Brad Webb

Brad Webb is a venture partner at Claremont Creek Ventures (CCV) in Oakland, CA, and is an investor in the healthcare IT group at the firm. He is involved with Arcxis Biotechnologies, an investment of CCV’s. He is an experienced entrepreneur and investor in the biomedical and biotech industries.

After receiving a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of California at Santa Barbara in 1979, Brad joined 3M Company's ophthalmology products division as a research and development scientist working on designs for post-cataract surgery intraocular lenses, and also supervised human clinical trials and FDA approval processes for the 3M division. Brad was responsible for several FDA approved products, and led the design efforts for several successful intraocular lenses. After leaving 3M, Brad led or participated in several start-up ventures in the ophthalmic products industry, with responsibility for research, clinical trials and FDA affairs.

In 1988 Brad founded Vision Biology, Inc., to develop new viscoelastic products for use in eye surgery. Vision Biology's revolutionary patented Viscoelastic Surgical Fluid for use during cataract surgery was licensed to Alcon Laboratories in 1996. Brad spent several years consulting for Alcon on a variety of medical product research and development projects, and recently has participated in investments in several biotech and medical technology companies.

Brad is a member of Tech Coast Angels, a Southern California-based angel group; is active with UC Santa Barbara technology programs, and consults with other startups. Brad is instrumental in extending the reach of Claremont Creek into the broader Southern California technology region.

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