Mir Imran

Mir Imran has spent the last 35 years focusing on his passion: creating breakthrough medical innovations that can improve the lives of millions of patients. After attending medical school, Mir began his career as a healthcare entrepreneur and has since founded more than 20 life sciences companies, more than half of which have been acquired. Mir has been running his R&D lab, InCube Labs, since 1995 and is recognized as one of the leading inventors and entrepreneurs in the field. He now holds more than 300 issued patents and is perhaps most well-known for his pioneering contributions to the first FDA-approved automatic implantable cardioverter defibrillator. Three of Mir’s companies --- Nfocus Neuromedical, Zonare and Spinal Modulation --- were recently sold to large med tech corporations, and a number of other InCube portfolio companies are making strong progress in developing and commercializing their technologies. In addition to leading InCube Labs, Mir also runs a life sciences venture fund, InCube Ventures; VentureHealth, a healthcare crowd funding portal; and Modulus, a medical manufacturing company.