Mohammad Islam

Mohammad Islam is a senior associate at DFJ Venture Capital, where he focuses on frontier technologies in machine intelligence, biotechnology, healthcare, and next-generation infrastructure across enterprise and consumer networks. He has sourced DFJ's investments in Zymergen, Atomwise, and an analytics database company still in stealth. Mohammad is also a co-author in a chapter addressing the disruption of employment by the rise of automation and artificial intelligence in Disrupting Unemployment: Reflection on a Sustainable, Middle Class Economic Recovery.

Prior to joining DFJ, Islam was on the technology team at In-Q-Tel, where he conducted technical diligence on investments made on behalf of U.S. intelligence agencies. Islam also had engineering roles at Lockheed Martin, the National Science Foundation, and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

He graduated with a BS in electrical engineering from Stanford University, with interdisciplinary honors in international security studies. While at Stanford, he served as a research assistant in both the Very Low Frequency Group, which investigates the earth’s upper atmosphere, and the Center for International Security and Cooperation. He also worked as a developer at Soup, a startup building applications to make it easier for nonprofits to raise donations.

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