Guy Suter

Guy Suter is co-founder and CEO of Notion (, a pre-launch startup on a mission to help you enjoy email again through thoughtful intelligence and insightful data. Guy is also co-founder and President of Nutshell (, a cloud-based CRM platform focused on helping small businesses grow.

In 2004, Guy co-founded and was CEO of BitLeap, the world’s first Linux-based backup appliance, offering automatic cloud storage and pioneering data de-duplication technology.

BitLeap was acquired by Barracuda Networks ( in 2008. Guy led Barracuda’s storage business unit as General Manager up to their IPO (NYSE: CUDA) in 2013, growing the business to over $100 million in annual sales and placing first in worldwide unit sales for purpose-built backup appliances.

While at Barracuda, Guy also led an “intrapreneurial” team to build and launch a file sync and share service called Copy (, which scaled to millions of users during its first year.

Prior to founding BitLeap, Guy got his start in technology at a regional ISP in Pennsylvania and later at Qwest Communications in Denver. Guy believes in life-long learning; his occasional academic experience includes studying computer science at Shippensburg University and public policy at Penn State University, where he came precariously close to graduating (with honors).