Boston: The Hidden Hub of Music and Technology

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Headquarters: Boston
Year Launched: 2003
Founders: Nate Hudson, Mitchell Pavao, Brett Woitunski

PureVolume, owned by Virb, is a straightforward site that links musicians and listeners. Artists and bands can upload songs, photos, blog posts, touring schedules, and the like to their own mini-websites. Listeners can download MP3s free of charge, track their favorite bands, and share music recommendations with friends. Over 400,000 musicians—mostly alternative, indie, and punk rock genres—have used the service, according to the company’s website. The founders at Virb (formerly Unborn Media)—Brett Woitunski, Nate Hudson, and Mitchell Pavao—are all alumni of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and say they started PureVolume partly to fill the vacuum left by the (temporary) shutdown of music-sharing site in 2003. The company has also launched Virb, a social networking site that focuses on uniting people with common tastes in music, art, fashion, and film. … Next Page »

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