Happy Labor Day! We’re De-laboring. As Xconomy Completes Its Second Month, Here are Some Things You Might Have Missed

Xconomy has just wrapped up its second month of covering the New England business, technology, and innovation scene. The paparazzi have thinned out. The VCs still aren’t throwing money at us (repeat after me, “It’s not a venture deal.”). But we have secured our funding, and we’ve had a lot of fun, met a multitude of interesting people and companies, and, we hope, offered a fresh and insightful brand of local business journalism.

We’re going to take a few days off, and then be back for more after Labor Day. But as we head off for the barbecue and to watch the Red Sox make up for the last few dismal days in the Bronx, we wanted to point out some stories from our first two months that you might have missed, especially those from our earliest days when only our moms and investors knew about us. These aren’t necessarily the most popular stories, therefore. Rather, they represent a cross-section of the editors’ picks for fun or significant stories that deserve another go-round:

Is Boston Underperforming?

Think Big. Collaborate. Media Lab’s Moss Says Boston Area Can Lead the World

When It Comes to Women-Owned Startups, Jean Hammond Says Boston
Investors Are Nervous Nellies

Biomedical Startup With a Twist and a Big Net

Something’s up at Sermo. Maybe CEO Daniel Palestrant Will Tell Us What it Is…

Our Leaders and Their Insights

The President’s Would-Be Pen Pal: Nobel Laureate Craig Mello


Metcalfe Takes Reins at GreenFuel After Key Setbacks; Company Lays Off Half its Staff, Seeks to Raise Cash

Ze-Gen: Waste is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Change the World

Entrepreneur Segways Toward Medical Revolution Directing Genomics X Prize

Getting Disruptive Ideas to Market

The World is Changing

Shopping 3.0: The New Face of e-Commerce

Fun Yet Poignant(ish)

Real VCs Aren’t Afraid to Cry: The Anti-Portfolio

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