Michael "Luni" Libes

Luni is a serial entrepreneur who over the past two decades has helped build six start-ups, five of which he founded. His previous companies include Ground Truth (mobile market research and analysis), Medio Systems (mobile search and advertising), Mforma (mobile gaming and applications), 2WAY (enterprise collaboration systems), and Nimble (pen computing, PDAs, and early smartphones).

Luni is an Entrepreneur in Residence and Instructor at the Bainbridge Graduate Institute, Advisor to The HUB Seattle and the SURF Incubator, and advisor to a dozen startup companies.

Luni is author of "The Next Step: Guiding you from Idea to Startup"

Luni is a co-creator and organizer of #SocEnt Weekend, a hands-on, action-based, high-energy, 50 hour weekend event for teaching social entrepreneurship and creating impactful companies. http://socentweekend.org

Most recently, Luni is the founder of Fledge LLC, a “conscious company” incubator. Fledge helps create and accelerate companies meeting the needs of the large and growing number of consumers who are: environmentally conscious, energy conscious, health conscious, conscious of sustainability, of community, and even conscious of consumption itself.

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