April 26, 2018

As recent developments in genome sequencing, biomedical diagnostics, neuroscience, biopharma, and other fields generate more data than the human mind can take in, new software and computing tools are taking over, transforming life sciences and healthcare by improving odds, minimizing risks, and optimizing outcomes.

San Diego has been embracing this trending convergence of Big Data and Big Biology, combining the region’s expertise in chip design, computing, and predictive analytics with its leadership in genomics, diagnostics, and drug development. Major biotechnology players like Illumina, Qualcomm, and Thermo Fisher Scientific are pursuing new initiatives and innovations, while venture firms that once specialized in either tech or life sciences are now chasing hybrid funds and deals, giving rise to a new breed of startups.

Please join Xconomy San Diego for our second half-day conference and networking event highlighting the prospects and challenges as these worlds collide. Featuring top biotech entrepreneurs, experts, investors, and thought leaders.

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