Matt Peterson

Matt Peterson works with information and communications technology companies as a consultant and a transitional leader, drawing on his experiences ranging from executive in publicly traded companies to startup founder. His work focuses on business opportunities created by new technology media, engineering, healthcare, and other sectors. Matt writes about sustainability in information and communications technologies at and @GreenICT.

Peterson has tracked the growth of global GDP to its current 75 percent from outside the United States through a career spanning participation in international business and affairs. He has held international positions with U.S. companies and has lived and worked overseas. He is a graduate of Harvard Business School’s International Strategic Marketing Management program in Europe, has contributed a chapter to a European book on designing user interfaces for global use, and brings speakers on international topics into his community as a board member of the Madison Committee on Foreign Relations.

A supporter of local early-stage businesses, Peterson mentors entrepreneurs through Madison Entrepreneurs Resource Learning and Innovation Network (MERLIN) and serves on the advisory board of the Madison Development Corp.’s Venture Debt Fund.

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