Owen Tripp

As co-founder and CEO of Grand Rounds, Owen believes that patients will achieve better healthcare outcomes through the intersection of technology, medical expertise, and extraordinary patient care. Prior to Grand Rounds, Owen co-founded Reputation.com and grew the company into the worldwide leader in online reputation and privacy management; he also held executive positions at eBay and Accenture (Health and Life Sciences Practice). Owen received a BA with honors from Trinity College and received an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business. He was recently named an “Innovator” in the Institute for Healthcare Consumerism’s 2013 Superstar Awards.

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  • An Executive’s Guide to Not Screwing Up Partnerships

    Everyone loves partnerships. These fancy sounding deals are also often called “strategic alliances,” “co-marketing agreements,” “channel sales,” or in Continental Europe, “a coöperation” (sounds quite nice and German, doesn’t it?). Partnerships... Read more »

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