Calling All Tech Bands: It’s Time to Rock and Rule

Xconomy Boston — 

If there’s one thing we’ve learned since launching Xconomy back in June, it’s that our readers and sources rock—often in a couple of different senses of the word. Which is to say that not only have we been overwhelmed by the technical smarts, business savvy, and plain old neighborliness of the people we’ve met over the last six months or so, we’ve also been intrigued by the fact that so many of them are leading double lives as musicians. If you’re one of them, now’s your chance to rule the Boston-area tech scene, musically speaking.

Here’s the deal: We’ve rented out the Middle East for the evening of Tuesday, January 22, for Xconomy’s Battle of the Tech Bands. The event is open to all bands (amateur and pro alike) with at least one member who works at a New England, technology, life sciences, or tech-investment firm. You’ll get to show off for your friends; meet fellow entrepreneurs, investors, scientists, programmers, and engineers in an environment that’s, shall we say, less formal than the typical networking cocktail hour; and, oh yeah, possibly take home some serious prizes. The audience will pick its favorite band, and so will the editors—and there could be some wildcard categories in there as well.

For more details about how to join the battle, check this out. (Don’t delay—the deadline for entering is midnight on New Year’s Eve.) And should your musical abilities happen to range from minimal to non-existent, no worries. There will still be great food to eat, free (up to a point) drinks to drink, fascinating people to meet—and of course some rockin bands to cheer on. Bring your cell phone to vote for your favorite one. Tickets are on sale now.