Merv Turner

Dr. Mervyn Turner has over 25 years of experience in pharmaceuticals drug discovery, research and development, licensing and business development, emerging markets, strategy development and implementation. His years in industry have given him an industrial perspective and global connections within the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors, and venture capital.

Prior to his retirement from Merck & Co. Inc., he was the company's first Chief Strategy Officer, and drove strategy planning and resource planning discussions. He also worked with the research division, the commercial organization and the manufacturing division to develop a coherent, overarching strategy for Merck & Co. Inc.'s investments in emerging markets. Previously, he led the transformation of Merck & Co., Inc. from an inward-facing to an outward-looking organization as head of World Wide Licensing & External Research. He was personally involved in more than 200 strategic transactions, including mergers and acquisitions. He had also acted as the Site Head for both Merck & Co. Inc.'s largest R&D facility (Rahway, NJ), and it's most productive labs (Merck Frosst, Canada). In that role, he oversaw the introduction of multiple development candidates.

He is currently an Advisor to Bay City Capital, San Francisco, and sits on the Scientific Advisory Board of Excel Ventures, Boston. He is also on the Scientific Advisory Board for the Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative.