Shion Deysarkar

Shion Deysarkar is the CEO and founder of Datafiniti, the search engine for data. At Datafiniti, Shion is responsible for overall business and product development. Prior to starting Datafiniti, Shion served as an executive at Creeris Ventures, where he helped in a variety of business and technical roles, including launching Plura Processing and

80legs, which were eventually combined to form Datafiniti. Before working at Creeris, Shion founded and ran a software consulting firm called EXC, Inc., which developed custom predictive software for oilfield companies.

Shion received a B.S. in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University and a MBA from Rice University. He is actively involved in developing the local technology and startup culture in Texas, where he hosts and advises a handful of meetups and events.

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