Richard Gayle

Richard Gayle is the founder and president of SpreadingScience, a company focused on leveraging new online technologies in order to increase the rate at which innovation diffuses through an organization. Previously he spent five years as Vice-President, Research and board member (which he still occupies) for Etubics Corporation, a Seattle biotech developing novel vaccines for a range of human diseases.

Richard moved to Seattle in 1986 to join Immunex as a staff scientist, where he worked for 16 years. In addition to his research obligations, which developed technology critical for the company’s research investigations, he was also responsible for the creation and management of the first intranet at Immunex.

After leaving Immunex in 2002, he worked on the Business Development committee of the Washington Biotech and Biomedical Association, which coordinated InvestNW as well as organized several events sponsored by the WBBA. He also currently sits on the board of the Sustainable Path Foundation, which informs the Puget Sound community in areas of sustainability and human health by using scientific understanding and systems thinking. Richard received his BS from the California Institute of Technology and his PhD in biochemistry from Rice University.

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