George Mosher

In Memoriam: Our friend and Xconomist George Mosher passed away on January 31, 2019. We at Xconomy are deeply saddened by his loss.

George Mosher grew up in the Boston area. He graduated from Harvard in 1961 and Harvard Business School in 1963. He moved to Milwaukee in 1965 to become president of Business and Institutional Furniture, a company that specialized in selling furniture via catalog to churches and schools.

In 1975, he and his wife, Julie, started National Business Furniture, which focused on selling furniture to businesses via catalog. National Business Furniture purchased Alfax Wholesale and Dallas Midwest; both were in the church and school furniture business. NBF, over the years, made several other acquisitions of related companies including ultimately Business and Institutional Furniture.

After the dot com boom faded, NBF bought and Furniture Online. was the leading Internet retailer of office furniture. Furniture Online sold household furniture on the Internet. Sales for NBF and the other companies combined grew to $125 million. National Business Furniture was profitable from its first year and never had a losing year. In January 2006, National Business Furniture was purchased by K&K America, which was owned by TAACT, a German company expanding its operations in the United States.

Recently Mosher has focused on making venture investments and has made more than 150 angel type investments. He has also joined the board of the Milwaukee Chamber Theatre, Downtown Milwaukee Rotary, and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Library.