Boston: The Hidden Hub of Music and Technology

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Headquarters: Somerville, MA
Year Launched: 2007
CEO: Todd Cronin

Bandsintown is a social networking site aimed at helping live-music fans connect with live-music events and fellow fans. It relies on users to collect, post, and rate information about events, creating what founder Todd Cronin calls “the most intelligent, comprehensive, and easy to use live-music event filtering, notifcation, and discovery tool.” The site uses tag clouds to display information about upcoming bands and events, and allows users to narrow down this information according to distance, date range, ticket prices, musical genres, and the like. On October 5, Thrillist lauded the site as “a new free service that’ll aggregate info from all over the Internet to return only those shows that meet your exacting criteria, or the criteria of the people you stole your taste in music from.”
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