Chris Dixon

Chris Dixon is the co-founder of Hunch and Founder Collective. He is a personal investor in early-stage technology companies, including Skype, Foursquare, Kickstarter, Stack Overflow, TrialPay, DocVerse (acq by GOOG), Invite Media (acq by GOOG), Gerson Lehrman Group, ScanScout, OMGPOP, BillShrink, Panjiva, Knewton, and a handful of other startups that are still in stealth mode.

Previously, Chris was a co-founder and CEO of SiteAdvisor through its acquisition by McAfee. He worked at Bessemer Venture Partners making early-stage investments, including the lead investment in the Series A of Skype. Chris has designed and programmed multimedia Web applications, including the original version of Oddcast's talking avatar software, and the karaoke software that became kSolo, later acquired by MySpace/Fox. He was co-head of R&D at Arbitrade, a hedge fund focusing on high speed options trading (acquired by Knight Trading Group and eventually Citigroup). Chris has an MBA from Harvard and a BA and MA from Columbia University, majoring in Philosophy. He is originally from Ohio and now lives in New York City.