Nuance Communications Acquires Dictaphone Corporation for $359,000,000

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    Dictaphone Corporation
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    3191 Broadbridge Ave Stratford, CT 06614-2599
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    Dictaphone, ranked 31st in Healthcare Informatics ranking of top 100 companies by healthcare revenue, is the leading provider of dictation, transcription, speech recognition and natural language processing systems in the healthcare market.
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    Under the terms of the agreement, net consideration for the transaction was $359 million in cash, after accounting for all closing adjustments. Concurrent with the closing of the acquisition, Nuance also closed a senior secured debt facility from UBS Investment Bank, Credit Suisse, Citigroup and Bank of America. The facility comprises a $355 million term loan and a $75 million revolving credit facility.

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8 responses to “Nuance Communications Acquires Dictaphone Corporation for $359,000,000”

  1. Susan Fallon says:

    Would a stock certificate in the name of Dictaphone Corporation still be valid?

  2. DON BUSH says:

    Dictaphone Corporation was worth a lot more before the PITNEY BOWES folks played around in it. I hope they had fun. They destroyed a company that had a rich history of quality and integrity.

    I wonder where Marc Breslawsky and Charlene Malone are—hope they are not playing in your company.

  3. Charlene Malone says:

    Bush, we are all doing better than you.After working with Marc for those years I would think you could spell his name. Look at your career, or lack of one, and our collective careers. How do you measure up? How did your career end? How did your 10 year lawsuit against the Company end? Yeah, you lost! On all counts…in all Courts. Anyone wanting the facts should google this creep, in Ohio.

    • Don Bush says:

      Wow! That was a childish rant by a spoiled brat.

      Yes. Google me.

      And contact me, folks.

  4. transamerica says:

    Charlene Malone, you and others like you, have learned nothing about being a sell out and trying to keep American business in America and keeping Americans working. Most other countries have taken nepotism to the MAX. Like most Americans you know nothing of humility!. Do you not know that you could end up exactly as DON BUSH, used, mistreated, and dumped!!!. MOST COUNTRIES HATE ALL AMERICANS. IF FOREIGNERS KEEP BUYING UP AMERICAN COMPANIES WHERE DO YOU THINK THAT IS GOING TO LEAVE YOU? IN THE DARK WITH EVERYBODY ELSE, NO MATTER WHAT THERE NAME IS. MAYBE YOUR NAME WILL BECOME CHARLENE ALONE.

  5. Jack Rabenberg says:

    Wow… just tried the Charlene. Wanted to see where some of the great people I worked with for all those years. Seems there only a few of us old warriors left. Sorry to see there is still bad blood out there. Some of it was evident @ Mike Fahey’s funeral. Less of it evident when I went to Nick Soviak’s memorial. Still, some of my fondest memories working for Dictaphone, and the opportunities afforded from that experience. Still nice to see the Company is still worthy of conversation.

  6. Cruz Rosenbaum says:

    I thought I’d send a resume for a CSR position but sad to hear the company no longer exists. I was a CSR for a year and it was the best job I ever had. I loved working on the systems from a micro tape recorder to the 4 hard drive systems. It was the perfect environment for me, customer relations, technical expertise, training, I even got to go to Melbourne, FL for training. Anyone need a CSR in the repair/service dept.?

  7. Reid Hardingham says:

    I worked with Charlene Malone and you could ask for a better leader.