Kiran Bhageshpur

Kiran Bhageshpur is a 22 year veteran of the high tech world.  He has been a hands-on engineer, an engineering leader, a customer advocate, and "product guy.” His experience spans from pre-product start-ups to hyper growth companies, through to multi-billion dollar mature tech businesses like EMC and Lucent Technologies.

Prior to founding Igneous, Kiran was the VP of Engineering at the Isilon Storage Division of EMC. At Isilon, Kiran participated in their revenue growth from $100M to a billion dollar business unit within EMC.

Kiran's first startup was Latitude Communications (IPO: 1999, later acquired by CSCO) back before startups were "cool".

In his limited free time Kiran likes running with his Border Collie, Light, and whitewater kayaking, which he simply can't get enough of.

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