Xconomy’s Gala Launch Party—The Photos

Xconomy is officially underway: we held our first party—the Xconomy Gala Launch Party—on November 1, a week ago Thursday, at the Broad Institute here in Cambridge. (Yes, we’ve been up since June 27, but this was our real coming out). It was a grand evening, attended by close to 250 people. Boston Scientific founder John Abele gave a fantastic, first-hand account—complete with slides and underwater video—of his family’s hunt for the USS Grunion, the sub his father commanded in WWII that was lost in the Aleutians in 1941.

Then we moved from the state-of-the-art auditorium to the expansive Broad lobby for a fun evening of conversation and networking. Last Friday, we posted a quick account, with a few photos. But since then we’ve collected and sifted through a ton of others, and selected a bunch more for you to peruse: maybe there’s one of you. Rest assured, we didn’t run any embarrassing or compromising photos of people spilling wine on themselves or stuffing their mouths with food (we’re saving those for our next investment round).

So here they are—all taken by supreme photographer Bethany Versoy—enjoy. Click on the thumbnails below to see full-size versions with titles and captions identifying the guests. And if you don’t spot yourself in these photos, or couldn’t make it, consider coming to our next get-together, on December 5, at the MIT Media Lab. It’s a forum called The Future of Innovation in New England. We hope to see you there.

The Venue: The Broad Institute LobbyThe Crowd Spills InThe Xconomy Team
Buderi, Mullen, Greiner, Abele, HodoshBuderi, Sharp, McElhenyAbele
Metcalfe, D’ArbeloffWoit, Bourque, Jazdowski, HenrichsZambrowski, Friar
Itrato, Mills, Petri, KleimanBuderi, Vinter, KirsnerJackson, Steele, McCann, Buck
Moss, TarrrantHopper, Huang, HardestyMorse, Johnson
Hower, Clavenna, FriendlyBonsen, Bohren, BrooksAbele, Roberts
Roberts, Zolot, CarusoMcPherson, Johnson, HabeggerGilman, Carpenter, Rosen
Greeley, FortescueMoon, WoitPeverill-Conti, Castle, Gaiss, Lamonica
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Wade Roush is a freelance science and technology journalist and the producer and host of the podcast Soonish. Follow @soonishpodcast

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