Himanshu Sareen

Himanshu is Founder and CEO of Icreon, where he oversees strategic planning and overall business development. He founded Icreon in 2000 and over the last decade has grown the company into a leading IT consultancy, working with some of the world’s largest and most influential brands including National Geographic Channel, Fox, PepsiCo and more. As a strong leader and business-informed technologist, Himanshu has directed Icreon’s growth through diverse economic climates and dot-com booms (and busts) by maintaining a long-term view on relationships, facilitating informed decision-making, and keeping a close eye on data and key performance indicators. Himanshu received his MBA in international business from the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade and is now a part of the Owners and Presidents Program of Harvard Business School. In addition to his work and family, Himanshu is passionate about keeping up with the latest technology trends, physical fitness, and supporting entrepreneurship and the tech community.

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