Hawk vs. Pigeon: Impromptu Lunch in Kendall Square Gives Two Lotus Legends Pause

Got this photo in an e-mail from Reed Sturtevant, who’s creating a new Microsoft advanced development lab in Kendall Square. He was walking to lunch in the square yesterday with another former Lotus legend, Bob Frankston, when an unusual sight stopped them in their tracks. As Sturtevant described it: “a hawk eating a pigeon in the middle of the sidewalk while about a dozen people stood around and watched. Bob had his camera and took this pic.”

Frankston is an Internet pioneer who, along with Dan Bricklin, co-founded Software Arts, where he implemented VisiCalc. In 1986, he joined Lotus Development and went on to create Lotus Express. Sturtevant, whom we most recently wrote about a couple days ago, was brought into the Lotus fold around the same time and worked on LotusNotes, among other things. Before joining Microsoft in September, he most recently worked at Eons, IdeaLab, and Refer. You can find a litany of the companies Sturtevant has been involved with here.

But the important part—what caption to put on the picture? Frankston’s suggestions:

—Early Exit

—Typical VC Lunch in Cambridge Center

—Who says East Coast investors are wimps?

Feel free to chime in with your own suggestions by adding a comment below. Who knows, there could be a prize for our favorite one…

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5 responses to “Hawk vs. Pigeon: Impromptu Lunch in Kendall Square Gives Two Lotus Legends Pause”

  1. Massachusetts aerospace giant Hawk (NYSE: HWK) eviscerates lesser rival Pigeon (NYSE: PYG) in hostile takeover. Hawk soars after liquidating key Pigeon holdings.

  2. oddjob60 says:

    I was walkng through Kendall Square on Tuesday, and was stopped in my tracks by what looked like an art installation on the sidewalk: a pigeon carcass, belly up, innards exposed, with a yew branch and large stone nearby. I wonder if the hawk has an artistic bent…

  3. A new one sent in by Bob Frankston:

    It’s there in the business plan: Our primary purpose is to serve pigeons.

  4. Jeff D says:

    Hawk vs. Pigeon can only end one way.

    I as some of the MA natives, do you ever recall seeing as many hawks around the Boston area when you were younger as you do now? I sure don’t.

  5. Mark C says:

    Wage slave.