Sunday Afternoon Drive (on the Web): Fake Steve Jobs on OLPC

I was just wandering around the web on this fine lazy summer Sunday, when I decided to check out the Secret Diary of Steve Jobs, which I hadn’t visited in a while. I had missed two posts from less than two weeks ago containing Fake Steve’s thoughts on the One Laptop project, which is based right here in Kendall Square. This one’s called Let the train wreck begin. FSJ (as Fake Steve Jobs likes to call himself) followed up a bit later with another thought, in the aptly titled, Another thought on the OLPC machine.

I have to admit the pieces made me think a little deeper on OLPC—all while bringing numerous smiles to my face. My favorite line (from the follow-up): “To those who say I shouldn’t criticize OLPC, since Apple isn’t giving away hundred-dollar Macs to Third-World kids, let me explain. That’s not our job. That’s not what Apple is here for.”

Happy Sunday.

UPDATE: 8/05 8:46 pm. We just learned the Fake Steve Jobs was unmasked today by the New York Times. Great timing, we thought… It turns out he is Daniel Lyons, a senior editor for Forbes magazine who lives in the Boston area. Score one for home-town creativity.

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