Dan'l Lewin

Dan'l Lewin is Corporate Vice President of Strategic and Emerging Business Development at Microsoft Corporation, leading the company's engagement with startups and venture capitalists and business relationships with strategic industry partners. His team focuses on supporting the software startup ecosystem developing on the Microsoft platform while fostering local software economies worldwide. Through the Microsoft BizSpark and Microsoft Innovation Center programs, the group helps accelerate startup success in more than 100 countries. In addition, Lewin has executive responsibility for the company's operations in the Silicon Valley, based in Mountain View, CA.

Previously, Lewin has led sales and marketing divisions for companies including Apple Computer Inc., NeXT Inc. and GO Corp, and consulted for emerging companies, venture capital firms and corporate joint ventures. Before joining Microsoft in 2001, he was CEO of Aurigin Systems Inc., a startup that pioneered intellectual property asset management. Lewin serves on the boards of the Churchill Club; SVForum; TechAmerica; the Corporate Advisory Board of the National Venture Capital Association and the Tech Museum of Innovation, where he served as past chairman of the Tech Museum Awards program. He holds an AB in politics from Princeton University.

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