Jeremy Jaech

Jeremy Jaech is CEO of SNUPI Technologies and is a technology and software entrepreneur. Previously, he co-founded Aldus, which invented desktop publishing through its PageMaker software, and was eventually acquired by Adobe. He then led the team that founded Visio, another game-changing software company that brought engineering drawing to the masses; Visio was eventually acquired by Microsoft. He led the founding team at Verdiem, a company in the enterprise PC energy management space, and most recently serves on the Board of Directors at Control4.

Jaech currently serves as a University of Washington Regent. He is also involved with Mindjet Corporation, Trumba Corporation and UW's College of Engineering Visiting Committee. He is Chair Emeritus of the Technology Alliance Board.

In 2009, Jaech was named one of the top 25 Innovators & Entrepreneurs by Seattle Business magazine and in 2006, won the UW's College of Engineering Diamond Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence. Recently, Jaech was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award at Seattle Business magazine's 2013 Tech Impact Awards.

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