Gerry Roston

Gerald Roston, Ph.D., P.E., has served as a senior executive for several technology-focused startups. Currently, he is serving as the CEO for InPore Technologies, Inc., a Michigan State University spinout bringing to market Silapore particles, a novel polymer additive that simultaneously improves strength, stiffness, durability, and fire retardancy of plastics. He also works as a consultant/coach, through Pair of Docs Consulting, with his activities focused on helping start-up companies succeed by assisting them with the development of technology and business plans, raising funding (both non-dilutive and equity), and managing business operations. Recent engagements have resulted in the raising of more than $10 million, primarily from state and federal programs. He also actively participates in business development activities, such as finding potential customers, partners, and investors.

During his career, Dr. Roston has worked with numerous companies, both large and small, managing R&D/product development activities, transitioning research concepts into products, identifying and pursuing investment opportunities, and marketing to early adopters. His experiences span a broad range of industries and technologies, including serving as the technical program manager for an emissions control program ($25M/yr budget) that successfully redesigned a line of locomotive products to meet EPA regulations; managing a startup which is developing a fully fiber-integrated, mid-infrared light source for military and telecommunications applications; managing the development of advanced signal processing software for use in mass-marketed digital audio products; and inventing and patenting a variety of robotic and automation products and technologies.

While working towards his doctoral degree at Carnegie Mellon University, Dr. Roston led a team of researchers that conceptualized and prototyped an integrated lunar lander/rover under grants from NASA, LLNL, and MDSSC. Previously, Dr. Roston had worked at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where he made major contributions to one the first robots used to assist surgical procedures and was a founding member of the NASA Mars Rover team.

Dr. Roston is currently the Vice President of Programs for the New Enterprise Forum (an Ann Arbor organization that assists technology-focused start-ups), sits on the NIH Clinical Neurophysiology, Devices and Neuroprosthetics SBIR/STTR Study Section, has more than two dozen publications, and four issued patents (with several pending).

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