Luis Salazar

Luis is co-founder and chief executive officer of Luis was VP of product marketing at Yahoo!, chief operating officer and chief marketing officer at Global Market Insite, co-founder of Microsoft Office 365 and general manager for worldwide mid market division at Microsoft and is an expert in the high-tech and digital media industries. Luis has successfully launched more than 20 global products and formulated effective go-to-market strategies in the consumer and business spaces. Luis has experience taking companies from zero to 2 million users up to 700 million users, monetized through licensing, transactional, or advertising business models across PC, mobile devices, and/or cloud platforms. Luis has been active in angel investing, venture capital, and corporate mergers and acquisitions.

Luis mentors leaders at Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurs in Seattle, New York and Silicon Valley. He writes pieces on product marketing, business strategies, and venture investment and frequently covers those topics in speaking engagements.

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