Barbara J. Dalton, Ph.D. is the vice president of venture capital for Pfizer. Barbara is a pharmaceutical executive who has spent over 25years in the industry---most of that time as a corporate venture capitalist. At Pfizer, she is responsible for growing their corporate venture activities, managing the current equity portfolio and advising on structured equity transactions. She was trained as a research scientist in a virology and immunology laboratory at The Medical College of Pennsylvania where she received her Ph.D. She pursued inflammation drug discovery research at SmithKline’s research laboratories and joined their venture capital group, S.R. One, Limited in the early 1990’s. While there, Barbara was a founding member of EuclidSR Partners, a private New York-based venture capital firm where SmithKline (now GSK) was a leading limited partner. She joined that firm full time in 2003. In 2007, she moved to her current position at Pfizer. Barbara has had management responsibility for over 40 fund investments and 100 diverse company investments in the U.S. and Europe and has had direct investing responsibility for biotechnology therapeutic and platform technology companies, as well as some healthcare IT and service businesses. She has routinely represented her firm’s investments by participating at the board level in companies such as: Alere, Ciphergen, Corixa, Genset, Gliatech, Gryphon, Lexicon, iJET, OGS, Third Wave, Rib-X. In the community she has been active in her regional venture investors association, the MAC Alliance, serving as Chairman, and supported the venture philanthropy efforts of the Institute for the Study of Aging as a board member. She is an advisor to the Dean of the Penn State Eberly College of Science, where she received her undergraduate degree, and a member of The Penn State Research Foundation Board of Directors. She is on the board of the New York Biotech Association and leads the Healthcare investing group of the New York City Investment Fund. She is a former board member of the National Venture Capital Association.