Doug Lane

Doug Lane is Senior Director of Product Management and Marketing at Virtual Computer, a Westford, MA-based provider of PC virtualization and management software.

A seasoned marketing and product management professional with a 12-year record of bringing innovative technology products and services to market, Doug’s breadth of industry experience spans PC lifecycle management, information security, RFID/supply chain, DNS/critical Internet infrastructure, Web hosting, and telecommunications/IP backbone services. Prior to joining Virtual Computer, Doug held several key marketing and product management positions at VeriSign. He was instrumental in establishing VeriSign as a market leader in managed security services and online brand protection while forging entry into new markets such as RFID/supply chain.

Earlier in his career, Doug held product management and professional services positions at Guardent, Vanguard Managed Solutions (Motorola spin-out) and Ennovate Networks. Additionally, he held several operational and product management roles at BBN/GTE Internetworking/Genuity, an early leader in the Internet backbone and enterprise Web hosting services.

Doug earned a BS from Emerson College and an MBA from Boston University.

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