-up resting follicles, a product to stimulate the resting follicles may provide greater avenues and basic products by other industries. Waking up resting follicles would always be the best way anyways. Please read the post below!

    HGEN-001 HGEN-001 is a proprietary liquid formula created by infusing the soluble chemicals secreted by the newborn fibroblasts with the liquid media. It is the first naturally stabilized and bioactive formulation of wnt proteins and growth factors, offering exceptional opportunities for applications including research tools and biologics products.

    The formula contains naturally stabilized and bioactive wnt proteins and activity
    The formula contains naturally secreted growth factors
    HGEN-001 is soluble and injectable
    The formula requires no purification process
    Capabilities for Hair growth

    Hair loss affects 35 million men and 21 million women in the United States.

    One of Histogen’s significant applications for HGEN-001 is its utilization as an injectable for hair growth. The combination of wnt proteins and growth factors making up HGEN-001 has been shown to both stimulate resting hair follicles and induce new follicle formation.

    In May 2007, these findings were substantiated by research performed by
    Dr. George Cotsarelis, which offered further evidence that these growth factors and proteins in combination lead to a significant increase in the creation of new hair follicles in mice.

    Histogen’s injectable for hair growth will be undergoing clinical trials, and launch is planned for 2015.

  123. Grommit says:


  124. D says:

    Let’s hope Follica’s approach will be effective and come out sooner than Histogen’s. Maybe Histogen hasn’t figured out yet how to use already FDA approved compounds, but we still have to see if they will actually work.

  125. R says:

    I believe the system will work and people from diverse backgrounds and demographics have provided similar results. The difference rests with Follica having the lead as you would compare Toyota with the Kaizen theory of Lean Management. The basic premise is that even though Toyota shows the Kaizen approach to the competitor, their reach is so far ahead that the competition will for the most part be far behind.

    The article stated clinical trials this years end which means that if things go well, we could the product much sooner. The time line is a cusion and prevents people from hammering them with calls like Follica. Follica Reps had to stop the influx of calls due to the amount of inquires. Nobody was going to call Histogen due to being told seven years, Yes! This is their attempt to prevent people asking how soon. You see if Histogen stated late 2008 to undergoing clinical trials, if all goes well, why wait nto 2015? I try to read the comments beyond the print and look at the meaning. I may be wrong, hopefully not.

    The knowledge and determination followed by the understanding of human biology allows for major advancements never seen before. We still have to see Mercola’s results based on his year thoery which is sometime 2009, hell give him 2010, still two years to show proff of concept and his major bald head and The University of Bonn for which they will target the resting follicles.

    Remember that the follicles are alive, just need the signal to wake up. You will find that it will be easier than expected once the proper compound is found. Strong anti-inflammatory’s show this and many natural products are being analyzed to produce similar and or complimentary approach to a lesser – potent pharma drug. This year as stated above will be promising due to knowledge and race being played out by the firms involved with hair loss. You will see greater feats with other regenerative approaches for other tissues and organs as well due to the five year plan by the government.

    The hair follicle is being used due to the strong possibilities for adult stem cells and the multiple characteristics and complexity of the follicle. You solve hair loss and many other issues will follow and they (scientist / government) knows this. The WNT pathway was known for 10 years, why now react?

    1. Greater understanding of the biological processes

    2. To solve major regenerative properties, the follicle is easy and abundant for research. The complexity affords multiple platforms from which to evaluate inflammation, G-receptor markers, DHT / Hormones, genetic succeptability, genes etc.. from this tiny Hair Follicle.

    Time will tell and nobody trully knows but only hopes and believes!

  126. JS says:


    Great information again, Thanks for keeping us all updated with the new avenues that are being looked into more than ever before with regards to hair loss. It really does feel like the race to the finish line is on and hopefully it will be reached sooner than we think.

  127. Mary says:

    Thanks R for all the info and all the details !!! Lets be positive !!!
    Histogen is going to make public the trials? as Intercytex did ?

  128. R says:

    Companies looking to sell and attract investors/consumers will publicly provide details as the information becomes available. I highly doubt that it will take seven years and only due to the advancements and the trials taken place later this year to compliment Follica. Secondly, Intercytex is backed by Bosley which for the most part is run by crooks and scam artist. Never believe Bosley, the commercials or the publicity. Bosley was sued for fasly showing before and after pictures and scarred many people.

    The best approach is to wait, cut the hair short (men) and take the recommended propecia / reservatrol / curcumin. For women, many of you can get away with extensions and other means. I hope that this will end too, as we are witnessing, the competition is building a platform from Follica and will not have to travel as far. Other competitors that jump on the band wagon will start from a higher point and achieve the same results in less time. This why Follica must succeed and advance forward.

    You will see more startup companies hitching on the Follica breakthrough like Histogen! As the pressure mounts so will the technology to over throw the competition. The consumer will win in the end and the company first to the finish line.

  129. JS says:


    I was watching a report on cbs news talking about nano medicine being used for cancer treatments, So decide to look if any research was being done with regards to hair loss using nano medicine and came across this http://www.azonano.com/news.asp?newsID=6147 Have you heard of this or is it nonsense.

  130. R says:

    Not nonsense! Scientist have known that antioxidents and anti-inflammatory’s do support hair growth and prevent hair loss to a certain degree based on strength of the chemical used for such purposes. Remember that Elaine Fuchs stated and shown that the hair follicle is alive but just sleeping. This was proven by men who were a NW5-7 the worst kind of hair loss experienced regrowth and some all their hair back by strong inflammatorys.

    This shows that science is discovering that it may be simple to cure hair loss and wake up the sleeping follicles than previously thought in the past. This provides another avenue for the follicular challenged and will push the race to another level. Watch for copy-cat firms duplicating and jumping on this type of innovation for hair loss within the coming months. Once the idea is shown and proven, others will follow.

    If you look in the past, how many posts or breakthroughs occurred for hair loss? These last five years has shown remarkable breakthroughs!

  131. SB says:

    Wow, that’s super! That’s just fantastic!!! Wow!!!

  132. Grommit says:

    Hey R, I know Follica reps are keeping quiet for awhile, but you mentioned earlier that you talked with David Steinberg. How did you get a hold of him, did you talk by phone? Is there any other details of your conversation you can provide like timelines or success rates?

  133. R says:

    Grommit, The conversation entailed a great need to solve hair loss and that they are very optimistic and believe this will work as planned. The severity of hair loss on people is well known and many are those that have been scarred either through surgery of all sorts, injuries, etc… Due to the secrecy of this formula and breakthrough, the Follica Reps need to stay away from the spotlight.

    Follica also recognizes that the follicle entails many opportunities for healing and regeneration, so a cure for hair loss / real treatment will bring cures to other illness and dermatological diseases.

    David and I spoke on the phone several times but due to the impending trials etc,, Follica reps are quiet. I did repeat the question to Mercola’s group and even though the first response was a Aprils Fools Joke, me making them research harder came up to Dr. Mercola is enrolled and will participate in a an adult stem topical hair loss trial. They further answered the question that this is real and he will update as soon as he is allowed. The important aspect of this is to witness the respondent (new name and probably new employee) and make the individual as she did ask the supervisor, whom in turn acknowledged it was true.

    The time line as mentioned is truthfully targeting 3-4 years, however, it could happen in 2 years if all goes well. Remember that Histogen stated 7 years, which most likely represents being behind Follica in knowledge and time alloted for setbacks.

    I believe Follica has done enough clinical observations and secret trials on animals that warrant a near future cure. Secondly, if people are exeperiencing the same hair growth with accidents and self needling, why not high-end doctors and researchers with real equipment? This technique by itself is great as it will help people with scars and work anywhere on the head to fill in gaps where new follicles are needed to grow hair (i.e. HT scars, surgeries, accidents) and the G- Recptor and or inflammation reduction technique that will rejuvinate the sleeping follicles. Either way, both will come out and serve multiple purposes for many people suffering hair loss for various reasons. We may see an update in the fall or next spring, but a good chance of trials beginning this early or later summer 08.

  134. Grommit says:

    Thanks man, I’m just so scared that Follica is going to bust like Aderans and Intercytex. If I knew that it indeed worked I could wait, but it’s the possibility of failure that has me(and EVERYONE)scared to death. Comforting words from reps help, but I guess the only real comfort will come from successful human trials.

  135. R says:

    I understand and believe that regardless of past failures a new generation of understanding is at hand. Even though Anderans did not produce the hair results, they did create a new platform of understanding for greater avenues in regards to understanding and allowing scientist to tackle the HM where they left off.

    On a side note: Anderans is one business petitoned by the government’s fiver year plan to generate limbs and organs, so their so called failure maybe was coheresed by Gov influence and money to tackle other areas of regenrative medicine. All regenerative medicine influences and guides all areas of the body’s chemistry and bilogical make-up to support even hair regeneration.

    Give this time as we will have something! I just have feeling for the first time ever that this will be the end due to numerous studies from different scientist coming up with the same conclusion and lay-people growing hair after injuries etc.. Plus, people are waiting and not investing like before and those that sat on the sidelines are now trying to solve hair loss for the money.

    I will go out on a limb for the first time and say that this will work, I just have a hunch and remember that other medicines to target the inflammation and G-Recptor (which will benefit many if not most Hair Loss sufferers due to the common turn on / off switch) which by itself would cure 98% of the people. Like always, we have to wait and see.

    Everyone, before trying any protocol please ask me first. I have tried and research almost everything and with great knowledge on the subject, I can guide you along.

  136. JS says:

    Thanks for replying R. It really does look like more and more breakthroughs are happening sooner than we thought, It can only be good news that competition is heating up for a cure. Perhaps they realise that people are tired of being taken for a ride by snake oil salesman.

  137. JS says:

    R….I looked on the website of the company mentioned in the earlier link, And came across this page http://ir.lunainnovations.com/phoenix.zhtml?c=196907&p=irol-newsArticle2&ID=1121474&highlight=containing microscopic photos of the growth of new follicles after two weeks. I know it’s only mice so far but it sounds promising.

  138. R says:

    This is very interesting but supports past knowledge as stated above the role of antioxidents controlling inflammation plays a role in hair loss recovery. The difference rests with the strength and particles that penetrate the skin and the follicle. As quoted by the firm, “The discovery that Luna’s nanomedicine candidate can potentially promote hair growth, an unexpected result of other research being performed at Luna, indicates that hair follicle atrophy can be reversed. We believe this may be the beginning of a generation of nanomedicines aimed at changing outcomes in intractable diseases.”

    As mentioned earlier, Elaine Fuchs has shown that the hair follcile is alive but just resting. The quote above supports the claim. This will undoubtedly bring hair to everyone even HT’s receipient as the sleepers will rise and cover all the head and around the trasnplants. The difference rests with donor scar and this will be easily covered up and everyone will look normal again.

    The other component of this equates to the various applications of this nanotechnology with other dieseases. Like I said, the race is on and many companies are progressing, many of whom we never heard of until they report the news. Now wait for a copy-cat firm replicating and tackling this avenue of science in the near future.

  139. jordan says:

    R, thanks for all the info you have posted. i really hope there will be a product out in 2 yearstime. have u heard of ASCJ-9, thay have trails starting this year. also can you give us some information on needling if one was to do it. thanks

  140. R says:

    Jordan, I have heard of ASCJ-9 and the formula has curcumin which is shown to be effective while combined with Reservatrol to fight hair loss. A new patent is coming down the pipeline soon. There is a mention that phase 2 trials end this May with good results. I have not effectively researched this area but stay optimistic that many products are coming soon and some to end baldness for good. Self-needling is dangerous and people have posted some results but nothing great. I would wait and see what happens and start a regime now to starve off the balding process utilizing prescriptions and natural products.

    Never consider surgery people, my big mistake and even though people like the results and can’t tell (hell people close to me forgot I ever did anything due to the natural apperance), I regret it because this is not me and I started losing my hair at the age of 22. But my pattern is not extreme after staying off products and allowing the natural state to continue for 5 years. I have hair on the top sides and high-bck with just the front and middle going. NW4 but the less serious type. If it was major the whole area would gone by the age I am at now late 30’s, but that is just me and my opinion.

    I did not have the Internet and or researched Bosely and others more carefully as they lied about the before and after pictures. They were sued!!! I would say that your best options and consider yourself very lucky that you have honest people and a good forum to review facts by knowledgeable people. Trust me and save yourself years of grief. Mine are self made as others state you can’t tell and laugh as it is just nothing to be concerned over as it looks great and you can’t tell. But we are our worst critics!!!! You see yourself much differently people and need to trust others and their observations about you. Most likely we worry about his too much especially surgey patients (ht) that other people just don’t cre what you do it’s who you are that matters. Hang in there and don’t self-needle or do anything requires surgery unless you research top doctors and are informed properly. Then the choice is yours but my opinion, I would never do HT’s if I could go back in time.

  141. jordan says:

    thanks R, we are lucky and appreciate people like you giving us information!i am using propecia (have been for 9 months)and minoxidil. do i think i should stay on this untill follica and other new treatments are available? thanks

  142. R says:

    Yes! Never stop or you lose what you saved and since we never trully know when Follica will come, it’s best stay on what you have been doing to starve off the hair loss process. It usually takes 8-9 months to see real growth and progress anyways.

    The only stress and heart filled anger I have is doing HT’s and this is a personal observation not shared by others as they like the results, however, I am ashamed and angered over being lied to so early in age by HT doctors. People are glad they done the HT’s, but not me as I usually never do such things in any other issue / circumstance but I was young and not so well-informed.

    Your very welcome and please avoid surgery! Just my opinion and not many of the other HT patients that seem Ok by the results. But, I just feel that it’s best to wait and accept it until areal solution arises. HT’s are going down and people are recognizing just shave your head and once your comfortable, others will flock to you by the great personality. Trust me! I still get dates even though they find out about the HT’s. So it should not matter if your bald or clean shaving.

  143. R says:

    People, Why this article is significant is due to the fact that protein kinase is essential for hair growth and the human bone is difficult to achieve. Now the process was duplicated within a month. Again, I predict such breakthroughs correlate with other regenerative medicine and supports other biological processes such as hair research. Elaine Fuchs and Cotsarelis brought to view the importance of protein kinase in signaling pathways and hair growth in many articles. However insignificant it may seem, this breakthrough will provide greater understanding for all tissues and organs including the hair follicle.

    The bone growth article below!


  144. JS says:

    Excellent article R. Any stem cell breakthrough is good news not just for hairloss but a multitude of problems, Lets hope all of these developments keep on moving forward to the conclusion alot of people have been waiting a long time for.

  145. D says:

    Here is an interesting post on a forum:


    Again, just as some other users on other forums experienced: the regrowth of terminal hairs.

  146. Make Me Beautiful says:

    I am not completely bald, but my hair is thinning, and I’ve already lost quite a bit of it on the front, and I’m afraid I’ll go bald very soon, unless a cure is found… I’ve started taking Finasteride and Spironolactone, but those only keep what you have… can Follica’s research, if successful, serve to thicken the hair you have, instead of just growing new one?

  147. jordan says:

    the more hair you have makes it look thicker! it only looks thin coz the hair count is low (thanksr R for your posts)

  148. JS says:

    Make me beautiful as i understand it the follica treatment will require you to remove all the hair on your head, Then your scalp will undergo some kind of dermabrasion which then gives a window of oppurtunity to grow new follicles, The one thing i’m not sure about is if the follicles we already have aren’t dead but resting what will happen when new follicles are created. Will the new follicles migrate down to where are existing follicles are or something else. Perhaps R can help answer more clearly.

  149. R says:

    This is one area where I don’t think it would matter as with HT’s, the hair transplanted on and around at times existing follicles and the new resident (transplanted)follicle grows as if they were there since the beginning. The new procedure if it creates a new follicle, then you would just replace and at times awaken the sleeper by the biological process. This is seen with HT’s.

    Furthermore, if we look at self needling and accident victims creating new follicular growth after injury, we have to assume that resident follicle was damaged. Also, I don’t believe Follica will have to shave the entire head due to the vast amount diverse hair loss patterns and tools / micro etc.. available to be applied in small areas.

    Scientist from Bonn and others are working to awaken the sleepers so we may news on this just as fast as Follica. My opinion is based on them searching for a stimulus to the resting follica and that time is closing in on them. People, baldness is gaining wide acceptance by men and women will follow believe it or not. Companies know that people are accepting hair loss until someting real comes along. The econommy would lose billions and thousands of jobs if hair loss acceptance continues down this path. Hair transplants are slipping and men are opting for spider veins instead. The Internet is exposing fraud and if it’s on a commercial, IT DOES NOT WORK AS COMMUNICATED!!!

  150. Make Me Beautiful says:

    Thanks for the help. I know hair transplants and Intercytex are a complete fraud. If Follica fails, then I’ll just stick to Finasteride and Spironolactone… at least it’s something.

    But I can’t help but having high hopes for Follica… I mean, the facts and bases for their research seem rock solid, and they have such a retinue of experts working for them. If this procedure truly works, I’m sure this team is the one that can figure it out… but that leaves the IF.

    I’ve also heard A LOT about ASC-J9, but I can’t find anything about it on the Net, could anyone send me any information?

  151. JS says:

    R… I wasn’t sure myself about the removing of all the hair on the scalp but someone on another forum went through the patent pretty thoroughly and it did say any hair on the scalp would need to be removed, If i remember correctly they would buzz any hair really short then remove it completely using something like nair. I’ll try to find a link to where i saw it.

  152. R says:

    It could be the case but after human trials and before the general public receives the procedure, the scientist will have to critique the application in order to allow patietnts to work and continue life especially women as to not fully remove all the hair at once. I trully don’t know, but would remove small areas at a time to allow for some coverage.

    I would guess and say that you would have a choice as to how much hair is removed in an area specific to your needs and then apply the procedure. Continue as the hair grows in etc.. This I think would benefit everyone unless your a slick bald NW 567 and then you just have apply the stimulant.

  153. JS says:

    R…I think the point of doing the whole scalp at once is due to the fact that the patient will need to take certain drugs to make sure it works, It’s a small price to pay for a full head of hair, If it works like we are hoping it will i think it makes sense to do the whole scalp at once.

  154. washington says:

    good day R… would like to know what you think on follica for the next year? we will still see the start of the experiences in this year of 2008?

  155. R says:

    Don’t know for sure as we have not heard of any trials taken place as of yet. However, other companies such Histogen are starting their trials on basically the same concept later this year. My guess and only a guess is that if the procedure works as intended and we still don’t know how quickly the hair will grow and could start growing in lets say 4 weeks then we should see some advanced breaking news.

    Follica’s technology which is supported by other firms and lay-people should show good results. I say this based on my conversations w/ Follica and the results experienced by lay-people calling and trying a mock version of Follica’s with success. I would not be suprised to hear Follica update something this year but expect more in the coming year or months out to ensure their place in the market. Once the procedure shows a viable solution, other start-ups will jump on the bandwagon and work to secure their market share. If Follica slips up and is setback, this could allow another firm such as Histogen or some we may not even heard of yet take the lead conquer this problem. I would say lay-loose for at least 6 months and we may hear something stating a trial on the way or other data. Remember that Daphne in her report stated several phases in one year. I believe the procedure will both awaken and create new follicles which will produce dramtic “Short-Time / Quick” response as I think their hinting at to the investors. If the hairs grow in at even three months, you would full head of hair in 5 months or close to a full head.

    The next five years which is supported by Gov regeneration investments with multiple firms / pixie dust research and the hair market breakthrough will produce great rewards to everyone. Follica, I believe will have good news next year!

  156. washington says:

    good day R? say could me what you think on when started the follica experiences? we will still have in this year of 2008 some work in human beings? its thoughts? thanks.

  157. washington says:

    SORRY …R…you already answered …thanks.

  158. JS says:

    R…The pixie dust you mentioned, Is it acell and if it is do you know if they are doing any studies using it for hair loss. I looked on their website and there doesn’t seem to be much information other than animal treatments.

    And although it is meant to be a regenerative powder it seemed to be just an aid to help healing, They had photos of a dog who had just had a tooth removed and it did indeed heal very well. But if it is supposed to regenerate then surely a tooth would be the best place to start before you try and regrow limbs, I’m sure they could make a fortune if they could use it to grow new teeth and hair so why do you think they aren’t even trying so far.

  159. L says:

    Daphne Zohar,

    Please have Dr. Cotsarelis work on a treatment to rejuvenate the existing follicles as well. A lot of young guys like me would rather have our previous hair follicles rejuvenated then have thousands of new ones created on our heads. The biggest reason being that the new follicles may be suspectible to androgens and thus minitaurization. End result being loads of minitaurized follicles and tons of sebum on our bald scalps!

    I understand that all your work is sort of secret now, but you will be conducting trials soon. And you obviously have no shortage of people wanting to get on trials, so maybe you can do one trail to test just for rejuvenation of follicles.

    If your team finds a way to rejuvenate the existing follicles, that would be the holy grail of hair loss treatment both for consumers and puretechventures ($$$).

  160. R says:

    The pixie dust was known for many years and scientist as well as doctors would not believe in the technology so they refused to have an open mind. This is the case for most advancements and that is why Follica is being scrutinized. The pixie dust is not being used for hair growth but any regenerative propoerties discovered usually translates to other areas of science. The finger tip that grew contained skin (aka. largest organ on the human body) so if skin can be regenerated, why not the underlying biology? Pixie dust will pave a new path to regenerative medicine. I agree with the above post that awakening existing follicles is always best and I read and believe that scientist are working to achieve both. Follicas will help everyone, including scars etc.. and awakening the sleepers will help all hair loss sufferers.

  161. D says:

    Here is an interesting post:


    I wonder if it really is true and what kind of treatments these are?

  162. jason says:

    I just visited the site and read some posts and have not heard anything amazing. I have looked at the opening post and it was dated january and we are now in june and still there are no new postings on new findings. I think this company is a joke

  163. jordan says:

    who is a joke? are you on about follica?

  164. JS says:

    Jason… If you are talking about follica being a joke i think you are wide of the mark, There is nothing more they can say until there are concrete results on humans.

    Whether dr phil and mercola are part of that process is not really known but the fact that mercola stated he would be taking part in a stem cell treatment for hairloss is encouraging even if it isn’t follica, Because it would point to another company in the process of ending this nightmare.

    Unfortunately it is going to take time before we truly know what is happening.

    R has said in many posts and to me this represents the true holy grail for hair loss, And that is about the research being done at bonn university, If that information is true and elaine fuchs has found that the follicle doesn’t die but is just resting then that will end hairloss for good, But how long will it take to find out how to wake the follicle is anyones guess so it’s all a very frustrating waiting game.

  165. P says:

    Elaine Fuchs needs a blog to chart progress (and so I have another web page to refresh endlessly).

    If my hair is just sleeping I will be incredibly relieved, but conversely it makes me a bit more hesitant about Follica’s approach.. since I would prefer not to monkey around with dermabrasion/growing new hair if my existing hair is still recoverable.

    Does anyone have a link to an article talking about Elaine Fuchs proving hairs are sleeping?

  166. R says:

    Follicles are sleeping and need a signal to wake up. The sound waves are equal to dialed turn down on a radio. They just need to find ways to increase the signal. See this string!
    Also, if you trully believe this stuff wont work then why are you here? I and others prefer the awakening of follicles and hope this is the standard treatment. But others from auto accidents, burns of all sorts, scarring alopecia, surgery i.e tumors etc.. will need Follicles approach to replace lost follicles. Not to sound arrogant but trully no one here has any more information than what is shared to the public. So your guess is as good as ours. I did read Dr. Rassmans post and he is trully hiping Follicle fails due to the lost of business. He knows that the procedure will be simple enough to be done in a dermatoligist office. He believes it will be many years away. How these butchers love money and will do anything to attract HT patients. Let’s just wait and see people!

  167. P says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely believe this treatment will work. The question becomes, is it the right treatment for your average hairloss sufferer? You are certainly correct that it will be wonderful for people with scars/burns, but if you end up getting this treatment with OK results, and a few years down the road they find out how to wake the sleepers, you might end up looking like the wolf man.

    Also, I was thinking about it… and it seems obvious that this treatment DOES affect existing follicles in some way… since they can stop excessive hair growth by inhibiting some factors. Whether or not the treatment is effective in waking the sleepers (or not damaging them) is still in question. I really hope it is.

  168. R says:

    I too hope the sleepers awaken and I think that Elaine Fuchs is involved with George C in seeing this through. My guess and only a guess is that they will stumble on awkaening the follicles and we may hear something in the interim. I want everyone to look at a severly bald man try to see the (without being punched out) the little vellus hairs on the head. In certain lights the hairs are more prominant. This is a clue that the follicles are alive but need greater signaling. The G-Receptor is a strong target and will work.

    Eye lashes can grow – Latest breakthrough that may help hair sufferers in the future?


  169. jordan says:

    in my opinion i think we should here more about this treatment by the end of the year.

    i also thought follica treatment was to wound the scalp to make new follicles?

    its the end results that matter? doesnt matter what method you use as long as you get great results?

  170. Grommit says:

    None of this can be confirmed, but it is in regards to Dr. Mercola and his hair regrowth statement. Someone on another forum (HLH) posted that they know someone who works for Mercola and said he is trying two techniques. One is an oral supplement and one is a topical.

    It should be stated that this poster has only posted one time and has not come back to confirm any information. I personally believe he is completely lying, but it might be of some interest to the people on this site regardless.

    If the poster is credible, he says the oral supplement should be available this year, but the topical treatment will not be. Both solutions have been in the process of clinical trials for some time and are producing good results.

    PLEASE do not get excited over this. I am even reluctant to post this since I can in no way confirm it and do not want to be responsible for spreading hopeful lies. Even if the treatments are real, they could just be Propecia and Rogaine (one oral and one topical) and this guy is having fun at our expense.

    I just wanted to let you guys know in the off chance that this person is legitimate.

  171. Grommit says:

    After posting, I thought about it and realized that if these statements are true the oral supplement is most likely a drug called Dutasteride. It is like extreme Propecia but, since Propecia isn’t that great to begin with, it’s nothing to get excited over. It has been in trials for awhile but is still readily available to the public even though it hasn’t been COMPLETELY approved. Unfortunately if I am correct there is really nothing to get optimistic over since many people take Dutasteride and state that it is only marginally more effective than Finasteride (and the side effects are B.A.D).

  172. JS says:

    Grommit, I just read the mercola article again and he said he would be using a topical adult stem cell treatment so i don’t think it will be that drug.

  173. Grommit says:

    Well like I said Mercola (should this informant be correct) would be taking an oral AND a topical treatment. I have no clue (other than POSSIBLY follica) what the topical is, I’m only speculating as to the oral.

  174. JS says:

    Also i read this article from 2001 and even then they said that you have just as many follicles as a normal head of hair.

  175. JS says:

    Grommit. I was just reading your comments on the (HLH) mercola thread and was wondering what the dr armani thing was. Is it a new treatment or nonsense.

  176. Grommit says:

    JS – Good question! Lol.

    1) Two posters said they had surgeries with Dr. Armani and both stated Armani was very optimistic about future treatments “at the cellular level.” One poster even said that Armani stated it would be available within 18 months! Noone at this point really knows the validity of that statement.

    2) I know alot of people on this forum don’t want it to be a “forum” so if you want more info try and join HLH and we can talk about conspiracies and rumors there and save this place for facts as we get them.


  177. G says:

    you mentioned Elaine Fuchs’ research that she was able to regrow(enlarge) hair using anti-inflammatory drugs. Can you provide the link to the study/article? And which drugs did she use?

  178. rev says:

    G –
    Here’s a video link of Elaine Fuchs giving a presentation on Stem Cell: Biology, and the Promise of Regenerative Medicine. The video is from January 2007. She expressed concerns with unregulated WNT/ cancer. She also mentioned concerns with hairball tumors.


  179. G says:

    I remember seeing this presentation last year. However, I just wanted to see that anti-inflammatory study and what Fuchs’ hypothesis/conclusion was.

  180. R says:

    Here you go! Remember, at this stage we wait for at least a year to see what is trully going on with trials. Unfortunately, we will hear from the scientist when they are ready so estimating and communicating our own opinions are futile.

    Article quote: “immunosuppressant that inhibits NFATc1, a drug called cyclosporine A, has a rather unsightly side effect: excessive hair growth.”


  181. bill says:

    hello guys i’ve just read an article about follica in a forum called hairsite.zohar says that if trials goes well then in 2 or 3 years they are going to aplicate for a new drug investigation.well i think that if this is true then we will have it in at least 8-10 years and this is really bad.i really dont have so much time.i hoped that if trials goes well they will launch it in about 2 years from now as cotsarelis said.i really need your opinion

  182. washington says:

    in first place he was not daphne zohar who said this on 3 years for new drug. this pdf is an article on fincanas and new drugs and treatments. any one can write what to understand, or not to understand, as for example, 3 years for this NEW DRUG, what it could be understood as 3 years for the LAUNCHING OF a NEW TYPE OF TREATMENT FOR CALVIIE. what it could be as the date stipulated for follica in interviews

  183. R says:

    It never amazes me that no matter what is discussed or brought to view by the scientific community that any report of 2-3 years is somehow translated down the road to 8-10 years. This common thinking due to past medicine and lack of knowledge by forum members speculating. My thoughts are that Daphne posts in this site and don’t know of any other site she communicates in ? Secondly, this techonology is out there and others are working through different mechanisms to stop and reverse hair loss. Thirdly, The Morning Show reprted 3-4 years and maybe sooner after the interview with Follica Reps and finally, no one knows unless they talk to the reps at Follica. I have spoken with them and everytime it was stated to have a product in 3-4 and maybe 2 years if it works great in the first attempt.

    Daphne and the others will not let go 8-10 years with the kind of breakthroughs and new understanding of biology and medicines for tackling hair loss as well as other issues. If Follica plays around too long, the competitiors will override them and take the market.

    The biggest mistake for Follica is to rest!!! They will fall and lose market positioning. Believe me, having knowledge of marketing and competition, I have seen businesses obtain competitors data and research to gain market positioning. Follica knows that time will allow either by internal employees and or other means, the competitor will harness the technology. Don’t forget the G-Receptor targets etc… that will take about 98% of the hair loss market. Also, the FDA is being scrutinized and asked to change their ways so companies can market products sooner and pharmas are being held to better research or fines / exposure / law suits etc..

    These next five years will yield breakthroughs never seen before and we will have a solution. We just need to wait. Again, No lay doctor, HT doctor, dermatologist and any other so called professional knows due to they have never advanced the technology ever and or just recycled the current garbage on the market. Just look at why they want it to fail, Cash Cow!!!! Trust me as I will expose every fraud out there and chanllenge any doctor if they dare to talk on the forum. I do this to show you that most are insecure quacks trying to make a buck. The third leading cause of death in the US are doctors / Hospitals, we need to look at the source.

    I will even challenge Rassman to a fourm duel to expose him and his practice. My advice people “live” and we shall see the end to this disease because money and greed is involved and shaing heads is in forever.

  184. washington says:

    THANKS R….REPLY OF ANOTHER SITE THAT I RECEIVED ON WHAT I WROTE. Sorry baldlatino but this article looks the most credible out of all. It is an article directly designed to reach potential investors and venture capitalists.

    These are the guys who would sue follica if they lied.

    If something is extreme here then its your naivity. >>>>>>>>> YOU BELIEVE THIS R? FOLLICA MET WITH THESE INVESTORS? E REALLY, IS FOLLICA INVESTIDORES?

  185. JS says:

    I can’t see the reason why it would take 8-10 years to bring this out, There is a good chance that by then it won’t be needed, And there will be something new like what bonn uiversity is working on to solve the issue without the need for skin wounding.

    Unless the person can provide evidence of the letter i wouldn’t believe a word of it.

    The timelines just don’t add up to me and they wouldn’t look appealing if i was asked to invest in it. A small amount of research can show anyone interested that science is moving rapidly in this area and other companies in other parts of the world will past follica by if 8-10 years is the best they can do.

    If the reason for this supposed timeline is the fda, Then maybe follica should look into opening in another country who actively encourage new science.

  186. G says:

    I agree, the 8-10 year timeline is too far off. All bald men need is for follica to successfully go through phase-0(IND) trials and, trust me, the number of guys willing to try this at home will skyrocket. So technically, follica may not even have FDA clearance but if it works a lot of people will get their hair back using this procedure.

    What is this G-Receptor study that you’re talking about? Can you provide the link? Also, is this gene therapy or some sort of topical medication?

  187. Grommit says:

    The “misinformation” Daphne was talking about was our optimism (sadly). Their remarks of 2-3 years were misconstrued by us. We now know that they aren’t half as far along as we thought and that 2-3 years is the “proof of concept” period before any real headway begins. This is very far away from becoming a treatment despite what anyone says. I wish it was otherwise, but it’s not. NBC said 3-4 years to get viewers the same way 2-3 years was used by Zohar and Cotsarelis to gain interest. We are all comforted by the fact that “someone SOMEWHERE has to be working on this” but we have no real proof of any scientific discoveries (Acell, regenerative medicine) being applied to baldness anywhere in the world. Even if they were, the FDA is hellbent on preventing us from ever getting our hair/confidence/self-esteem back. Elaine Fuchs is 10 years from a discovery that will yield another 10 years of trials. I hate to say it but Rassman was right. We aren’t going to have hair in he near future no matter how naively optimistic we are. R, you can now tell me “If you don’t believe then why are you here?” The answer is I did believe, and now I don’t. I’m done with forums/companies/hairloss/false hopes and will no longer post here or anywhere else. Thanks for the optimism while it was possible and good luck in the future with this. Peace.

  188. R says:

    Please provide the article from the site in question that Washington is referring to in pdf. format. Also, did it trully come from Follica or speculated by lay-people without real knowledge which should end this conversation today!

  189. D says:

    This reminds me of the first time Follica came to attention in May 2007. At that time Cotsarelis said it would take at least 10 years for them to figure out how to really control the WNT signaling. So actually I wouldn’t be too surprised if this turns out to be true. But on the other hand, if they have a great success with the trials now (no safety issues with the WNT signaling), and the methods are already approved by FDA, then the 10 year timeline is way too much. So it all depends on if they have solved the safety issues (and some effectivity of course) or not. At this time we can’t do so much than just wait…

  190. R says:

    The basic premise of communication mediums is to provide educated answers to select subject areas to help solicit and dissect information for the good of the people. Unfortunatley, too many so-called experts publish data and information that may at times contradict the current topic. However, if knowledge serves me is that it was stated a product in 3-4years or maybe sooner by the actual reps and the competition stated 2015 = 7 years from 2008. Why would the competition be ahead of the leader even though they referenced the technology of the competitor? I would say that unless you see it published on the actual website of the researchers, the comments are useless because, again, no one trully knows but the actual practioners.

    Let’s look at the past failures and every HALF-WITTED attempts ever made, yes HALF-WITTED not backed by science. This drives the responses of today. So even if it is 10 years away, so what, you have some choices, HT’s many people love them and can’t tell, Shave the head or cut it real short = normal society approach today, and or do yourself in and forget true living.

    My final thought, every hairsite speculates and their knowledge is never backed by real knowledge like this forum as the people researching post their reply’s and don’t you think that maybe they said these many years so people will stop calling and pestering them? Anyway, life goes on and unless people stop buying inferior products, they will keep making inferior products. I will bet in 4 years!!! Call me optimistic but sooner or later, as we have seen with lay-people achieving results same results, another country under different regulatory constraints will make the breakthrough too or push the envelope! Also, if you re-read the posts and actually listen to the reports, never was ten years etched in stone! It’s the people that have been sorrowful due to the lack of progress and now scientist realize that this is a cash cow and will succeed. On on another note, remember that the drugs are already approved by the FDA, so we forgot that part yes!

    I read the article is that it! Come On! That means they file and provide proof and since the drugs are approved and safety proven then there you go people! Stop reading into things without true knowledge! If you want ot add three years then seven years is nothing Trust me! Relax and find a women and settle down!


  191. jordan says:

    in the original post at the top of this page she says result wont be out for a year so dont pull your hair out waiting.

    come jan 2009 if we havent heard anything by then, i will start to worry.

  192. haircoach says:

    read it:


    These article shows that Follica doesn’t need to go through 1/2/3 clinical trials. They have show that this drug, already approved for a specific purpose, can be useful for another purpose (hair growth): so they can promote and commercialize their own treatment.

  193. washington says:

    Another area Zohar, Weissman and Schilberg stressed was strong IP (intellectual property) protection. It’s a bad move to publish findings before locking down commercially-driven IP. Also, IP not covering key areas (such as the international market) isn’t attractive to investors, and will only create problems in the long run. ( THE SECRET AND EVERYTHING?)http://www.fiercebiotech.com/story/funding-biotech-start/2008-03-17

  194. GP says:

    Gommit, you provide a link that you say is straight from Follica. However, it’s from a company called Helixis which is trying to develop some sort of analysis tool. How is this straight from Follica? Also, I can’t pull up the link. What does it say?

  195. JS says:

    I’m sorry that people feel dissapointed with that file grommit linked to but i really don’t understand why, It’s just speculating nothing more.

    If the human trials are being conducted this summer, which it looks like they will be, Then Only after the results come in and they are hopefully successful will we have a more detailed anwer about dates we can expect.

    I really can’t believe that any company would wait that long, Especially in an area where science is getting a firm grip of the problem and a permanent cure could be found at any moment.

    I’m not being overly optomistic i’m just going of what i have been reading and people need to understand that scientists have only just in recent years seriously looked into hair loss, And the progress and information that has been gathered since in such a small space of time is remarkable.

    There is still the question of what treatment dr mercola is receiving, I can’t see him putting his life at risk so he must be certain about what it is he is doing and i’m sure he knows about wnt pathways. So if it isn’t follica he’s with then we know that other companies are already jumping on this problem using topical adult stem cells.

    And grommit if i was you i would stay off the other forums they are notorious for misinformation and half truths.

  196. P says:

    Someone really needs to get a hold of Mercola personally and find out what is going on with that whole situation.

  197. R says:

    I have witnessed that no matter how many times good news comes from actual sources, the vast majority of people will discredit any 1000 positives with a single negative. We need to just understand one thing as mentioned earlier. The reason for past failures is that nobody really cared in the scientific community. Now they do and acting on that caring trait. So, I stand by my comment that this will end either by American scientist or someone afar due to the magnitude of dollars to be made by such breakthroughs. The article never stated 10 years? Why assume? Grommit after Daphne’s comment you took that out of context, see your reaction post which never coincided with the comment. Just wait people, because that is all we can do. Just live and notice how people treat you as if it does not matter if your losing your hair. If you are young, trust me in that women don’t care!

    P.S. Mercola won’t talk due to secrecy agreement so we will have to wait and knowing how protective of his health and skeptical of everything, if he is willing to try it, then they trully have something to be joyous about!

  198. P says:

    I found this address…

    3200 West Higgins Road
    Hoffman Estates, IL 60169


    Does anyone know if Mercola himself works at this clinic? Based on the website I would say yes, but I can’t be sure.

    I just so happen to live incredibly close to the clinic listed and could possibly make a stop (007 style) there to see how his cranium is doing.

  199. KKwilliams says:

    I dont think Grommit is pushing dis info, more just that he is young and this roller coaster freaks ppl out sometimes guys.

    I think 5 years is still a doable time line. We will be in a much better position to speculate once we get some initial feedback from the human trials.

  200. JS says:

    KKwilliams… I don’t believe grommit is pushing dis info, But he shouldn’t let himself get wound up by people who obviously don’t have the facts, None of us know what date this will be available if it is a success, But i’m damn sure it will be sooner than 8-10 years.

    Alot of progress is being made whether certain people like that or not, They can’t hold back the tide. Science will solve this of that i’m cetain and it will happen sooner than people think.

    And the biggest reason why i’m certain it will happen soon is simple, The money it will generate is unlimited and that is quite an incentive.

  201. KKwilliams says:

    JS…For young guys, myself included its honestly like having pms and anything can set you off. Ive seen many of Grommits posts on another forum and he’s a good guy and it doesn’t bother me that he may have gone a bit overboard and unintentionally scared lots of others.

    I too believe science especially in areas like stem cell and genetics is so far ahead of what was going on even 10 years ago that we are getting closer.

    I disagree with your last point but no big deal.

  202. Make Me Beautiful says:

    I think the reason people discredit Follica so much is because after so many past failures by other companies to invent a cure for baldness, they have lost hope.

    I don’t want to set my hopes too high, but Follica seems to have the best and most solid approach to curing baldness I have ever seen.

    Still, I find their silence disturbing… can anyone explain me WHY they are taking so long to start the Human trials?

  203. R says:

    People, we trully don’t know if they have or have not started trials and certaintly wont discuss much to us or anyone until greater evidence is provided. Look at how many companies are now jumping on Follica’s bandwagon and others are working different avenues to solve the hair loss riddle. Companies will make the initial announcement and then become silent for awhile due to the next step etc…. in the discovery and science game. Please understand that being silent is being careful and does not mean failure. So much is happenign in other avenues of science that are never discussed openly / weekly until another milestone is broken. Please give the next two-years a break people because you will not hear anything major probably until that time. Maybe some more information from the researchers but trials and true science takes time. this is not a fly by night firm like the informercials. It will take time and at least one year for updates and two for major announcements that proceed a product in 4 years or less. Luna, Follica, Histogen, Mercola, Fuchs, U of Bonn etc… one will solve and end this problem. Also, Histogen stated 7 years for a product ie. 2015! I believe it will happen sooner and they start trials this year as well, meaning that if all goes well, then we have a race between Histogen and follica under the same product / approach and the others through different mechanisms. Relax and please cut your hair short and trust me that in one year you will be so used to the hairline and datig pretty women that this situtaion will be nothing, you are young and as you age you find that all this worrying is for nothing. I tell you this from experience and age. Trust me and live people. Baldness is accepted way too much and they know that soemthing real needs to come along or no one in the next few years will hairloss products other than women and children.

  204. rev says:

    First: R, I appreciate all your comments, but starting posts with the word “People” so often gets a tad annoying. It makes you look preachy.

    Second: Make Me Beautiful. I think Follica needs to protect their technology/ interests. Keep in mind, we already know they’re looking at some form of dermabrasion, and the drugs they plan to use are already approved. If you thought you had a sure-fire money maker would you divulge all your secrets before you could get that product to market? I suspect that’s Follica’s situation at the moment. Of course, only time will tell.

  205. Make Me Beautiful says:

    I completely understand Ms. Zohar’s need to protect her company’s secrets. All I’m saying, they should at least announce WHEN they are starting the Human trials, if they have not done so already, which I very much doubt they did.

    Like I said, I understand Ms. Zohar’s fear of losing her secret, I just don’t understand how delaying the Human trials ’til exhaustion will help her protect it.

  206. JS says:

    R…..Do you know how far along the university of bonn’s search for substances to treat hairloss have got.

  207. happy1 says:

    It stands to reason that once an effective cure / treatment is found the product / procedure will be fast tracked.

    As an example: Impotency is not a life threatening condition. For centuries people bought and sold every sort of snake oil imaginable in an effort to treat it until Viagra came along. Viagra was fast tracked and became available (and affordable) rather quickly.

    Trust the free market. There is money to be made in a legitimate treatment and someone will find a way to make it. That is the greatness of our economic system, and why socialized medicine should be disdained.

    In the meantime, life shouldn’t be put on hold because of something as trivial as lack of hair.

  208. rev says:

    Make Me Beautiful – your guess is as good as mine.

    Maybe Dr. Cotsarelis is preoccupied with academics and conferences until this summer (he’s a speaker at the “Hair Follicle Stemm Cell Workshop 2008 Berlin” June 19/20). Than again, maybe Follica is busy formulating/ preparing various versions of their concoction to expedite trials once they start (logistics are a b*tch).

    Everything we say is pure speculation; although, it would be nice if they could just tell us: 01) the month of the trials and 02) a guesstimate on their cohort size.

  209. Haircoach says:

    New site for Follica.

  210. WASHINGTON says:

    HI R. YOU ALREADY SAW THE NEW SITE OF FOLLICA? http://www.follicabio.com/content/about-follica/ E ANOTHER QUESTION…. WHAT YOU THINK ON THIS OFFICIAL NOTICE? Please note that our products are in development and early testing. As such, we do not currently have a product available for consumers. Please be assured that we are fully committed to driving our research forward. We do not anticipate sending information to consumers in the near term but we will keep you informed when our products are closer to market.>>>>>>>>>>>>>then already they are making experiences? it is this???

  211. R says:

    The new format / website was spoken to me soem months ago to help provide greater knowledge (when available) to the consumer. This was relayed to me to help offset direct comments and or spoken insights that helped fuel all of the hype etc… by Follica Reps. The information is the same context brought by Daphne on this site and only means that due to secrecy and dvelopmental research, Follica cannot provide too much information or they could compromise the formula.

    They (follica) have probably gave out too much information by phone in the first place and need to setup a new system that informs the public when the information is safe to convey.

    The notice also states what we know is that it is in testing, several phases represents one year (acknowledged by Daphne) and that once information is known, Follica will provide the data. You see, millions of people are probably calling them and sending e-mails and this is one way to stop the incessent requests. Histogen provided a 7 year term albeit to stop the same influx of inquiries. This means nothing more than we have good product, let us do our job and once completed to Follica’s satisfaction, well win. Again, the website was known by me for several months and just represents a seperate communication medium to offset all the thousands of inquires they experience daily / weekly. We will have a product and it will work everyone. Just have faith, this is a new era and science is moving in lightning speed!

    P.S. Follica quote and what we stated heer is that tgis was known for decades and modern scientist are now learning applying what past incompetent scientist should have known and pursued long ago. But there peers probably influenced them to say nothing!

    This capacity of the adult skin to generate new follicles had been observed in the scientific literature from the 1950’s and 1960’s, but due to lack of understanding of the fundamental biology of the follicle, could never be definitively proven.

  212. WASHINGTON says:

    OK R… sees that this photo interesting on one bald Sir. http://www.hairsite.com/hair-loss/forum_entry-id-31513-page-0-category-1-order-last_answer.html >>>>>>>VERY INTERESTING NOT?

  213. R says:

    Yes, But we still need to see more of the evidence and procedure, before and after pics etc.. I see one common denominator is that the Follica procedure is coming to light by the lay-people and further evidence that this will work. Also, remember my past posts that you only need 50%-60% to have good coverage so anything greater will be golden. My point is that any new growth from the depleted area will frame the face and help everyone no matter the degree of loss.

    This photo supports growing evidence from lay-people, but will still need to know more and how to increase the count safely. I believe that we will hear something viable in the coming two-years. This post will spark interest and greater posts by more people trying this experient on themselves.

  214. Make Me Beautiful says:

    The new Follica site is very good news. It means that their silence is due to a reason other than a problems, whether financial or with the product.

    Wait a minute. Why does it say in their Website that their fund raising (where they raised 5.5 m) was in April 01? It thought it was on January 4…

  215. jordan says:

    if you look at the site, a newspaper printed that on april 01 2008

  216. JS says:

    I came across this article, http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/1551792/Doctors-'close-to-cure-for-baldness‘.html
    And was wondering if the mouse pictured is the one that had human skin grafted to it or not, It’s the first time i have seen any photo’s relating to follica’s work though so i’m not sure if it is even from follica.

  217. JS says:

    For some reason it hasn’t highlighted the whole link, Just copy and paste to the html part and it should be fine.

  218. NK says:

    Hey R, what are your thoughts on Acell? It is supposed to be released in July for human use. Have you studied it? Is it realistic to think it could regrow donor hair after strip or FUE transplant surgeries? It seems to work well at growing hair from wounds on animals, but we all know how that usually translates to humans… any insight would be welcome.

  219. R says:

    Never heard such a thing or any evidence for a July 2008 launch. The only data retrieved by ACELL was no human testing at this time. Hopefully, I am wrong and welcome any breakthrough, especially replenishing and hiding donor scars etc. Please provide the literature on the news so I and others can review the article. If this is true???? Then most of the hairloss community and doctors / news was thrown a curve ball. My guess is that until some information is provided, I trully can’t say it is a true statemment. Please provide the news of ACELL’s announcement.

    On a side note, any translation to humans is becoming more prevelant due to the advancements in science and the understanding of biology. For example, Mental Retardation is found to be reversable in children and adults in most forms of the disease and just announced yesterday. They stated that the signals were low / shut down and need to be awaken. HMMM sounds kind of like the follicle. Every advancement in one area brings greater insight to others. Who would of thought that mental retardation was reversable?

  220. toast says:

    To be honest it’s pretty amazing that the human mind is capable of solving such complex problems. I’ve read on other forums not websites that ACELL will be coming in July. People stated that they have called reps of the company which said it was to be released next month. Being this is the internet it’s hard to verify sources when it comes to information from a message board.

    I am more interested in ACELL for scar repair since I have many scars due to skin cancer surgeries. I’ve read that a woman was able to get a hold of the product because she works at a vet office she used it to get rid of stretch marks she had.

    I believe that if all the reports I have seen are true that this product may benefit those dealing with hair loss or those butchered by previous hair transplant methods. Either way a product that can regenerate parts of the human body to me is utterly amazing.

  221. NK says:


    There is no actual literature claiming a July release date. There is also no literature solidifying the fact that it will be of any use to anyone suffering from MPB.

    1) I personally called the company and the man I talked to said they grew hair on the wounds of animals but did not try it for that purpose on humans. He mentioned it would be released in a month, and that he expects someone to try and use it to enhance hair transplants.

    2) The website and the representative seem to believe that their product can be used for a broad range of applications and it’s pretty much buy it and try it. If it cures male pattern baldness in addition to building stomachs for dogs, GREAT! They have the necessary patents to pretty much release the product to the public (meaning doctors) and letting the extracellular matrix solve any problems that it can solve. This information CAN be found on the website.

    3) The matrix itself has gotten recent publicity after helping a man regrow the tip of his finger, but the company has been in court battles since 2002. This kept acell out of the limelight. There are many reports of similar products aiding humans in all sorts of ways (most applications are arguably more important than MPB, which explains why it hasn’t been tried yet).

    I am only wondering if the science sounds plausible. Apparently this product creates a scaffold for stem cells to regenerate tissue based on the surrounding area. If a persons donor area was cut out by a strip surgery it would SEEM that applying this scaffold would regrow more donor in that area. This is only a theory, however.

    Side note, Dr. Rassman (for those of you that enjoy his insight) does NOT believe this product will work in any capacity. So don’t get your hopes up. The only good news that is that if it does or doesn’t work, we’ll know sooner than any other solution.

  222. NK says:

    Edit: The website DOES say their products are expected to be released “later in 2008” for humans. This can be found on the top of the News Updates section. July clearly fits within this timeframe.

  223. NK says:

    Last post, I promise.

    Once again, I have NO idea if this will regrow donor hair. I pray that it will, but I, like everyone else, HAVE NO IDEA.

    However, no matter what Acell does or does not regrow, the website says something so out of the ordinary that proves this product is special in and of itself. The FDA patents Acell secured “allow Acell or a strategic partner to begin immediate commercialization.” The words immediate commercialization have never really been heard before before by me regarding any product… If THAT is possible, then anything is possible.

  224. KKwilliams says:

    I have actually followed Acell for a long time and believe tat it definitely has a chance to replenish donor follicles . There is still too much rumor about a human release date but if it is in July then we will be able to try it during post ops with our top ht docs.

    IT WILL definitely be invaluable in terms of scarring for both new and repair patients. It follows a very similar method as is expected to be used by follica so I dont know how DR. R is so sure it wont work.

    I think we should keep a close eye on the soldiers who are in trials for finger regrowth right now and wait for some results back from them as there is a minor chance or possibility of cancer…but I dont see it being an issue.

  225. JS says:

    I can’t really see how acell will be able to work for hairloss, All the treatments i have seen on animals are on open wounds so the only plausible way it could be used for hairloss would be to try it after a dermabrasion like follica.

    But on the other hand if it is a regenerative treatment surely there’s a chance that it may be able to wake the follicles up if it could be injected into the scalp. I don’t really know what the best way to use it would be.

  226. KKwilliams says:

    I could be applicable in regenerating follicles from a fue procedure and is also a nothing to lose everything to gain scenario. I fit is unsuccessful then so be it we can still use it for better scars. If however it does work it represents the biggest breakthrough for mpb guys yet.

    You could go for 2000 fue a year once you notice thinning and since your donor would always be being replenished there would be no end beyond financial limits to how many procedures you could have.

    Then we can put the ball back in “their” court saying F U C K U cure us as we no longer need fin..minox..neosil..and all the other crap we are forced to use. I bet a cure would appear faster then you would think then. :)

  227. NK says:

    JS, this product (if it works like we hope) would be used to treat MPB by growing donor in FUE or Strip surgeries.

    KK, I have been reading recently about Acell and they say their product has been used for awhile with no major side-effects in any application. I’m praying because it hasn’t shown up in any case studies or human applications that it means the actual risk of cancer (for whatever reason) is very very small.

    It needs to work first however…

  228. R says:

    “It follows a very similar method as is expected to be used by follica so I dont know how DR. R is so sure it wont work.” When did I say that? Just no lterature to substantiate a MPB cure or treatment! So again, we just wait until a brave soul tries the formula. Dr Rassman is a fraud so don’t listen to him as he wants everything to fail like all the HT doctors. Believe that something will come along and much sooner than ever based on the advancements made in the last five years. Also, I hope this scaffold formula works, just have to wait and see but the reports seem promising.

  229. Shooter says:

    R, I think KK meant Dr. Rassman when he said Dr. R.

  230. KKwilliams says:

    I indeed meant Dr Rassman.

    R I have no idea if you were being sarcastic or honest in your opinion that Dr. R is a “fraud”….etc or how you seem to have taken slight offense to what I have written. I honestly dont have time to figure each posters personality on here and since things seem to be consistently on topic in this thread I dont care to argue :)

    Like I stated earlier we should wait and benefit from the data that should be released from the soldiers trials of acell. Just because the cancer possibility exists does not mean it will happen. Caution yes but fear no :)

    I have not heard of any cancer from acell in any of the cases it has been used in so far.

    Both follica and acell use the bodies own blueprint and reactivate stem cells to do the regenerating. To be honest I would be surprised if acell could not generate new follicles taken out in a fue procedure. I think my biggest concern is the wounds may be too small and heal too fast…..but time will tell.

  231. R says:

    Dr. Rassman contradicts himself and he even can’t provide enough reason or evidence of consistency with HT. This why I say why would any honest doctor perform such a surgery and or promote it to the public. Secondly, I have much experience beyond most posters and have aligned this forum to see the facts and wait without prejudice. My own comments are based on what is actually published and knowing that most of the data is never shared until the end. So, we wait and see. On another note, most people believe in doctors and that is a shame as most are cattle being aligned with the status quo. If any of the procedures work? Great! But we will not know until they publish. Just go through and read Dr. R responses to people and see how they conflict and or there is so much uncertainty with HT’s that why would anyone perform such a surgery to people with alomost little hope of restoring mistakes and or limited donor area? I will wait like everyone as my experience tells me that we have no other choice other than to warn people of inferior procedures and products to help save individuals and eliminate unworthy attempts to blind the public. We need real solutions and the only way to stop the incessent path of half-ass cures etc… we stop buying false promises and expose / eliminate the limited paths taken throughout the years.

  232. R says:

    Everyone, More Good News: Please read the following from Mercolas staff today when asked the question. This is just provide the continuous path of ending this disease!

    Mercola Staff: I was told by my supervisor that we have no information at this time, but Dr. Mercola will be releasing his progress in upcomming newsletters

    Mercola Staff: It is true that Dr. Mercola is taking part in a Hair Loss program that aims to make hair loss a thing of the past, yes.

  233. D says:

    Great job R, these are the kind of posts we should aim to have on this page, real information and news on the progress. Let’s keep general discussions in hair loss forums.

  234. G says:

    R, I liked your posts starting with “People”

    Btw, what did they mean by upcoming newsletters? few weeks, couple of months?

  235. JS says:

    R…That’s great news hopefully it will be positive news when we hear it. I for one hope it isn’t follica he is working with simply because if it isn’t, We know there is plenty of competition on the horizon to end this.

  236. Make Me Beautiful says:

    Oh, God! Please make the Dr. Mercola experiment be successful. Being frontally bald is killing me! I need to have something to look forward to!

  237. rev says:

    Very interesting. Dr. Mercola’s program has been confirmed enough times by his staff to remove it from the rumor mill. Moreso, there’s nothing like a little competition to get results. Good find R.

  238. TheOne says:

    Hmmmm, I wonder what it is he is doing. I hope it is a real new treatment and not something we already know about or I hope he’s not just getting a transplant.
    If he is working with Follica what would this mean for there trial time line? would they let someone in the public eye take part in the trial and publish ongoing results? makes me think it can’t be follica.
    What ever it is I hope he speaks up soon and above all I hope its effective.

  239. Dave says:

    I was just wondering about this Dr. Mercola thing. There response about a news letter sounds like an answer to any question that one would ask. Is there any solid evidence of Mercola getting treatment? I could not find any.

  240. Make Me Beautiful says:


    Here you go, this is straight from the mouth (or in this case, keyboard) of Dr. Mercola himself.

    Check Dr. M’s comments.

  241. Shooter says:

    I don’t want to come across rude Dave, but the other part of the response was “It is true that Dr. Mercola is taking part in a Hair Loss program that aims to make hair loss a thing of the past, yes.” Evidence doesn’t come much more straightforward than that. Definitely not a stock answer either since it’s so directly correlated to the question R asked.

  242. R says:

    I welcome all people here to contact Mercola’s group via chat line and ask the same question. Please do so in order to hear the information from the source. I never include the actual representative as it is rude and not proper. I only report the communicated evidence either it be satisfying or not!

    Please chanllenge my verbage by your own research, this is what I prescribed in this forum to eliminate lazy chatter. Again, my comments are from the source and many other forums would love to have non-sense communicated albeit by non hair loss sufferers and or people too lazy to research and contact the sources themselves. The U of Bonn and others are approachable, please represent everyone and do real reporting!

  243. JS says:

    The fact that dr mercola is willing and able to keep people informed of his progress would suggest to me that it isn’t follica he’s getting his treatment from,It looks like follica wants to keep there work extremely confidential so i can’t see it being them.

    Whoever it is he’s working with and whatever the results, Atleast we know for certain that real work is being done for the first time to find a solution for this problem and that can only be positive news for all of us who are waiting for a real treatment.

    And obviously the more competition the faster a real solution will be found.

  244. Z79 says:

    I followed your advise R. Here is my chat with mercola.com:

    Please wait, connecting to server…
    (21:00:57) Shonda: Hello [email protected] ! My name is Shonda, how may I help you today?

    (21:01:36) [email protected]: I was just wondering when Dr Mercola will update on his progress in the hair loss treatment program he is a part of?

    (21:02:58) Shonda: Unfortunately we have not received information on it as of yet. It will be on the website once he has updated information available.

    (21:03:30) [email protected]: Just one more question. What month did he start this treatment?

    (21:04:45) Shonda: Per my supervisor it was the beginning or April

  245. jordan says:

    this is good news, i think we will be hearing a lot more by the end of this year!

  246. JS says:

    It’s definately good news, Now all we can do is wait and hope that it goes well.

  247. R says:

    Remember everyone! Mercola is very cautious about any treatment and or claim so this path was researched very diligently by Mercola that outweighed any risk of failure of physical harm to him. This means that he believes in this treatment well beyond the norms of any other option we have seen today. This very good news and represents a new standard in hair loss treatments that will set a new platform for other companies just to be considered a player in the market.

    By the way, this is what I mean about everyone taking on the reporter role, the more we act, the more we share and the more we understand beyond the chatter witnessed on other forums. Many new members here so we must not get away from the basic premise of facts only. Good Job Z79!!!

  248. TheOne says:

    Well I also contacted Dr.Mercola’s Staff via the chat line over the last couple of days.

    I told them that I read that DR M was participating in a hair loss program and I asked for more information, The only answer I got was that they can not give out any information and all info should have been in the article.

    I asked if they could at least confirm he was taking part and was told that they “honestly” have no idea.

  249. Z79 says:

    I talked to them once more and asked them specificly if the treatment was the same as the one Follica is working on and they could not tell me this, they also refered to “the article” where all info should have been. I think this is something they have been told to say and that they have not been given too much information about the details. But it is clear that he is doing some sort of new investigational treatment for hair growth. Could be Follica, could be something else.

  250. D says:

    Well, he probably is part of something, I mean it would be really stupid if they all played around with people; that would fire back at them big time eventually. And also, if it is true that he started in April, then surely after maybe 3-4 months from now (maybe even sooner) they should notice some growth on his scalp if it works. So then they should tell people whether they have seen improvements on bosses head or not. Probably Mercola will also publish it by that time in his magazine. So maybe we should wait 3-4 months and then ask if again if nothing comes up.

  251. Z79 says:

    We will all be able to follow any new hair growth on the scalp of Dr Mercola, just do a search for Mercola on youtube. He posts new videos there all the time (and yes he is still bald in the latest one:)

  252. Shooter says:

    First off I have no idea what treatment Dr. M is pursuing and how effective it will be. However, I have contacted mercola.com several times and the answers vary depending on who you are speaking to. Some representatives say they have no information while some supervisors confirm he is definitely working on something, but that they have no new information. Either way, watching videos after 4 months and concluding his treatment isn’t working makes no sense. He himself stated he would have hair in a year, not three months. Whatever treatment he is pursuing (once again, whether it works or not) takes a year, not a couple months.

  253. jordan says:

    yeah i do remember reading the he thinks he has a 90% chance of getting his hair back in year. if he started in april, we only have 9 months to wait.

  254. R says:

    The reason some of Mercola’s staff don’t have an answer is that many are new reps who do not have the knowlegde of the report. Only when they ask a supervisor is the information conveyed as Yes! Also, please do not expect anything before a one year period for the results and even though he may begun in April 2008, the extent of his loss and what was actually began in the treatment protocol may not have begun until some time later. His latest video did not show anything yet, but we don’t knwo if he has pre-recorded any data before submitting them later throughout the year to hide the procedure and or process.

    Mercola is residing in Hawaii and only communicates through his staff, video and articles so even though we dont see growth on his latest videos does not mean they were recorded recently but maybe earlier and released accordingly. My two-cents, but he is doing something and he never tried and or supported any of the current treatments so this may be golden if it meets his standards.

  255. JS says:

    R…. With the information available regarding dr mercola’s treatment, Do you believe he is working with follica or is it possible there is another company that hasn’t had any publicity and has a different approach to growing hair using stem cells, Is it even possible that a company could get to the point of treating someone without being noticed.

  256. KKwilliams says:

    I dont get how so many guys are saying it will take a year until we will know if this is legit or not.

    I mean yeah after an ht it takes like 3 months before sprouts start popping but this is different. If they are causing new hairs to form/regenerate or whatever the case may be the results should be noticeable earlier that 3 months.

    all that is needed is for someone to see Dr. M and it will be obvious if he has new hair AT ALL~!!!

    its not like he will be undergoing this treatment laudi daudi da and all of the sudden at the year mark he grows all of his hair back overnight.

    Yes we need to be patient and there are conflicting reports of whether or not he is even involved in any treatment program but if he is it will not be a year before we know if its working.

  257. Shooter says:

    Well KK, I hope you’re right but at the same time I still see it as unlikely. Ideally we would know today whether or not it works, but all we have to go on are quotes from him that specifically state (for some reason) one year. I don’t know the reason for this, but there has to be one. As of right now all of his youtube reports show him without hair, so I am hoping (unless the program failed miserably) that this form of treatment takes awhile.

  258. SB says:

    I really hope it works. But for some reason, the “Helsinki Formula” keeps coming to mind. Possibly just another “miracle cure.” We all know how well those worked.

  259. nearlyhomer says:

    If Dr Mercola’s experiment proves successful and he regains a full head of hair after a year, does anyone know how long it would then take for this product to become available to the general public?

  260. R says:

    I don’t know who Dr. Mercola is using but any competition is good. Now, we cannot use his youtube interviews and or anything of that nature as any of them could have been pre-recorded. Secondly, Dr. Mercola will have to be under a Non-Disclose Agreement that will not allow him to show or report porgress until the trials are completed and the company offering the poredure has a chance to communicate thier study to the press / publice. Make Sense?

    As for it being any of the companies that we about today is speculative, but notice a path we are following….assumptions, anger, dismissal etc.. What I am saying that Mercolas people are acknowledging a procedure and others are working to solve the issue. A-Cell for example, if it becomes available this year as stated in the newsletter will have the lay-people try the pixie dust for hair growth (this I know due to everyone talking about using this to regrow hair and fix skin injuries). People who have a jump on knowledge will try anything to succeed.

    To reiterate, I see Dr. M as well as others being under a tight-lipped agreement and we will not see or hear anything unless allowed by the firm providing the treatment.

  261. Lucky says:

    In regards to Mercola being part of trials and showing no growth at this stage, don’t forget that whatever treatment he is receiving is probably in its early phases of testing. They could only be doing a very small patch (e.g. 5 x 5 cms), which would not be overly noticeable.

  262. jordan says:

    no, i think hes doing the full head as he stated he has a 90% chance of getting it back within a year.

  263. Shooter says:

    I think Mercola’s people are playing games with us as many different variations of the story keep surfacing. Z79 was told that he started the therapy 3 months ago, and I just contacted the company through email and they assured me he has not started it yet but is “researching” it at this point. This could be taken as either bad or good news. We know it hasn’t failed yet, but we also know he hasn’t even started it.

  264. JS says:

    I’m starting to get a bit confused here, If dr mercola himself said in the original news letter that he would be taking part in some adult stem cell treatment for hair loss then surely it must be true. The people who seem to have their wires crossed are dr mercola’s staff, You’d think with the number of people that are contacting them about this issue that they would be able to give a clear response instead of clouding the issue.

  265. D says:

    I wrote an e-mail to the Customer Service at Mercola.com and told them there is a confusion regarding Mercola’s treatment. They answered that they have no idea at Customer Service about the treatment Mercola mentioned. Also, they have not seen any new hair growth on his head (I asked that too :)). So maybe he has only told it to some staff members, not everyone. They said that he probably will write about it on the website as the progress continues. I don’t think Mercola lied in the first place since other staff members have confirmed it. Actually, I think it probably is Follica since it coincides perfectly with the start of their trials and the fact that he mentioned them before in his article. Also, what is interesting to note is that there is no call for clinical trials on Follica’s new website. Either they think interested volunteers will e-mail them anyway, or they have already gathered the people and are about to start the trials.
    So let’s wait until the end of this year, probably some more info from Follica or Mercola should come by that time. If not, one could contact either of them to see what’s going on.

  266. TheOne says:

    Can anyone else shed any more light on this Mercola thing yet?

    On another note, Ive been writing E-mails to Follica asking different questions every now and then to see what there response would be and whether it would change, I usually get the same old auto response over and over again but the other day I wrote that there was confusion about when they are starting trials, how long the trials would take (as this article states a year) and if they need FDA approval or not, I asked them to clear up these matters once and for all and instead of the old auto response I got told to call reception. Ha ha, not really an option for me because I live halfway around the world, Any takers??

  267. M. says:

    I am very excited about this! I hope our cure will be soon on the market. 3 or 4 years is too long, I hope we have it next year!!

  268. TheOne says:

    Don’t get your hopes up my friend, having a cure on the market in 1 year is very very unlikely, let alone 3-4 years!

  269. M. says:

    TheOne, why do you think that? Mr. Cotsarelis said in a NBC clip that it would take 2 to 3 years if I remember correctly.

  270. TheOne says:

    I hope so.

  271. rev says:

    Honestly, I could never understand people that want a cure within a year; these things take time. I’d be ecstatic to see proof of concept on HUMANS this year. That would be a hell-of-allot more than Aderans and Intercytex have given us…. those two companies deserve a prize for leading people on.

    I just want Follica to treat us like adults.

  272. JS says:

    rev….I agree with what your saying about being treated like adults. They should have been prepared for the deluge of inquiries once they appeared on NBC, The same goes for dr mercola once he announced in his news letter that he would be taking part in a stem cell treatment for hair loss, Surely he must have known the kind of response he would get and he should have made sure that all his staff had a clear answer to give to anyone who took the time to get in touch with them.

  273. NR says:

    I frequently visit this forum and learn a lot about upcoming treatments and such. However I’m still confused about this Acell product. Could someone explain how exactly it will work and how credible it may be.

  274. M. says:

    Why is it strange to hope for the cure within a year (or 2)?? Mr Cotsaleris has dedicated his life to follice and skin science, he is a passion driven person and not money driven as you can read in his large amount of scientific papers. He also said in an interview that the procedure was not as complex as gen therapy or high level molecular approach. And he uses drugs that already are approved. I hope you understand that this hairloss destoyes our lifes and that we really hope and want this cure yesterday rather than tomorrow. Thanks.

  275. NR says:

    I was also curious if anyone knows what’s the best current treatment for hairloss in the temple region. I’ve heard that the new rogaine foam is effective but hasnt been clinically proven to work in the temple region. Anyone have any insight?

  276. Shooter says:

    M – It is strange because similar timelines and expectations have been given in the past that delivered zero results when applied to humans. This isn’t the first time a company has promised a good solution…

    NR – Acell would (if it worked) regrow donor hair or at least eliminate donor scarring when used in conjunction with modern hair transplant methods. It is a very long shot unfortunately since it has never been labeled as a solution for baldness except by a hopeful MPB community. Acell has never specifically touted it’s ability to regrow hair in a donor region on humans.

  277. R says:

    People, Three of the posts are missing and one with the March 08 report on A-Cell and Cotsarelis. This seems strange but eludes to the fact that enough viable information is out there to solve this problem. Also, I am glad that Mercola is not saying anything because if it was a joke (believe me his people did communicate to him about the inquires) he would have brought light to it early on in the year. Secondly, he is quiet and that means it is true by all accounts as his supervisors acknowledged that he would have stated a joke within the letter. This is real and we need to be patient.

    ACELL will push the envelope and every hair researcher etc… window of opportunity just became smaller. Acell just up the ante and will bring another platform from which to compete. The administrator here might have deleted the news and if he did, then we just hit a breakthrough nerve!

  278. JS says:

    R….I must have missed the posts you are talking about, Do you mean that Cotsarelis is using acell as part of his treatment. And what have acell done to up the ante.

  279. P says:

    Daphne Zohar is a contributing editor on this website and a CEO of Follica, if posts containing information related to competitors randomly disappear we should probably consider switching boards.

  280. JS says:

    P….I thought the whole point of posting here was so we could avoid hairloss forums, Which are notorious for disinformation. At least here we get the facts as we know them and mostly avoid the speculating.

    If some posts have been removed then it would be interesting to hear the reasons.

  281. Hi all,

    Just weighing in here on the item about missing posts. I have consulted with the other editors here and none of us have deleted any comments. We encourage all points of view, as long as they are civil and appropriate—which this forum has always been!

    So, if posts are missing, could someone help us identify which ones, and from when? We’ve had a few technical issues recently (some sparked by a fire at our server farm in late May) but we thought we had got them all under control. Also, please bear in mind that when you post comments with multiple links in them they can get caught in our spam filters. We keep an eye out for those comments and restore them, but it’s possible we missed a few.

    On the point about Daphne Zohar: She is not a contributing editor, she is a member of our editorial advisory board. As such, she gives us only broad, periodic strategic advice but has no say on how we handle individual stories. She has never asked us to edit the comment stream in any way, and we would politely decline such a request if she did.

    Thanks much,

  282. P says:

    From the main man himself!

    That’s good to hear. This seems like a very professionally run website, so I suppose I was a bit hasty in my previous post (though it was something worth mentioning I think).

    Thanks for clearing that up though.

  283. P says:

    On a different note (sorry for the double post), ASSUMING this treatment works as well as we all hope…

    Does anyone have any information on whether or not Follica would go public? If this is the silver bullet that kills baldness, it’s going to be worth a fortune, and I wouldn’t mind putting a bit of my money into it as well.

  284. JS says:

    R….Is there any chance you could put the information that you think was removed back up.

  285. rev says:

    My post was deleted — I posted a link to a good article that discussed: stem cells, Dr. Cotsarelis’ research, and acell.

    ALSO can anyone shed some light to these two stem cell/ follicle patents?

    MIT (2005) http://www.wipo.int/pctdb/en/wo.jsp?IA=US2005019931&DISPLAY=STATUS

    Seoul National University Industry Foundation (2008)

  286. r1ch says:

    the bottom link (Seoul National University Industry Foundation) sounds like a variation on the ICX/Adrens technology.. same idea of hair cloning just different isolation and cell proliferation techniques im guessing

    “which has high yield compared to that of the prior art”

    lets hope so

  287. TheOne says:

    I know this has already been confirmed by a few people but I thought I would see if there was anymore information available for the DR Mercola thing.
    Didn’t get anything yet apart from it being the first time I got them to confirm it for me on the chat app. usually they say they have never heard of anything.
    Here’s what I got:

    Please wait, connecting to server…
    (13:50:38) *****: Thank you TheOne for using Mercola.com’s e-Chat! How may we help you today?

    (13:51:38) TheOne: Hi! I heard online that DR Mercola will be undergoing an adult stem cell treatment for hair loss, is this true?

    (13:52:24) *****: Yes, that is something he is working on.

    (13:52:51) TheOne: Wow, could you give me any more info?

    (13:53:24) *****: Unfortunately, we do not have any information to provide.

    (13:53:58) TheOne: Do you know if he has started already or when he will?

    (13:56:11) *****: We do not have any additional information on that.

    (13:57:11) TheOne: ok, do you know atleast when we should expect any more info?…sorry to keep going on about it

    (13:58:43) *****: No, once more information is available Dr Mercola will announce it in the newsletter.

    (13:59:41) TheOne: Ok thanks, wish him good luck from me, thank you for your help, have a nice day.

  288. P says:

    All this waiting is driving my bonkers

  289. Shooter says:

    Second that.

  290. JS says:

    R….. I was recently reading the university of bonns article about the G-receptor you provided a link to and in that article these quotes stood out.

    Professor Dr. Ivar von Kügelgen from Bonn’s Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology says, “We can now search selectively for related substances that may be used in therapies for hair loss.” The exciting possibility here is that such medicines will be able to benefit patients suffering from very different types of hair loss.

    So with all the talk of follica and whatever it is dr mercola is taking part in, I was wondering if there had been anymore developments with bonns search for substances that will be used in therapies for hair loss.

  291. R says:

    No, For one reason, the current race has begun beyond the norms of yesteryear and will challenege even the most stoic practioner. In all accounts, all of the new developments will fall between 2-8 years depending on the procedure. For example, Follica is targeted between 2-4 years, Histogen 7 years, the U of Bonn ? but due to the breakthroughs and understanding of hair biology and the interelations on other processes, I believe will stand to something hit the market in 3 years that is viable to everyone. Remember that U of Bonn breakthrough is golden and one good product will help 95% of the common form of hairloss and the other 5% could benefit from Follica without Bonn. Also, Follicas breakthrough could help 100% on it own based on the results and or scientific target.

    Three years and you will see happiness, I believe!

    Look: They are already creating new teeth and or on the right path! Hair should be close as well!!!


  292. M, says:

    I think even within 3 years, lets say 2 years at max. I have read the Follica article in Nature, they had received the article from mr. Cotsarelis on 30 august 2006 and accepted it on 20 march 2007. Thus the article is almost 2 years old, Follica must have done further analysis and test in these 2 years. Another 2 years from now and that will make it 4 years. I guess this should do.

  293. P says:

    Not to stoke the flames of unreasonable expectations or anything but…

    Just imagine how great it would be to never worry about your hair again.

  294. M. says:

    When Dutasteride was approved around 2000, these therapies like Follica were ” 10 years” away. Those 10 years have almost passed by, it is reasonable to expect a cure within few years looking at the current scientific developments.

  295. JS says:

    M…..I think the 3-4 years came from the NBC appearance by dr cotsarelis in january, In which he said if everything goes perfectly it would be 3-4 years. Lets hope it goes even better than perfect and we hear some good news alot sooner than that.

  296. JS says:

    Ignore what i posted before, I watched the NBC video again and Dr Cotsarelis said if everything goes perfectly it would be a couple of years. It was Dr Nancy Snyderman who said 3-4 years, Hopefully she’s wrong.

  297. rev says:

    Again. All these time estimates are nothing more than wild speculation without proof-of-concept on humans.

    Don’t get me wrong, I believe we’ll have a cure sooner than later, but I’m not going to set my clock to a specific date.

  298. nearlyhomer says:

    Nice to hear the positive vibes from everyone. Here’s to a head of hair in 2 years time (Please God)!!

  299. M. says:

    Rev, why would mr. Cotsarelis make a hype or publish it in one of the most respected papers in the worldµ if it would not have any potential on humans. He must know and have done some minor tests on humans before he brought this discovery to the outside world. I don’t think the world is waiting for solutions to make bald mice hairy again ;-)

  300. SB says:

    Not to sound preachy, but:

    I just have one thing to say. It’s ridiculous to keep speculating as “when” this new treatment comes out.

    It will come – when it comes! When the developers have made their product work and it cures baldness, it will hit the market.

    We’re all anxious, but beating oneself up about it – when it comes out – is just plain silly.

    It’s almost as if guys are already “planning” around the release date of the new “miracle cure.”

    Sorry to be a little pessimistic but, what if it never comes? Then what?

  301. P says:

    In the grand scheme of things the difference between 2 years and 4 years isn’t a big deal.

    The single most important thing right now is proof of concept and if that comes out extremely positive, I would prefer it takes as long as necessary to result in the best product possible (well.. within reason… I certainly don’t want to wait 20 years or something ridiculous).

    In other news… I heard ACell was going to start selling their pixie dust for human use in the very very near future. Also, if you haven’t seen the pictures of the guy who grew his finger back (his finger was GONE down to the first little joint), I recommend you look that up. Pretty crazy.

  302. r1ch says:

    dont companies hype up their products (i.e. say they will have cure in a couple of years when really it could be 4-10 years) so they get investors?

    i dont actually know this is the case for follica but i do know a lot of pharmaceuticals do this on drugs. Purhaps some1 with a bit more business knowledge than i could give us all a better idea

  303. URGH says:

    Seriously, this whole process has been such a long hard journey for me. i’m so tired. I can’t do this much more, i really can’t. Thanks DHT, for robbing all my confidence in the best years of my life. I’ve had enough of fcking positioning two mirrors above my head, enough fcking forums, enough of fcking jokes at my expense. enough of all the fcking worry and the stupid fcking hormones, shampoo amd overpriced, insensitive dermatologists. I DON’T WANT TO FEEL EMBARASSED AND VAIN ANYMORE. I would give anything not to worry about this ever again. Please god let this be it.

  304. Shooter says:

    URGH, I understand your frustration 110%… I wish one of these companies could just be the real deal already. I am tired of optism, sick of pessimism, and just want some concrete evidence that the wait is almost over. Why can’t anyone be up front with us? Can’t Follica provide a picture of a human result? I don’t want to know how they did it, I don’t want their secrets, I just want to know that they have the ability to end this soon so I can move on worry-free. I think we all do, and I think we all deserve it. Imagine all the good we could do in this world if our free time wasn’t wasted worrying, blogging, researching and hurting? Sorry to “forumize” this forum, but URGH is absolutely justified in his anger. Someone at Follica, if you are listening, please leak some info… Nothing much, just proof of human trials… please.

  305. Happy1 says:

    It’s just hair.
    A man’s worth, his being, is not measured by the number of follicles he has,loses or regains.

    When /if there is more to be learned, it will be spoken of loudly and clearly.

  306. rev says:

    Happy1 – Hairloss won’t kill men, but a normal head of hair would certainly make allot of them happier. Hair should be a personal preference NOT an irreversible verdict. Moreso, hairloss goes well beyond our male vanity. There’s an unprecedented number of balding women, and we’re seeing larger numbers of teens losing hair as well. There are people who sustained head injuries/ burns that are also incapable of growing back their hair. This market goes well beyond my personal vanity. When I checked the comments box after the NBC video aired I was shocked to see the extent of hairloss in our society (it ranged from 14 year old cancer patients to 30 year old mothers to 70 year old seniors).

    URGH + Shooter – I share your sentiments completely, and I feel they’re well within reason. I don’t want Follica’s trade secrets, and I fail to see the harm letting us know when trials are starting. I want to be treated like an adult, but I would also appreciate an ounce of compassion; however, I’m mostly anxious for proof of concept. It would go a long way to putting my mind at ease. Until than, I refuse to speculate timelines (even one’s mentioned on NBC)

  307. Shooter says:

    I have one question regarding the Mercola/stem cell thing. He mentioned Dr. Phil starting it in March. Surely results would be visible by now if it were 1) true, 2) successful. Does anyone have information on the validity of that statement? Has anyone contacted the company and asked about Dr. Phil’s progress? I am afraid if he already started it that it has not worked since it has been close to four months… R, any help?

  308. r1ch says:

    surley if they are doing proof of concept on humans they would NEVER do full head, just a small sample..
    ICX used a 1cm squared area on head which would be unnoticable

  309. Haircoach says:

    In the interview on NBC does Cotsarelis say “few years” or “two or three years”? I’m not American/English and I don’t understand it very well. Thanks!!!

  310. Shooter says:

    He says a “few” which is commonly understood in American to mean “3” years. This is not always they case, however.

  311. rev says:

    I don’t mean to be a downer, but they also said “IF EVERYTHING GOES PERFECTLY”.

    Unfortunately, when has anyone of us seen things go perfectly in the hair industry? If Follica establishes proof-of-concept outside mice… than we can get REALLY excited.

  312. Shooter says:

    Yeah, you are completely right. At this point everything truly is complete speculation. But you know how it is, we all want to believe…

  313. P says:

    Dear Follica Reps,

    Can we have a tiny itsy bitsy little morsel of information? Anything? Pretty please?

    If not, how about just posting on the forum here and letting us know an asteroid didn’t crush the headquarters or anything.

  314. J says:

    URGH, I am with you completely. I am sick of everyone with good head of hair passing me by everyday and combing hair with their hands like I do not feel bad enough about my life already. Follica, if you really care about keeping the loyalty of your supporters, please tell us something so we can all cheer for the first time in all these years of suffering.

  315. JS says:

    I wasn’t speculating in my most recent post, I had made an error when saying that Dr Cotsarelis had said on NBC that it would be 3-4 when he had in fact said a few years. Now i don’t know if he meant if everyting goes perfectly it would be 2 years,Because when we say a few where i come from we usually mean 2 or something else.

    But none of that really matters, What matters is that those comments were made 6 months ago, So while we all speculate on how long it will be look on the bright side we’re 6 months into whatever time line they had in mind.

  316. rev says:

    According to the Follica website, Dr. Stephen Prouty is overseeing their preclinical and human proof-of-concept clinical research programs. If anyone knows anything than he’s your man. I don’t remember seeing his name or that designation mentioned on the previous Follica website. Moreso, when I emailed them yesterday (to request they post something here), their auto-responder made no mention of trials any longer. I suppose that constitutes progress (although it feels more like I’m grasping at straws) .

    It would be nice to have an actual Follica rep come here, and chime-in with the slightest tidbit of info.

  317. R says:

    People, Mercolas staff stated he is researching a program and not undergoing treatment just yet. He will be part of something soon but is currently researching and being Hush Hush about it. This means something big is on the horizon! Just relax for a year lets say June 2009 and you should have some answer by then. But, progress is being made on many fronts so just know sooner than later this wil pass with good results. The secrecy and short time frame is positive and Mercola wouldn’t waste his time on just any new procedure or program unless it is something very big, let alone try it himself!!!!!

  318. Shooter says:

    R, thank you again for the facts you bring to this site. I also emailed Mercola’s group and (finally) we have gotten identical responses. They stated he is not undergoing treatment yet, but that is certainly researching at the moment. They did not mention him being “Hush Hush” or that he was necessarily starting very soon (then again, I didn’t ask) so I wonder if you could elaborate on their exact words for us. Thanks!

  319. R says:

    No, exact words but paraphrases and the comments have changed but still elaborated to something big. His other staff have stated that the procedure as they heard it was something that he believes will be very good and work in regards to everything he researched and disproves of by leading and current treatments. He as you know suffers too and this is one are he researched for many years. He jumped on this procedure in no time and is dedicating his time to it beyond anything he ever considered before.

    Please remember that something is coming soon and we ill all benefit. Follica dedicated a website and portal to this and we still have A-Cell coming soon this yearwe are told, Bonn, Fuchs, Histogen, Luna etc… making huge leaps and the actual latest product forecast was 7 years. So we count on something sooner I believe by the actual leaders. 3-4 years my case and point.

  320. JS says:

    R…Have you spoken to anyone at Luna about their treatment and when it may be tested on humans. It would be interesting to know how far down the line they are.

    Also i’m assuming that all these companies are aware of the work that is being done at the university of bonn, And that if they succeed then a large amount of people would no longer need the treatments that they are pursuing, With that in mind do you think the companies may try to push their treatments through sooner than we think.

  321. R says:

    I believe that Luna as well as all the others communicate and understand the complexity and availability of treatments that can cure alopecia. For example (no I have contacted them yet, just waiting on their development and several month follow-up after the initial annoucement)but, the speed and accuracy of any of the breakthroughs is up in the air and will not stop either one of the players from moving forward. There can be many reasons to use Luna and or Bonn etc… instead of Follica due to how the body reacts to the drug / treatment and the extent of your hair loss in comparison to say a 45 year old etc…

    If you witness the platform of these drugs / breakthroughs, many diseases beyond hair loss can be tackled due to the multi-purpose approach that can be tweeked to satisfy more thn one area of concern. Follica, for example stated to grow hair or remove hair and work to help acne and other dermatological diseases.

    The time is here and the inner workings of the body are being learned and substantiated beyond just 10 years ago. Also, have you ever wondered the ease to grow hair even by accident?? I would ask the forum members to look at the fungus, cholesterol, heart and male pattern baldness connection. Fungus and hairloss are being recognized as a possible cause beyond androgens and now becoming substantiated as scientist move forward.

    Again, many known reasons, the ease to grow hair, the need and the market potential exceeding billions will drive this to a ppositive completion. Just observe and don’t do anything until you ask me or this forum due to real caring and knowledable people who share your concerns. I wish more women and children would visit to bring diversity to the forum and maybe we can help them as well.

  322. KKwilliams says:

    Quick question whats this University of Bonn stuff. Gave it a quick glance but it looks like wig stuff or something..no?

    Quick answer will suffice :) doesn’t look like any major cure or breakthrough to me though. Am I wrong?

  323. WASHINGTON says:


  324. R says:

    Wigs and half-ass procedures are not the future same goes for inferior products altogether. Luna is based on nanotechonolgy and antioxidents that stimulate resting follicles within days. U of Bonn found the hair loss gene receptor on / off switch and seeking drugs to switch the signal higher. Please be patient as this is what we have and each of us can pick up a phone and call. Knowledge is earned so stop speculating and do some real reporting.

    I am not trying to sound angry, I understand, believe I understand, but we need to stay focus and keep this forum real! There will be a breakthrough because money is too great not to find a real solution. The above mentioned research enterprises are two of many that some we heard of and others we have not. The technology and scaffold being used will ignite others to join the cause.

  325. JS says:

    KKwilliams….Are you sure you read the right link, I’ll put it up again so you can read it yourself.
    It seems very promising from what i’ve read.

  326. G says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this U of Bonn drug at least 4-5 years away? Because as we know yet they have just identified the G-receptor, now they need to find a drug to target the receptor and then that drug would go through FDA trials which alone would take 4-5 years. So UBonn is quite behind in terms of anything marketable, we’d probably see Follica & Intercytex in the market earlier.

  327. rev says:

    There’s another player in the hairloss arena (thanks to ‘Chrome’ for finding this):

    CYTOMEDIX Autogel System:

    Patient’s blood drawn.
    Whole blood centrifuged & separated Platelet-rich plasma (PRP)activated into gel.
    Gel applied to the wound.

    It’s already FDA approved, already tested and seen to work in humans, and the company is actively seeking partners, specifically citing hair growth and hair transplants.

  328. R says:

    Histogen is advancing forward with top scientist to utilize stem cell experts to support hair research. See link

    “A Unique Business Model – Regenerative Medicine Redefined”
    Friday, June 20, 2008 at 11:00am
    Regenerative medicine company utilizing the products of newborn fibroblasts to develop solutions that do not contain embryonic stem cells or animal components
    Proprietary bioreactor technology simulates the embryonic environment, creating products that are embryonic-like in nature
    Unique business model based on short, mid and long term products that address markets from stem cell research to cosmeceuticals and hair growth


  329. P says:

    This is like chasing the setting sun. WHY GOD WON’T THE SUN JUST GET HERE.

  330. Shooter says:

    Hey R, I was on a forum and someone posted some new research from Elaine Fuchs. She found that a drug called cyclosporine A lowers the amount of a protein, NFATc1, in the hair follicle bulge. This protein keeps follicles “sleeping” and when it is lowered hair regrows thicker and at a faster rate. No doubt due to your conversations with the U of Bonn you already knew this, however…

    Instinctively I checked Follica’s patent to see if they used cyclosporin A. They do. Cyclosporine A is an immunosuppressant small molecule drug normally taken orally for purposes with no relation to hair growth. Catch my drift?

    Is there any way you can contact the U of Bonn and see if there is any relation between her research and the use of cyclosporine A (NEORAL) in Follica’s patent?

  331. Shooter says:

    Ok, nevermind. I see you already posted the article yourself. Beat me to it. Anyways, do you know about the cyclosporine A relationship wth Follica?

  332. R says:

    cyclosporine A (NEORAL) in Follica’s patent? Sorry Shooter but the secret formula if discovered would be Hush Hush on the main wire.

    Now, Look at cyclosporine A and people provided this drug for medical purposes (other than hair loss) regrew hair from being bald to Ronald Regans locks even though they suffered for decades. This substantiates the resting (sleeping) follicles are there but need a stronger signal as discussed in my earlier post.

    The problem with cyclosporine A is that it’s dangerous to play around with and could cause much harm. Curcumin has shown to exhibit some of the cyclosporine A techniques without the side affects but I have used Curcumin for almost a year and have not seen too much growth. I would say that if cyclosporine A is introduced to the scalp and Follica is using this drug, than much care should be noted.

    U of Bonn has a breakthrough that targets the barin center / on-off switch for multiple hair loss disorders and will pursue pharma grade products that will target the easy to hit G-Recptor. This represents another avenue of curing this and other hair loss disorders. There would be no relation due to the current platforms being investigated by the said researchers. I do believe that Elaine Fuchs and Cotsarelis are working together, I thought I saw it in some article.

    However, we wait and these next two-years will yeild much in mnay arenas of medicine. A-Cell is planning a launch this year and all it takes is one pixe dust attempt to gain the locks. Hold-on people it will come soon!

  333. Shooter says:

    Thanks for that, I have another more important question, though. On another forum it was announced that trialists were beginning to be contacted by Follica. The problem is the trial, being carried out at Harvard, is only to test small patches of dermabrasion without administering any compounds whatsoever. I am thinking that this is what Follica means by “proof of concept” and that this trial process (1 year for DERMABRASION?!) is going to take WAY longer than a couple years since they haven’t even started “phase” clinical trials yet, and those usually last around 8 years. I know it says that the products are already approved, but I have been reading that even pre-approved drugs require the same clinical trial phases if they are used for new applications. This is a scary thought. Does anyone know how Follica could get to market sooner given this information?

  334. rev says:


    Somebody off another message board called and confirmed that It IS being done by Follica, and the Duration is 60 days.

    They will only dermabrade a small area on the scalp, They won’t adminster any compounds on your scalp (which is a great way to see what pathways are activated in vivo with a human being in response to abrasion). They will take two really small (4mm) biopsies to observe new regrowth. He was hold, specially, that the new growth will not necessarily be visible to human eye.

    Did I mention it looks like HARVARD is involved?

  335. Shooter says:

    Rev, do you have any knowledge on FDA approval of new drugs and treatments? Does this mean that the process is going to take many, many years since proof of concept is only just now trying to be established?

  336. rev says:

    I wish I knew, but at least Follica is staying true to its timelines thus far… you can’t say the same for Aderans or InterCytex.

    If you’re interested in the deal with repurposing drugs here’s a good article:

  337. JS says:

    It’s good to see that they are starting trials, I’m not going to pretend that i know the process of getting treatments on the market but at the very least they are progressing. So i guess all we can do is wait and hope.

  338. R says:

    Remember that many people with injuries and other forms of skin abrasions have had similar regrowth without special growth agents, so this particular event may show that only a simple stimulant may be warranted. Also, let’s say that an injury to the leg was covered with some ointment, what was in the ointment to cause the doubling of hairs? You see, something that has been happening for decades but just pushed aside is gaining momentum and we will most likely see and hear something this year. Also, they stated that they may see hair growing from the dermabrasion if I read correctly. This offers some guidance as to how much of the human biological response will play into this program.

    This is good news on many fronts as it pushes the envelop for other researchers, the window of opportunity is smaller and the 60 day mark without additional growth factors delivers a promising short-time frame for possible results if used with all components and finally, we see that progress is moving with a good and very old / new concept that will drive the business market, scientist and doctors into a whole new arena of biological understanding and development.

  339. Make Me Beautiful says:

    How can you be sure this research is Follica-related… there was no warning, any news, nothing from anywhere…

  340. Shooter says:

    I called to sign up for trials and they verified that it is definitely Follica. I am worried about testing only dermabrasion without compounds though, but maybe R is right.

  341. JS says:

    If you look at the first report of this with dr cotsarelis, He says they were suprised to see new follicles forming in the wound on the mouse. So this test will probably be following the same path they took with the mice.

    First they will see if follicles form in the wound and if it follows a similar path then they will probably do another test with the compounds added to control the development of new follicles, Because he did say that they had to push the process to either create more follicles or in the other direction which they want to pursue for permanent hair removal, Which they are also developing i believe.

  342. g says:

    I wish they would hurry up, i got almost no hair left!

  343. P says:

    I just saw some pictures of the ACell stuff on animal wounds and WOW, is all I can say.

    If anyone had the balls to scalp themselves I’m 99% sure you would get your hair back, and even assuming it comes back DHT sensitive you would be much more prepared to maintain for quite a while (I mean, if it took 20 years to fall out once, why not again?).

    Of course it does involve massive head trauma, so certainly not the most marketable solution.

  344. g says:

    actually not sure if this is related, but i know my brother, had some sort of injury when he was a kid on his abs section, he scratched it or something and this spot eventually filled with hair. he still got hair there, he is 37 now and it was over 30 years back. :)

  345. D says:

    Yeah that’s interesting g. I also wrote about a kid that got a full head of hair with wounding. But we maybe have to take into account that these are kids; DHT hasn’t kicked in yet for them maybe, so the hair can grow. It is interesting to see now what happens in follicles attacked constantly by DHT.

    Btw, is there a limit on how many posts we can send on this website?

  346. r1ch says:

    “If a drug has already been approved for other uses, it can skip past the initial safety trials and go directly into what’s called phase II trials, which take only about two years.”

    quote from http://www.popsci.com/scitech/article/2008-05/drug-resurrector

  347. R says:

    The belly hair thing, is your brother covered in hair on the chest or abs as this could be a normal process for him once he hit puberty.

    I suspect something to come along soon and we should hear news but outsiders / media catching a glimpse at this breakthrough. I agree, it needs to be done sooner and not later. This has gone on too long!

  348. Shooter says:

    Does anyone think there is something we can do to grab media attention and get some info from Follica? I realize it’s a long shot, but I know I would KILL for a statement from Cotsarelis himself just saying “There is about an 80% chance in 4 years we will have a solution for hair loss.” that can’t be misconstrued in any way.

  349. M says:

    4 years it way too (!!!) long for a technique that is already there and working! They must handle in a human manner and must not let us wait for al those bureaucratic s*hit. Please give us soon our hair back!!

  350. g says:

    ya actually he does have hair on his chest and some on his stomach, its just that spot is on the side kinda where there is no other hair and you can see that scratch that he had. its about 3-4 inches in diameter and darker then other skin and there hair growth in that spot that dont come outside of the scratch. Sorry if its confusing.

  351. M. says:

    Hello G, how is the hair density in that spot? Is that spot filled with hair like his stomach and chest?

  352. Shooter says:

    M, I was being hypothetical. Absolutely nobody knows if it will be 4 years or 1 year (though it is probably closer to 4 than 1). We also do not know if they have a working procedure or not. It is still very possible at this stage that it will not work.

  353. R says:

    People, I think we need to read between the lines on this one and look at the event as a major breakthrough never brought to fruition. This procedure and hair growth phenomenom was shown to work back in the 1950’s. The difference today is greater technology, wiilingness of scientist go across the grain of mainstay thinking and the unmet needs – potential dollars for a cure / viable treatment. Other companies are building on this platform with other growth factors to grow hair and still many others are utilizing different techniques altogether to generate hair.

    Another important note is that mainstay practioners are seriously researching and probably partaking in the study. If memory serves me, Mercola probably didn’t start the procedure as intented due to Follica prolonging the actual first phase. I was told a different hospital other than Havard Medical School. So this may provide Follica with greater leverage to study and practice outside of other medical establishments. Also, we are seeing and hearing (which is backed by Follica Reps) that lay-people are experiencing regrowth from all kinds of injuries.

    We must look at this event as a catalyst to advanced treatment and possible cures for a number of dermatological diseases. Hair loss sufferers have voiced their opinions and that is why businesses are scrambling to solve this disease. If Acell does produce products this year, you can bet that someone will try the product for hair and if it works, every competitor, including Follica will be forced to kick it in high gear. Either way the consumer wins!

    On a side note: Follica already anticipates the outcome, but is just showing incremental steps to the finale. Zohar stated that several phases in one year, believe me that Follica Reps spoke about the procedure to everyone too much and had to back track to prevent further data and information from leaking to competitors. 60 days to show hair growth witin dermabrasion areas allows Follica to witness how much growth factors are needed to grow the hair back. They may need only 45% addition when used on humans but 65% on mice. Just speculating but you see the reasoning. Secondly, they have to say not a treatment or cure for baldness, but we already know that is the target. Follica needs to present each phase of the puzzle by pieces positioned to show that every avenue was used showing each phase of the treatment and what growth factors are needed to provide ample coverage. For example dermabrasion = 15 hairs only, with one growth factor at 15% = 250 hairs, add 65% growth factor 3000 hairs etc,,, you get the drift Yes! This shows a ladder scale of research to present the reasoning, science, application / technique and projected outcome in a systematic fasion to help present and sell the product. The Harvard location compliments the internal forces of Follica (alumni’s and past practioners) as well as greater freedom to leverage their research.

    Remember that Histogen is targeting just 7 years from now for a product and will start their trials with a different scaffold this year. Basic premise of Follica but with different growth factors. Believe me that they know this procedure was noted back in the 1950’s and all they need is to present thier data systematically and sell the product. Histogen trully is targeting around 4 years as they know any advancement raises the platform for the competitor to start where they left off.

    If the 1950’s discovery was allowed to pursue, we would not be here and this would been cured around 1970 due to the limited science knowledge, but todays knowledge is much greater and almost every disease is being mapped and the trigger gene identified quickly. Hold on people, it is coming soon!

    P.S. This one example of true scientific knowledge building upon technology. Saliva! Remember wound closure and healing compliments hair growth as well as growth factors for future healing.


  354. g says:

    actually that spot is very dense compare to his other places on the stomach.

  355. Shooter says:

    Hey R, you mentioned you were told another location and that Follica may have elongated the first phase. Can you elaborate on what you mean/how you know this? Thanks.

  356. Wicked says:

    Acell has been released today! I hope it will help us! ;)

  357. R says:

    I forgot the other hospital name but it was not Harvard that was mentioned. Acell’s release will promp rogue practioners to experiment in small areas to teat hair growth. Remember, you only need about 50% for good coverage in an area so every little bit helps. When this procedure becomes mainstay, you will smiling faces everywhere. Hang-on, another stage of innovation is at hand!

    P.S. On another note,the reason the trials and procedure are not listed as baldness treatments is to bypass regulatory roadblocks. This will enable Follica to move forward un-impeded.

  358. Shooter says:

    Thanks, but I meant like who told you the phases were originally taking place somewhere else and that they had been prolonged?

  359. R says:

    Secretary stated the hospital and the delay was relayed through conversations that they were working on a program, location, technique, target patients, and no true time line other than the trial will take place soon and that a product will be available in a few years. I asked what represents a few years and it was stated two-three years.

    Remember several phases in one year for the trials so I believe will have something in two-three years as forcasted. MSNBC stated three-four years and maybe sooner due to the projected (consistent) success rate!

  360. JS says:

    One thing that i still don’t understand is what will happen When the follica treatment is used and new follicles are created above the ones we already have, They aren’t working properly but they are still there.

  361. M. says:

    mostlikely they will grow between the existing hairs. Perhaps the existing hairs will get strong too like the new hairs, otherwise they will fall out as they now already do. But you won’t notice that due to the large amount of the new thick hairs.

  362. R says:

    No people, the follicles that are resting are also a traget to wake up and if the environment is changed the hairs will persist. Secondly, the new follicles will just replace the existing ones with the results showing normal hair growth and thickness. This is the same premise of HT’s and still most can’t be recognized as HT’s. So any new growth wil be better and as if you never loss hair in the first place. Please people, they know more and are fully aware of any setbacks or concerns. just enjoy the remarkable breakthrough and live!

  363. K says:

    I sure hope you know your stuff and just aren’t an overly optimistic poster. I want to believe this is finally it, however, if this fails many hearts are going to be crushed. I also hope that Follica realizes the magnitude of this research/product. Millions upon millions of men (and women) are in need of this and are putting their faith in them. I just hope that they are honestly doing all they can to ensure not only that it works but also that it goes to market as quick as possible because honestly, we have ALL waited long enough.

  364. R says:

    Everyone is optimistic that why they are here posting. No one that has any doubt for this or any product will here communicating. I cannot establish 100% that this will work but only to say it will catepault evry path forward and I highly doubt it will go past 7 years. Just observe who is jumping on this platform and what areas of science are moving forward beyond what we seen before. You can witness today that many organizations are pinpointing hair loss breakthroughs from Follicas path to nano and high-end antioxident molecules that are stimulating and regrowing existing / new follicles. Remember that lay-people are experiencing the same growth without technology via injuries!

  365. K says:

    Thanks for responding.

    I have been following some of these “self experimenters” from other forums and unfortunately I have not seen one person get thick regrowth. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t work, far from it. I believe many are doomed to fail based on the fact that they are not replicating the “growth compound” correctly. Based on everything that I have both read and studied, I DO believe this can work.

    All I know is that if I had the capitol, I’d certainly invest in hair restoration. The market is massive and the people want a product that will work and not one they must take risks in. I, myself, saw my hair thinning this year and I will not shell out any of my money for altering my hormones or to slather my head in Minox. If Follica works, I will have no problems breaking out my pocket book. Until then, I’ll just hope they get this out in time before I decide to someday just shave it all off and get on with my life, just like the millions of other guys who have done the same.

    Also, if this does succeed, one may look into investing in beauty products or salons. Can you imagine millions of thin/bald/balding men suddenly have hair? That would do wonders for this market, along with countless others.

  366. JS says:

    K…I think your right about other areas of cosmetic treatments having a big increase in profits if one of these treatments works properly, Which makes the fact that there hasn’t been much investment in scientific methods to solve hairloss bemusing to say the least.

    I do think something will be found sooner rather than later to treat hairloss properly, But there will be a nagging doubt at the back of my mind until we see concrete results, And for them to happen we will have to play the waiting game which is extremely frustrating.

    All of this isn’t really helped when you see something positive on the horizon like dr mercola declaring in one of his news letters that he would be starting some kind of stem cell treatment, I’m sure i’m not the only person who signed up for his news letters on the basis of the statement that he would provide updates in them of how it was going, But since then theres been nothing but silence on the matter. Whether there have been delays to what it is he was going through with or not it would be nice if they kept people up to date.

  367. jordan says:

    R sometime you say 2 years sometimes 4 years and othertimes 7 years! is there a reason for this?

  368. R says:

    I believe in two- three years you will have something. The four – seven years are that latest forcast that something will arrive for all of us. These are the time lines stated by the researchers and I bring about that the two- seven years are referenced. Also, please everyone shave and or cut your hair short and start getting used to the hair style, once you adapt, you live beyond the worries. It will come and we need to be patient.

    Again, 2-4 years Follica prediction, Histogen 7 years and everyone maybe in-between.

    P.S. Fungus is being researched as a reason for MPB, so keep a look out on future announcements that fungus growth in the body may contribute MPB more so than androgens! This all I have on this subject to date but more research is coming!!

  369. G says:

    R, where did you read about this Fungus theory? any reputable researcher/university? link?

  370. R says:

    Health magazine that states a strong connection and now science is studying that connection. I don’t have too much information but will provide more as further information is provided.

    Health magazine at Vitamin Shoppe

  371. JS says:

    G…I found this article that mentions what R is talking about.

    I don’t know about everyone else, But would it really be a suprise if it turned out something quite simple was causing it all along

  372. P says:

    Monitoring this is too stressful, and I’ve only cared for like 8 months!

    It doesn’t seem very likely that a fungus could cause this, as there is a clear genetic link, unless maybe you are genetically susceptible to a fungus? And how would DHT be related?

    To be honest, I am surprised at how little we know about this sort of thing. Has hair loss taken a back seat research wise? Or are we only just now approaching the general understanding required to tackle hair loss?


    Everyday those little bastards are committing suicide off my head.

  373. Shooter says:

    Lol, P. Hurry up is right! Can’t Follica say SOMETHING? I mean, we know they are doing some form of trials, but we also know that those trials have nothing to do with curing hairloss/wnt/special compounds either. The cat is out of the bag. What’s the deal? I’m sorry but I can’t deal with another company hitting a wall, keeping quiet after big potential, and letting people down without explaining the situation.

  374. M. says:

    I agree. The article in Nature is 2 years old. What the hell have they been doing in those 2 years?? I don’t believe that Follica has not done any tests on humans. You cannot say, hey we have found a form of a cure but let’s wait a few years to test it on humans. Cotsarelis must have done some tests (as a help) on his friends or relatives.

    is there any news about Dr. Phill and that other guy??

  375. P says:

    I wouldn’t doubt that they have, but either way they aren’t going to tell us.

    The world runs on greed, not good intentions, and they have no reason to tell us anything (which could spur competitors) before they are prepared to market the product. They don’t care about the hairs on your head, they care about the dollars in your pocket.

    BUT, if we assume for a second that they HAVE tested this personally (if I worked there I sure as hell would), and they are still choose to go forward with trials, we may have something to be positive about. To counter that though, they are attempting to develop products for more than just growing hair, so unless we see trials for hair GROWTH (which the most recent trial announcement specifically denies) in mind there really is nothing to get excited about yet.

  376. Shooter says:

    I’m not trying to be negative, but no there is no news about either of them. It APPEARS that Mercola made that amazing statement to get hits for his website as he has not updated the story as promised. Dr. Phil was a long shot to begin with and currently has no more hair on his head than ever before. I have no clue what Follica have been doing. I would feel great if their trials involved the actual process, but I’m scared because these trials have nothing to do with the hair regrowth method they described on TV or in this article. It would appear that the 3-4 year estimation will not be met, however without any company communication whatsoever there is no way to honestly tell.

  377. r1ch says:

    im also of the opinion of it going to be more 4 or more years than 2 or 3. Purhaps their hair removal and achne products will be marketable but the ever elusive silver bullet for baldness? who knows!
    Follica’s silence ses a lot, i think ever1 saying its bcoz of competition is really grasping at straws.. if they are doing well and its on the right track surley they would say bcoz of investors?

  378. Shooter says:

    I have to agree. I mean, their techniques are patented so competitors don’t have much to market. They must have encountered some problems with the human immune system, or how bald skin reacts to dermabrasion. Mice and humans and very different and I think that might be the hold-up. Once again, this is all just healthy speculation. Nobody knows for sure, I just wish there was some good news for us to discuss about Mercola/Follica as opposed to old, questionable statements.

  379. M. says:

    Shooter, I was thinking, how could Follica convince the money providers and raise (collect) 5.5 million if their method did not work? They MUST have shown some proof to those providers to get the money. Nobody gives money to buy a dead monkey. Or am I wrong?

  380. P says:

    I tried to find the website that showed venture capitalist funded start ups success/failure ratio, but I couldn’t find the exact one I was looking for.

    A safe estimate (from memory, and a less official looking website I just found) is that 1/3 of VC funded companies succeed. The remaining 2/3s are flubs.

    I also just read an interesting article linking the success of the company to the past success of the entrepreneur that started it (so check on Daphne Zohar’s other companies at http://www.puretechventures.com) and the VC firms funding it (check for reputable VCs).

  381. Shooter says:

    M, the people behind this project (Cotsarelis, Price, Cape, Prouty, Anderson, etc.) are very skilled, very well known, and very confident in the outcome. I believe it is these factors that got Interwest Partners (the company that provided the bulk of the funding) excited about putting down some money. However, nobody can guarantee success in this industry no matter what their knowledge or expertise (unfortunately!!!). The money raised was supposed to be used to fund a proof of concept study to get more capital for clinical trials and a full-time CEO (or so I’ve read), so the initial investment was just a long shot, which makes it very possible still that Follica is in the unsuccessful 2/3 of VCs. The representative, Chris Ehrlich, from Interwest has been quoted as saying that Follica is a high-risk type of project, not a done-deal like we assumed. I am not bashing the company or praising them, just providing facts from a business perspective. We CANNOT get our hopes up yet. Not until Follica 1) becomes more transparent with information, 2) issues a successful press release, or 3) proves this concept works well on humans. I mean, what if it works as expected, but the results are just thin and of vellus character? The concept would still be a success, just of no use to consumers…

  382. R says:

    The comments are not based on facts and one opinion fules another that creates subjective answers not trully backed by science and or the researching firms. You will have your answers when the trials are finished. Furthermore, they cannot say baldness cure or treatments because it will classify them in a whole new regulatory framework that will take 15 years to produce. Dr. Mercola would sabotage his business if this was a lie and his staff stated he would not lie and or allow this comment to go this far without stating it was a lie.

    I cannot speak for the researchers, but they owe you nothing. They care enough to solve this disease so give them time and space as this is the underlying theme of success. None of us wants to die from a messed up concoction so we must wait. You will hear news in the near future so be patient. Speculating creates the same atomosphere as the other forums and have you recognized that their treatments never work. Why the hell do they waste their time and money on supplements and forums. Money is the driving force behind this group / all the others and they will succeed for fame and monetary assests.

    Hair loss is being investigated like never before and this is good news as they are finding multiple paths to acheieve great results.

  383. SB says:

    One of the researchers, Vera Price, is a Dermatologist at Universty of California at San Francisco Medical Center (UCSF).

    If you were to call her office at UCSF for a regular office visit, they will charge you $450 for a half an hour office visit. You pay that UP FRONT, and she does not accept medical insurance. She didn’t when I called anyway, a few years back.

    She is turning away serious cash in order to spend time on this Follica experiment. Price is not dumb!

    There must be something there!

  384. M. says:

    She is a member of Follica! She cannot speak for herself because Follica only does official statements. That’s why she is not spending time with individuals like you and me about the Follica experiment. That Follica is silent at this time being does not say anyhting at all. They said it would take some time to inform the public about the Follica status.

  385. D says:

    SB: Yeah you might be right. There was a user on a hair loss forum that went to Vera Price, she is his dermatologist he said. He asked her about new research and she reportedly said that “Follica is the next big thing”.

  386. Shooter says:

    In keeping with this theory, Dr. Cotsarelis has not been seeing any patients since January. This is neither good or bad necessarily, but we do know that Price and Cotsarelis are putting their normal practices aside for this project. I just hope they are doing this because they know it will work, and aren’t basing this on a long shot.

  387. g says:

    oh maybe they just taking a break, doing something different for a change lol

  388. Shooter says:

    Well now I’m thoroughly confused. I hope Follica is farther along than those Stanford people… the fact that Cotsarelis sees a product that is only marginally effective in mice as an “initial” step is reeeaallly worrisome. Are we farther away than we thought?

  389. M. says:

    I think this is a technique beside/different than Follica’s method. There is no reason to worry, Follica is on the right track. I hope to hear from Follica soon.

  390. JS says:

    Shooter…Cotsarelis was talking about the new study from stanford not follica, So don’t worry too much.

  391. P says:

    Anything new? No? /cry

  392. K says:

    Unfortunately, No.

    At times like these, I truly wish no time estimations would have ever been given out. Stating two to three or three to four years only incites the masses. There are so many who are awaiting this that to do so and then either fail or become mum is downright cruel.

    But, I guess that’s “business.”

  393. JS says:

    So i’m not the only one checking everyday in the hope of there being a miraculous breakthrough,

    Even though there isn’t much news, There are small steps like the stanford article further up, So at the very least we are seeing that researchers are getting to grips with the problem of hairloss, And when you add all of these little things together it looks like there is a good chance of the breakthrough we are all waiting for happening sooner than we think.

  394. Shooter says:

    JS, you definitely aren’t the only one. The only problem is there have been alot of little steps for the past 15 years and no miraculous breakthroughs to speak of… Sometimes I think articles like the Stanford one are written once yearly to appease the masses. UPenn in 07, Stanford in 08, maybe Harvard will publish some studies in 09… who knows.

  395. K says:

    Boy, you just said a mouthful.

    You know, I see all these guys on these hairloss websites just hoping day after day … I really don’t want to be like that. The bottom line, if you want hair, the best thing I can see someone doing is getting a hair system. I know there is a lot of crap about them and no, they aren’t easy to wear or keep up, but if you want hair I see it as the best way to get it. Would I consider it? Most likely not.

    The other alternative is to accept baldness or shave your head and hope you can pull it off.

    I know there is propecia, rogain, HT’s and all that other stuff but it all has drawbacks and risks. Your hair may look great with a HT for a while, but you risk the chance later in life for it to all fall to hell. Of course, to have much success you need a DHT blocker and we all know the problem with those.

    It’s like a never ending circle of BS … and I think we all finally hit that wall sooner or later and forget about it. And let’s not even get into the fact that our vain society has planted the thought that baldness is something to be ashamed about into our minds.

    Remember, when you feel down about it, know you are NOT alone. So many men are going through this.

  396. Mary81 says:

    Men & Women are going trough this, Alopecia affects women too, It´s very hard to accept as a woman that you hair it´s thinning, but I do my weekly research, and every time that I read about great news or simply technology advances related with baldness it brings me hope, as the “R ” always positive comments.Women are too trying to deal with this.

  397. R says:

    First, Technology is being brought forward by top universities and advocating new paths to end this disease. This shows that more than path can be taken to restore hair. Secondly, HT’s been done since the early 1900’s and have lasted a life time for people. There are drawbacks with any hair loss approach and I believe this is what fueling the advances in science. As money and peopl / need is on the forefront, someone will stop the path of failure and work to end this problem.

    On another note: HT’s, Hair systems, propecia, rogaine etc.. all can work extremely well and never deteted for a life time. You only hear the bad results or news people!!!! That is why when one breakthrough happens and 1 million positive results will be down graded by only 1 failure. Hair loss forums are full of nay-sayers that if they trully believed their words would have left the forums long ago.

    Wait and witness today how many breakthroughs and knowledge is being made about hair loss as well as other diseases. You heard of ACELL, maybe someone will try their powder later this year or early next year? Remember that “Train Wrecks” are always on the front page of discussion but not the million of positive results with HT’s and the other hair loss aides. I believe people should just wait before attempting anything other than medicine due to the new knowledge and breakthroughs today.

    Second note: Everyone here is LUCKY! Yes Lucky! You have the Internet and knowledgeable people that are working to educate you daily. If the Internet did not exist, you would not be so smart about hair loss or aides and would partaked on many of the medicines, HT’s etc… and maybe liked the results? Stop assuming and look forward. Shave your head short and wait!

  398. D says:

    Acell is already being tested by some hair transplant doctors, one of them Robert Jones in Toronto. So we should know the results very soon, maybe at most 2-3 months.

  399. r1ch says:

    hey D, do you know where the finding will b published or posted?

  400. JS says:

    D…Thanks for the link, What i found really interesting on that board was the thread about the stanford study that we were talking about earlier on here. I didn’t notice reading the study before but they triggered hair growth using Laminin 511/521,Which is an extracellular matrix protein, Like Acell.

  401. rev says:


    Don’t take my word for it…. just follow the bread crumbs. We know that the Follica trials will be conducted via the Harvard Department of Dermatology. We also have a brand new newsletter from Harvard Health Publications discussing hair treatments.(http://www.newswise.com/articles/view/543239/). It’s safe to assume that some folks at Harvard would be privy to something regarding the Follica process, so that’s why I find this line VERY interesting:

    “One potential method involves using an abrasive gel to gently damage the skin and then topical cream to switch on the follicle-generating genes”

    I can’t think of anyone else approaching hairloss treatments in this manor except Follica (damage the skin/ trick it to regenerate as a follicle instead). If that line hints to the Follica process let’s wish them all the best with their trial because this concept shows great potential for super-quick market penetration (once trials are complete of course).

  402. P says:

    That article mentions hair transplants like the only downfall is cost… I really hope Follica’s approach doesn’t see hair transplants as the goal, because I really wouldn’t be satisfied with hair transplant results (no offense to the guys with them, but I’m sure even they would agree that they want something more)

    Also, question as far as growth is concerned: assuming this works at all, would dermabrasion + the topical grow hair on places where there was no hair before? Or would the body properly take care of that itself? If it grows hair everywhere, then there will be some artistry in things like the hairline (just like transplants) and could really hinder this sort of thing. Any thoughts on that?

  403. R says:

    The growth process will be known before being released and will allow doctors to evaluate and frame the face as the same way as HT’s. Don’t worry, everyones face and hair level / framing factor will be an individual circumstance and the formula will most likely wake up the sleepers. So this should of little concern. All you need is to draw the border for the Follica treatment and allow the hair to grow. Doctors have a placement marker that takes into account the patients face – nose – forehead ratio before doing these procedures. The time is coming and scientist are discovering hair loss triggers and biological processes that will afford multiple treatments depending on the severity and pattern. The Acell Matris being utilized by HT Doctors if it works will end this due to the regenrative process of the matrix and solution. Even though you need wounding, I believe they will discover a simple solution that just requires a topical application to awake the follicles. It will be soon!

  404. r1ch says:

    it maybe soon
    if everything that cures hairloss in mice cured hairloss in humans baldness wud have been cured years ago :x

  405. R says:

    Listen to yourself and explain your reasoning and back this with the current breakthroughs today compared to just 8 years ago. This breakthrough and the others that have followed is unprecedented and shows the speed and accuracy of science like no other in history. I will say that skeptical is warranted based on past breakthroughs, but the Internet is exposing fraudulant practices and claims over night. Who uses Revita Shampoo???? This product would have been on the main market for years if it was not for the Internet exposing the Bull!!

    Look, I am not trying to sound mean or disrespectful, I know your pain that is why I am here as well people. But, let s not see past failures as indicators of todays or future breakthroughs. This is a different scientific community and the information is being shared and gathered through this medium. Whoever fails at this Follica etc… will see others make it happen and reap the awards. Sorry, but I need to keep this forum real and like the others. Stop looking the past and see the potential future! It looks very promising. ACELL is here today and we will see outstanding results due to the hair follicle is there and just sleeping. Waking it up may be easy with just the right substance and many pharma and natural compounds are being studied and projected to wake up the follicles within a few years or sooner.

  406. JS says:

    R…. You have mentioned earlier on this board the research that is being done with regards to the role Fungus could be playing with hairloss, I was wondering if you saw this video from one of Dr Mercolas newsletters,

    Now if fungus is one of the main causes of hairloss then surely it wouldn’t be difficult for some Dr somewhere to find a way to administer the same kind of treatment used for cancer on this video. Do you or anyone else on this board know if something like this has been tried. Is it possible to reach the follicle to use this idea.

  407. r1ch says:

    hmm ‘keeping this forum real’ or over optermistic? dont get me wrong i like your enthusiams but id rather be slightly skeptical and not get my hopes up to high until there is some good data back on trials in humans rather than be overly optimistic until bad data comes back.
    dont forget ICX was heavily based on science, and the scientists there all had backgrounds jsut as good as follica’s and look how that turned out, that was pretty recent too.
    im still gona b optimistic and say baldness will be cured in this decade and follica will produce hair regrowth but weather its gona fully restore hair and be in out the next 2-4 years is absolutley impossible to say

  408. P says:

    Hey R,

    Would you mind checking out this website (http://www.hairloss-research.org/ProtocolMen08.html) and letting me know what you think of those products?

    Is it safe to take several of these supplements at the same time? I have already ordered the following…

    Soy/Cayenne Combination
    L-Taurine/Green Tea/Zinc

    and I am on Propecia.

  409. R says:

    This is what I ues including Propecia without the side effects. Actually, Curcumi will stop the side effects of Propecia and safety is recognized by you need to monitor your body’s response.

    People…This link is where the studies on both pharma and natural protocols with studies are located.


    Also, ICX is represented by Bosley and this organization ….Bosely is suspect always!

  410. D says:

    There is a new story about the Stanford study, saying that it could be available for humans in two years. Also, some have noted that Acell contains Laminin 511 (the protein Stanford investigated).
    Interesting stuff going on, let’s pray it turns out to positive news.

  411. Haircoach says:


    what about Kevin Bitterman, recently joined with Follica?


  412. K says:

    Oh great, just what the MPB community needs, yet ANOTHER 2 year prediction.

    Can’t these researchers make funding by being truthful?!

  413. R says:

    Please provide the Stanford link D! I would like to read that article. Also, two-years is a prediction from where scientist are today. If you look at what was done prior to that prediction, you would see at least ten years or more of research in the same area. We are just in clinical and product area of research. So, the 2 – 7 years prediction time frame is post (majority of bilogical, genetic and phisiological ) research. Thanks D!

    P.S. Any addition of high-end researchers signifies a greater platform from which to investigate multiple roles as well as help solidify the current research in the quickest possible fashion. This represents a need to complete this with success due to emerging competition learning and jumping on Follicas breakthrough! Or why waste the money and talent!!!

  414. JS says:

    R….. I hope your right, It is sounding promising. Especially the fact that there seems to be competition arising more and more.

  415. D says:

    I don’t have access to the original article, but a user at hairsite.com posted it, he got hold of the article. Here it is:


  416. Haircoach says:

    People, after I have posted here that Kevin Bittermann from Polaris Ventures joined recently in Follica, he is deleted from list of Board and Executive Team in Follica Website. It is very strange…

  417. Haircoach says:

    There is something under…

  418. Haircoach says:

    Too Sarah Millar has deleted from Scientific Board in website from Follica.
    It is very very very strange!!!!

  419. D says:

    I hope it doesn’t mean the trials they are doing now are failing :( I hope they are not seeing processes they have no clue about…

  420. mirage says:

    yep , its all over!
    all the tests are failing. wait for the next best thing! lol

  421. Shooter says:

    Ok, that is really wierd. Does anyone have more information about this? Kinda getting scared…

  422. R says:

    People, this could mean many things and the trials have just begun and or just recruited participants. The program is moving forward and the two-scientist were probably having their bio updated and or moved to another area of the firm for support and or removed altogether. My advice before spreading mass panic is to send Follica an e-mail about the scientist(s) disapperance. Also, there is a man NW7 that is using Follicas technique and showing regrowth BTW…..NW7 is the worst form of hair loss and he had this pattern for over 25 years and now regrowing hair. Stay calm and contact Follica!

  423. P says:

    So irritating that they haven’t said a damn thing in months.

  424. R says:

    Follica does not owe anyone here any explanation other than the following statement below. They are working towards a disease that they trully don’t have to pursue so we need to be patient. They are publically traded and news can be found in journals etc… about their investments and moves!!! I will say that this takes time and Nobody should put a time table on anything that they themselves do not have any scientific knowledge or clue about the severity of performing this procedure correctly. Please wait!!!!

    Also, people are self-experimenting with success so why would this fail if jackasses are needling themselves and regrowing hair in areas that were slick bald for over 25 – 30 years? It shows it works. We just wait and or you self mutilate people!! See follicas response below!

    Thanks for your interest in Follica.

    Our publically shared information can be found on our website. We are
    committed to driving this technology forward and are enthusiastic about
    the potential. With that said, developing a new treatment takes time and
    we appreciate your patience as we progress in a diligent manner.

    Your support is very important to us and encourages us to move forward
    as quickly as possible.


    The Follica Team

  425. ha says:

    hey R i think you are a part of folicas team, whos role is to keep people believing in there creation lol, if not … you should be haha!

    im just saying that its always good to hear your optimistic posts.


  426. R says:

    Thank you! Smile!!! I found the lost Kevin Bitterman….http://www.solacepharma.com/content/board-of-directors/

    He was moved to another position and part of Solacepharma, remember they are all tied together and share resources. They are going after multiple Dermatological Diseases so they are building a large network of experts that share ideas and resources to speed up research, trials and drugs. There leverage is greater against the competition.

    As for Sarah Millar, she thought Thymuskin was the next best thing and was probably fired for whatever the reason. She is classified as missing in action until further notice!

    P.S. Man you guys and gals keep me on my toes to maintain the peace here! Relax and think before assumption or you will be transferred to the Hairstite website!! Smile!!!

  427. Shooter says:

    “Relax and think before assumption or you will be transferred to the Hairsite website!!” Lol, you kill me R. I hope you’re right about everything.

  428. G says:

    R, can you explain this Sarah Miller & Thymuskin link? why did she think thymuskin is the next big thing? are there any studies for thymus?

  429. rev says:

    Follica raises $11million in 2nd round of venture financing

    Follica Inc., a Boston company working on developing treatments for hair loss and other “hair follicle disorders,” raised $11 million in its second round of venture capital. Investors included Polaris Venture Partners, Interwest Partners, and PureTech Ventures. The company, which raised $5.5 million in January, currently has four full-time employees. (Todd Wallack)




  430. R says:

    Now we see reality and we need to stop freaking out without knowledge. Secondly, didn’t I say that Bitterman was probably being utilized as a go-between to suport Follica with Solacepharma!!!! Listen to me and smile, we are near the end! If lay-people can achieve results in the bathroom then why not skilled practioners with million dollar researchers and equipment? Research and ask questions before ever attempting to solve the puzzle. Enjoy the new found news people!!

  431. jordan says:

    so with all this money being pumped in they should be closer to the 2 year mark not the 3 -4 years??

  432. KKwilliams says:

    2 years is a fantasy time line period! 4-5 is still being very optimistic but it is a lot more realistic as it allows for the inevitable problems to occur and be overcome.

    just because they got more funding doesn’t mean s h i t. obviously funding is great! BUT either the science is solid and the treatment will work or it doesn’t and NO amount of money will change that.

    hoping a real treatment will be here by 2010 is just lying to yourself and many guys will make rush decisions based on that prediction. we all need to accept that it may be 20 years away and make good decisions based on that. my 2c

  433. rev says:

    Guessing games are fun; let me try. I predict we’ll have a cure for hairloss in 209 years. It will come from our alien overlord xenu, and it will give everyone a lush rainbow afro. The day will be overcast with a 70% probability of precipitation. Barrack Obama’s clone will declare war on the Bush clones inhabiting Mars.

    The truth is NOBODY knows if we’ll ever see a cure for hairloss, but I can tell you it won’t take 20 years for us to find out if Follica works, so I say let Follica’s scientists deal with the proof-of-concept; if established, let their executive team deal with the regulatory process, and marketing.

    The hairloss market is far too profitable to squander over 20 years of inaction.

  434. jordan says:

    im sticking to 2 – 3 years, everything is falling in place!

  435. KKwilliams says:

    Jordan…hope you are prepared for some serious heartbreak in two years then. Sorry to tell you.

  436. JS says:

    KKwilliams….. Why should jordan be prepared for serious heartache, He’s basing his optimism on the information we have at hand now and so far Follica has done everything they said they would, They have even brought there second round of fundraising forward a couple of years according to daphne zohar so they can move along even faster.

    I realise there is always sceptisism when something new comes along but people have been trying a method similar to Follica’s at home and are getting results, Now if they can see new follicles forming without the scientific expertise that will be used in the treatment then why should anyone be preparing themselves for heartache.

  437. A says:

    KKwilliams should stick to HLH forums because that is where the negative attitude comes from. Follica is looking like a winner so far and only people with wildly negative opinions are telling people that a result is 20 years away when more then likely its 3 – 5 years away AT most.

  438. jordan says:

    this is the first time that science is involved and stupid amounts of money has been throw in. i agree with A, go back to HLH where all the fools who think they know it all post

  439. KKwilliams says:

    I was unaware the degree of high caliber posters on here and that you all have some type of degree in hair science???

    If you had actually read my post and not done this tired b.s. response of all forum posters are idiots routine you would have seen I wrote that I think follica has a realistic chance of being a reality in 4-5 years.

    I stated WE ALL need to be prepared that it may be a lot longer…I just wrote 20 years as an example for Christs sake. I agree that this site is very informed along with a lot of its posters but if your fairytale time line( IMO) of 2 years turns in to 5 or longer years down the road. Or if follica completely falls off the map as many other well funded companies before it will/should this site not then be seen as just a bunch of naive guys grasping at straws?? Im not here to argue and only wrote this in response to these last few comments. I wish to get back on topic so lets stop the back and forth mud slinging.

    I still see 2 years as being highly hopeful and does not allow any time to tackle roadblocks that most likely will arise. I mean they stumbled upon this by accident and unless I am mistaken they do not even fully understand why or how the hair regrowth occurs let alone how to maximum growth etc etc etc..

  440. JS says:

    KKwilliams….I’m not slinging mud at you i just think your wrong, And you are mistaken about them not understanding how the hair growth occurs, They have said that when the skin is wounded it can go in two different directions forming skin or follicles and by using the method they used they could not only grow new follicles but control the amount of new follicles created.

    As i said before there is absolutely nothing to be negative about with regards to Follica at the moment, They are going about things in the right way and even brought forward their fundraising to speed things up even more.

  441. jordan says:

    isnt it true that the trails phase 1 is just 60days??

  442. P says:

    Yup, that’s what I heard. Should hopefully mean they are pumping out trials every 2-3 months.

    I wish they had a blog on their website, even if it gave ZERO useful information, they could just have the doctors post things like, “working really hard!” so we all feel more in the mix you know.

    If any Follica people read this and think that is a good idea please try to push it. If you need help with the web development I will do it for free (I’m a professional web designer/programmer).

  443. P says:

    Oh, and if you ARE interested, please email me at [email protected]

  444. G says:

    IT IS NOT A TRIAL. Repeat this over and over!

    It’s just a “Research Study” to understand what happens to scalp after dermabrasion. They haven’t started any trials for the actual Follica procedure yet!

  445. P says:

    But it is worth noting that results from Follica trials (when they start) could be seen much more quickly than something like Propecia that requires time (about a year) to see results.

    Follica it should be 1) Scrape 2) Slather on Jelly 3) See hair in a month or two.

  446. Shooter says:

    I switched boards and missed all the fun… Here’s my take (for anyone interested). To me, whether Follica appears in 2 years or 5 doesn’t really make a difference. The only thing that matters is if it works effectively. We have been let down time and time again, so it will be no surprise if Follica does the same. I just want to know whether or not the procedure works (to the extent we need it to) and let the smart people at Follica bring it to market as quickly as they can. I hope we’re all wrong and it’s here tomorrow, but there is no such thing as optimism when it comes to hair loss solutions. :(

  447. rev says:

    I concur with you wholeheartedly Shooter. I don’t mind waiting for an effective treatment as long there’s something actually worth waiting for.

    All these xconomy articles are great. Everything we dug up about Follica through research and press is great too, BUT we have yet to know the most important thing….


  448. R says:

    Again………..This procedure and hair follicle formation was noted and known since the 1950’s. The difference is that today’s scientist and doctors are more apt to pursue these types of paths beyond the calloused approach by stoic practioners. Modern science is backing known biological process for more than fifty years. This is occuring not only in hair loss but in other bilogical / human processes and disease.

    I believe we have something here and remember that other businesses / scientific community members and lay-people are showing results with Follicas approach. Now….Histogen is duplicating Follica, Luna is using strong antioxidents. We are discovering that not only does propecia / minoxidal etc… work to some degree but many other substances.

    My comment is that we will find that the reason past attempts failed is because nobody trully made “Real” attempts to end this disease. They just put together half-ass chemicals and mass marketed the product. Unfortunately…..The Internet came along and now inferior products are washed away quickly. Where and who is using Revita???? This is the first real attempt to cure hairloss and now those that sat on the side lines have to shit or get off the pot due to the fast paced attempt by real investors, scientist and practioners to end this disease no matter the comments and or denial by colleagues from all hair sites and businesses. This is an era where real science is being applied! Intercytex would have given up or never started but they know HT’s are out soon and need to create another path to in order to stay competitive. Luna, Histogen, Stanford, U of Bonn etc… are now cornered to shit of get off the pot because once the formula and or kit is released, top scientist will build upon the existing platform and create a greater product. This will happen..if not by Follica….some one who wnats billions…people are exposing frauds and this is the only time in history where real science is being applied to hairloss.

    Sooooooooo Stop relating this process or company with half-ass attempts of yesteryear. This is the new generation of scientist and not bought-out doctors etc… When everybody…..has this much attention been applied to hair loss by the scientific community with the greatest minds? I rest my case!

  449. CC says:

    Has no-one posted anything for a week or am I missing something?

  450. TheOne says:


    Sorry couldn’t resist :-)

  451. JS says:

    CC, People are posting on latest news from follica. if you look at the top of the page click on ,New Fundraising for Hair-Raising: Follica Takes in $11 Million for Baldness-Treatment Approach.

  452. CC says:

    Thanks for that JS.

  453. KKwilliams says:

    Wow its dead in here lately!!

    I’m curious. what if any progress has follica made since there big news piece on MSNBC at the beginning of the year if any?? Weren’t they already supposed to start human trials at the beginning of the summer and it hasn’t even started and summers done?

    Evidence though pls…NOT just positive nonsense please :) Looks to me more like 5 years out. How could they release in two years as some guys are suggesting or rather hoping??

  454. D says:

    KK: We are posting on the other webpage, look at JS last comment. The trials have already begun over a month ago, they are done at Harvard and are supposed to take 60 days. So maybe at the end of September or sometimes in October the trials should end (maybe some weeks later if we take into account how much time it took for people to see the advertisement they made at Harvard). It is said the trials are only testing “dermabrasion” and skins response to disruption, but they didn’t dismiss the comment whether they might apply something at this phase. So we will just have to wait and see. Meanwhile, go to http://www.hairsite.com and take a look at some guys result with Follica’s home made version!

  455. KKwilliams says:

    Appreciate the info D :)

    But the study that has begin is not really follica though then right? not there technique at least. Its using no drugs and just seeing the derm results on there own correct?

    Ill check out the new spot everyone’s posting at. Thanks. Still think 4-5 years is what it might be available in….if it actually works

  456. jordan says:

    can some please send me the link for where every one is now posting? thanks

  457. J says:

    I wish some educated knowledgable person of credibilty could tell us a possible timeframe….when follica will have a product…although for some reason I am optomistic about 2-3yrs…

  458. steve says:

    sounds interesting,i hope it works so those snake lotions will stop ripping people off

  459. i know this is a bit different from what we are talking about but surely it is a step in the right direction for hair loss! more research going into hair in general cant be a bad thing


  460. Quite an interesting and informative blog, indeed. Thanks for sharing.

  461. Hair transplant is a surgical technique that involves moving skin containing hair follicles from one part of the body (the donor site) to bald or balding parts (the recipient site). It is primarily used to treat male pattern baldness, whereby grafts containing hair follicles that are genetically resistant to balding are transplanted to bald scalp.

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  463. L.H. Loebis says:

    Jeffrey Teumer says: human papillar cells retain their capacity
    to induce a new hair follicle. (May 2005)

    Stenn, K. says: human papillar cells loose their capacity to
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