Gary Southwell

Gary Southwell is co-founder and chief strategy officer for Seceon, a threat detection and management company that aims to visualize, detect, and eliminate cyber threats in real-time. Gary is an industry leader with more than 25 years of strategic business and security product planning experience. Gary has continuously worked on the forefront of delivering new product concepts and industrial innovations and is responsible for driving Seceon’s pending patents in regards to advances in threat modeling with applied behavioral analytics. Gary’s vision took acquired technologies from NetScreen security and created solutions requirements and led the team on execution to drive significant revenue growth for security product line by making its part of partners’ multi-media and SP mobility solutions. Gary served as CTO at BTI systems and was responsible for defining new technologies and pioneering big data concepts for intelligent secured content delivery architecture. As an original founder of the Metro Ethernet Forum, Gary wrote the original contributions that defined the requirements for Carrier Ethernet services. Gary defined the product requirements behind the Ciena Flex Select Architecture, which has contributed over $1 billion for Ciena. At Juniper, Gary was GM for the solutions architecture team. Gary works closely with customers, partners and internal team on behavioral models for users and systems in content of applications and workflow.

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