David Auth

David Auth received his Ph.D. in Physics from Georgetown University in 1969, and joined the faculty of Electrical Engineering at the University of Washington that year. He taught electrical engineering and the newly-created field of bioengineering there for 13 years, and ran a lab that integrated both fields. Dr. Auth and his graduate students pioneered several new medical device platform technologies including contact laser surgery, ophthalmic holography, and transendoscopic limited injury hemostasis resulting in the fast pulse thermal cautery probe which was licensed by the University of Washington to Olympus Corp. With his students he performed the seminal investigation of impedance limited, controlled injury, multipolar cauterization ultimately leading to two highly successful inventions: American Cystoscope BICAP and the Novacept/CYTYC global endometrial ablation device , marketed as Novasure (2007 revenue of $223MM).

He left academia in 1982 to become Director of New Product Ventures for the Squibb Medical Systems Group. Three years after that transition, he started the Biophysics International division of E.R. Squibb and Sons, Inc. He continued with Squibb until 1989, the year he founded Heart Technology, Inc. to commercialize his rotational atherectomy invention, known as Rotablator. The Rotablator is a catheter based microdissection device using high speed rotational ablation to safely remove calcified, lipoid, and fibrous atherosclerotic plaque from coronary arteries via differential cutting.

Dr. Auth ran Heart Technology(NASDAQ: HRTT) as its CEO for six years, growing it to 500 employees and $80 million in revenue. Heart Technology merged with Boston Scientific, Inc. in 1995. He has maintained his ties with academia serving since 1985 as an Affiliate Professor of Bioengineering at the University of Washington.

Dr. Auth currently serves on the Boards of Directors of ten medical device companies. He served on the boards of Integra LifeSciences, Novacept and Radiotherapeutics. He remains a registered professional electrical engineer in the State of Washington.