Big Honkin’ Energy Map of New England

Energy is hot, as you might have noticed—especially clean energy. In fact, so many new energy companies are sprouting up—we like to call this the dot-clean era—that it’s tough to keep track of them all. It’s like the venture folks got hold of some sort of cleantech Miracle-Gro.

But people are trying to follow the action. The folks over at the New England Clean Energy Council (the result of a merger between the Massachusetts Clean Energy Council and the New England Energy Innovation Collaborative) have a nice map of the New England energy cluster that was assembled by the collaborative before the merger. It shows some 200 energy companies and institutions and energy-related venture or financial firms in the area.

MIT Entrepreneurship Center Boston Energy MapBut that, it turns out, is just a warm-up act. Our friends over at the MIT Entrepreneurship Center, home to Xconomists Ken Morse and Bill Aulet, have assembled a map that dwarfs the one offered by the Clean Energy Council. It shows some 725 companies, with another update still due. The main page shows a mostly alphabetical listing of the firms the center has identified. On the same page, though, you can download a great PDF map.

The map provides an overview of all New England—actually, it reaches to parts of New York as well (You’ll see clusters around Boston, in Connecticut, and around Albany). And there’s an inset of the Greater Boston area that’s especially cool. Be warned, this is a honkin’ big file (7 megabytes), so it might take a minute to download and you will have to zoom in to really see. But if you have the energy, it’s worth it.

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