Art Mellor

Art Mellor is a software engineer at Skelmir, which develops Java-language virtual machine technology to help customers bring their products to market.

From 2012 to 2015, Mellor was CEO of Zero Locus, a Milwaukee startup now operating as Functor Reality that creates predictive analytics software for large data sets using probabilistic graphical models.

Mellor has spent more than 25 years in the startup world, having founded or co-founded four startups in the technology space and one biotech nonprofit, and worked at three other technology startups.

His previous startups include a venture-backed ISP network configuration company, Gold Wire Technology; a boot-strapped network protocol test company, Midnight Networks; a computer and training consultancy, THINK Consulting; and the world's largest multi-disciplinary, open-access biorepository for multiple sclerosis, Accelerated Cure Project.

He has advised numerous startups as a mentor, adviser, or board member; written hundreds of articles, newsletters, and book chapters; and has been a regular speaker for entrepreneurial classes at MIT, Harvard, Babson, Olin, and other schools.

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