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In Coda to Robotic FX Lawsuit, iRobot Introduces Its Own Version of Negotiator Robot 08/06/08 Boston
iRobot v. Robotic FX, Redux 04/29/08 Boston
IRobot Declares Victory in Battle of the Bots; Could Absorb Some Robotic FX Assets as Rival Dissolves 12/21/07 Boston
Big Win Looming for IRobot as it Settles Both Cases With Robotic FX 12/21/07 Boston
IRobot Wins $286 Million Army Contract, Replacing Contract Previously Awarded to Robotic FX 12/18/07 Boston
Army Cancels Robotic FX’s $280 Million Contract; Decision Could Pave the Way for IRobot to Win Award 12/15/07 Boston
Just in Time for the Holidays, We Gobble Up More Filings in the iRobot-Robotic FX Case 11/21/07 Boston
Robotic FX Concedes it May Deserve Sanctions for Ahed’s “Improper” Actions—But Asks Court to Forego Default Judgment Against It 11/19/07 Boston
IRobot Seeks Sanctions Against Robotic FX in Alabama Case; In Other News, the DeLorean Has at Least Two Remaining Fans 11/12/07 Boston
Saying Ahed’s Destruction of Evidence “Profoundly Undermines” His Credibility, Judge Issues Partial Injunction Against Robotic FX—Much of Record Sealed 11/02/07 Boston
Robotic FX Fires Back—Says iRobot’s “Secrets” Aren’t Secret 10/30/07 Boston
GAO Dismisses IRobot Protest—Calls It Moot as Army Reassesses Robotic FX 10/27/07 Boston
Army Is Prepared to Award “XBot” Contract to IRobot If Robotic FX Fails New Assessment 10/24/07 Boston
Robotic FX Contract Set Aside, IRobot Says 10/24/07 Boston
IRobot Counters U.S. Attorney’s Office Arguments Supporting Robotic FX 10/22/07 Boston
U.S. to Judge: Don’t Stop Robotic FX 10/17/07 Boston
“Dear Your Honor”—Some Legal Maneuverings from the iRobot-Robotic FX Files 10/13/07 Boston
IRobot-Robotic FX Backgrounder: As A Key Ruling Nears, An Attempt to Clear Up Some Questions About the Case 10/10/07 Boston
Robots Drive Around Courtroom—But Still No Decision As Witness Testimony Ends in IRobot-Robotic FX Case 10/03/07 Boston
Slow Progress But High Stakes in iRobot–Robotic FX Tangle 10/01/07 Boston
Potentially Planted Evidence, Memory Lapses, and Unwanted Memorabilia: the Latest from the IRobot-Robotic FX Files 10/01/07 Boston
Robotic FX Founder Admits Destroying Data But Says Some Evidence Might Have Been Planted; Hearing Will Resume Monday 09/25/07 Boston
Judge Asks For More Information on Venue Issue in IRobot–Robotic FX Case 09/24/07 Boston
Hearing in IRobot v. Robotic FX Continued Until Monday; Robot-Delivery Deadline Looms 09/21/07 Boston
Dumpster-Diving Detectives and Tales of Industrial Espionage: Court Filings Reveal Twists and Turns of iRobot-Robotic FX Case 09/19/07 Boston
Chris Anderson, Rod Brooks, & More Stars of Robotics: The Video 04/25/13 San Francisco
IRobot Co-Founder Brooks Leaves to Launch New Robotics Firm Aiming to Revitalize U.S. Workforce 09/02/08 Boston
We, Robot: The Greater Boston Robotics Cluster 05/14/08 Boston
Of Red Wine, Robotics, and What Folks Would Do As Governor—Xconomy’s Forum Sparks Debate on the Future of Innovation in New England 12/06/07 Boston
Of Drivable Airplanes, Hair-Raising, OLPC, Card-Counting, Black Silicon, & More: New England’s Top Innovation Stories of 2008 12/30/08 Boston
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