Harry Stylli

Dr. Harry Stylli has a track record of nearly two decades demonstrating entrepreneurial leadership in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, and has broad experience in successfully translating innovative technology into commercial opportunities. Dr. Stylli was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of Sequenom, Inc. and was elected to the Board of Directors in June 2005. Most recently, he served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Xencor, Inc., a privately held biotechnology company. Previously, Dr. Stylli was President and CEO of CovX Pharmaceuticals, a newly founded company that he assisted in securing key financing through a revised and focused business plan, launch of a development pipeline, and building a discovery and preclinical organization. Before that, Dr. Stylli co-founded Aurora Biosciences in 1995. As Senior Vice President of Screening Technology and New Ventures, he helped raise venture and public capital, led the creation and development of their core platform, and played a pivotal role in generating groundbreaking alliances with pharmaceutical companies resulting in over $300 million in committed capital. In 1999, Dr. Stylli assumed the role of Senior Vice President of Commercial Development, built a business organization that grew the Aurora 's revenues to approximately $95 million while netting $13 million by 2001, and ultimately facilitated Aurora 's transition from a technology to an integrated drug discovery company. In 2001 he was key to the success of Aurora 's acquisition by Vertex Pharmaceuticals for over $600 million. Following the merger, Dr. Stylli maintained profit and loss responsibility as President of Aurora Biosciences and Panvera. From 1987 to 1995, Dr. Stylli held various positions of increased responsibility in the global discovery organization of GlaxoSmithKline.

Dr. Stylli currently serves as a Director of Molecular Insight Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a privately held biotechnology company, and is an advisor to Nanosyn, a private medicinal chemistry company. He received his bachelor's of science degree from the University of East London, United Kingdom and his Ph.D. from London University 's Faculty of Medicine. He later earned his master's of business administration from the U.K's Open University.