Ken Stuart

Ken Stuart, Ph.D., is the founder of Seattle Biomedical Research Institute, a nonprofit research organization focused on making discoveries that will lead to new solutions for the world's deadliest diseases including malaria, TB and HIV/AIDS. At SBRI, Stuart heads his own research laboratory while fulfilling broad institute-building roles. His research is focused on unicellular parasites that are estimated to kill around a million people each year. His laboratory utilizes genomics, proteomics and gene function approaches to generate new knowledge needed to develop drugs, diagnostics, and vaccines for diseases. Dr. Stuart is a professor of pathobiology and microbiology at the University of Washington and served as chair of the pathobiology department from 1996-2004. He serves on multiple advisory groups and received a Burroughs Wellcome Scholar in Molecular Parasitology Award, Denis Thienpont Prize in Molecular Parasitology, NIAID MERIT Award, and the Stoll-Stunkard Award from the American Society of Parasitologists.

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