Laura E. Strong, Ph.D. has more than 15 years of operational, strategic, and clinical development experience in biotech and health technology. Most recently, Dr. Strong is the founder and CEO of Propagate Health, which builds problem-oriented innovation networks across healthcare, life sciences, and technology stakeholders.

Previously, Dr. Strong was President and Chief Operating Officer of Quintessence Biosciences, where she was responsible for developing and executing the company’s cancer drug development plans.

Laura is an adjunct faculty member in the Masters in Biotechnology program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and serves on the boards of a variety of small private companies. She is a mentor in and co-chair of the screening committee for Madison Entrepreneurs Resource Learning and Innovation Network (MERLIN) mentors, which matches experienced and new entrepreneurs.

As a National Institutes of Health predoctoral fellow, Dr. Strong earned a Ph.D. in organic chemistry at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Dr. Strong is co-author of 18 publications and co-inventor on 10 issued patents.

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