Pieter van Rooyen

Pieter van Rooyen is the founding CEO of Edico Genome, a San Diego-based company that developed the first next-generation sequencing Bio-IT processor, which rapidly and cost-effectively analyzes large amounts of genomic data.

Throughout his career, Pieter has consistently brought to market disruptive technologies that help advance human well-being. He has more than 20 years of experience inventing, developing, and commercializing technologies in a range of industries, including semiconductors, wireless communication, healthcare, life sciences, image processing, and retail automation, and holds 110 granted patents in these areas.

His passion for bringing innovative technologies to the masses has led to the creation and funding of numerous start-ups that have brought significant return to investors.

Prior to Edico Genome, Pieter was involved in the burgeoning mobile health industry, helping develop a mobile phone technology that enables health care delivery in underdeveloped communities. He also co-founded ecoATM, (acquired by Coinstar) whose network of ATM-like machines lets consumers recycle their personal electronic devices for cash, and Zyray Wireless (acquired by Broadcom).

With Edico Genome, Pieter’s goal is to overcome a key bottleneck in the DNA sequencing workflow to meet the needs of clinical genomics and usher in the new era of precision medicine.

Pieter holds a doctorate in electrical engineering from University of Johannesburg in South Africa. He has authored more than 50 peer-reviewed papers on topics ranging from digital communications to bioengineering.

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