Eric Schadt is the director of the Mt. Sinai Institute for Genomics and Multi-Scale Biology in New York, and the chief scientific officer for Pacific Biosciences, a company developing new gene sequencing technologies. He is also a founding member of Sage Bionetworks- an open access genomics initiative designed to build and support databases and an accessible plaform for creating innovative dynamic disease models.

Dr. Schadt joined Pacific Biosciences in May 2009 from Rosetta Inpharmatics, a subsidiary of Merck & Co., Inc. in Seattle, where he was Executive Scientific Director of Genetics. Dr. Schadt's work at Rosetta involved the generation and integration of very large-scale sequence variation, molecular profiling and clinical data in disease populations to construct the molecular networks that define disease states and link molecular biology to physiology in ways that can impact clinical medicine.

Dr. Schadt has contributed to a number of discoveries relating to the genetic basis of common human diseases such as diabetes and obesity, which have been widely published in leading scientific journals. His research has provided novel insights into what is needed to master diverse, large-scale data collected on normal and disease populations in order to elucidate the complexity of disease and make more informed decisions in the drug discovery arena. Prior to joining Rosetta, Dr. Schadt was a Senior Research Scientist at Roche Bioscience. He received his B.A. in applied mathematics and computer science from California Polytechnic State University, his M.A. in pure mathematics from UCLA, and his Ph.D. in bio-mathematics from UCLA.

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