Mike Elconin

Mike Elconin is a member and past president of the San Diego Tech Coast Angels. He has been actively investing in technology startups since 2000 and has served on more than 20 corporate and organizational Boards of Directors.

Elconin also is a technology and business advisor with the William J. von Liebig Center for Entrepreneurism and Technology at U.C. San Diego, and he is a technical manager at San Diego’s Center for the Commercialization of Advanced Technologies, a Department of Defense program that seeks to commercialize innovative technologies for use by the military. He also has been active in Cleantech San Diego, a non-profit industry group.

Elconin was the founder and CEO of Software Banc, a Milwaukee, WI-based developer of medical and legal management systems. Elconin moved to San Diego after selling the company to a public competitor in 1997.

Before starting Software Banc, Elconin served for 10 years in Wisconsin state government. He was elected as a Democrat to represent Milwaukee’s 16th Assembly District in 1972, and served two additional terms in the Wisconsin legislature. Elconin then went to work for two years as chief of staff for Wisconsin Gov. Marty Schreiber. He also served four years on the Milwaukee School Board and in a number of other appointed positions, including the Milwaukee Plan Commission.

In his spare time, Elconin plays tennis (poorly) and ultimate Frisbee.

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