Rodrigo Martinez

Rodrigo Martinez is passionate about biology + design + the future. He is Chief Marketing & Design Officer at Veritas Genetics, recently named one of MIT Top 50 Smartest companies. Previously he was Life Sciences Chief Strategist and Senior Portfolio Director at IDEO, and Principal with The Boston Consulting Group.

Rodrigo learned to love science-by-doing at the Exploratorium in San Francisco - first as a seven-year-old, and later working there as a teenager. With Juan Enriquez, Rodrigo co-founded Harvard Business School’s Life Sciences Project and coined the term ‘bioeconomy’ in a series of papers and articles starting in 1997. In 2003, he co-published the first global genetic data map selected by Rem Koolhaas to be part of a WIRED’s ‘Ultimate Atlas for the XXI Century.’ His work has won awards including MDEA Gold Award, Core 77 Design Research and has been published in several books and magazines.

Rodrigo has worked on projects in 11 countries on topics including innovation, health & wellness, evolution of technology, biopharma R&D, scientific and industrial partnerships, and economic growth. A regular guest lecturer at Harvard and MIT, Rodrigo was educated at Mexico City’s ITAM and Harvard. He mostly learns creativity and innovation from his 9-year-old daughter. He is a freediver and loves spicy food.