Bob Krim

Dr. Bob Krim is co-founder and executive director of the Boston History & Innovation Collaborative.

The Collaborative, a 10-year-old not-for-profit alliance, is focused on ensuring that the Boston region's position as a center of innovation for 400 years continues well into the future. The Collaborative has brought together a powerful group of visionary and dedicated leaders to help fulfill the organization’s mission to:

• teach that Greater Boston's key competitive advantage is the region’s centuries-long capacity to reinvent its economy through innovation

• use lessons from our innovation history to help plan the region's economic development over the next 15-30 years

• embed this story into Boston's culture at all levels---in our civic leadership, visitor industry, academia, and in our youth.

The Collaborative has recently published a children's book---What's the Big Idea?---on Boston Innovation.

With a PhD and Master's degrees in History and Economics and an MBA, Krim has headed several not-for-profits. He has been the principal researcher on the Collaborative's multi-year study of why Boston has been innovative for four centuries. And he is currently working on a book that examines how Boston's economy, driven by innovation, has repeatedly come back from periodic failures to become resurgent in new fields.

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