Season’s Greetings—Xconomy’s Slowing Down for the Holidays!

Happy Holidays everyone—time for a well-deserved break! Your friends at Xconomy were going all out Friday evening, bringing you the breaking news about iRobot’s big victory in its legal battles with Robotic FX live from our watering hole at Bambara: we posted the final story from our barstools, sipping Xconomy green apple martinis and celebrating our holiday party.

Now we’re officially slowing the pace. Our roundup this morning was (big breaking news aside) our last news post of the year. After Christmas, we’ll be rounding out the week (and, by the way, our six-month anniversary) with a look back at the big stories of our first half-year in business. We’re preparing stories of the year in a bunch of categories for your holiday entertainment and (hopefully) enlightenment. In the meantime, with some off us off to visit relatives, others out for last-minute shopping, and others just kicking back, we are slipping into our new Xconomy t-shirts (thank you, Rebecca!) and Xconomy fleeces (thank you, Steve!) and wishing you a great holiday season!

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