Glenn Begley

C. Glenn Begley is Chief Scientific Officer and Senior Vice President for Research and Development at TetraLogic Pharmaceuticals in Malvern, PA. He also serves on the Board of Directors of the UK-based Oxford BioTherapeutics, and is on the Scientific Advisory Boards for several biotech companies.

From 2002-2012, he was Vice-President and Global Head of Hematology/Oncology Research at Amgen, responsible for building, directing and integrating the research program at Amgen’s 5 research sites.

He has over 20 years of clinical experience in medical oncology and hematology. His research has focused on translational clinical trials and regulation of hematopoietic cells. He has published over 200 scientific papers is Board Certified in Australia as a Medical Oncologist and Hematologist and has a PhD in cellular and molecular biology. He has numerous awards and honors including election to the Association of American Physicians.

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