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Notes from the Opening of A123Systems’ Michigan Manufacturing Plant 09/15/10 Boston
A123Systems Spins Off New Battery Firm, Drops Out of Chrysler Deal, Posts Quarterly Loss 08/11/10 Boston
A123Systems Invests in Fisker, Virtify Finds $15M, ATG Acquires InstantService, & More Boston-Area Deals News 01/18/10 Boston
A123Systems IPO Could Bring $10M-Plus Windfall for Boston University, Sources Say. (MIT’s Stake Likely Not Too Shabby, Either.) 10/02/09 Boston
A123Systems Pulls Off Big IPO, PrimeraDx Grabs $20M, Conduit Labs Collects $3M, and More Boston-Area Deals News 09/25/09 Boston
A123Systems’ IPO Gives Shareholders a Big Jolt 09/25/09 Boston
A123Systems IPO Massively Exceeds Estimates 09/24/09 Boston
A123Systems Wanted for Huge Grid Battery 08/26/09 San Diego
Massachusetts Battery Firms A123Systems and Boston-Power Taking Different Roads to Auto Market 08/25/09 Boston
A123Systems Wins $249M Piece of DOE Grants 08/05/09 Boston
A123Systems Founder and MIT’s Cima Behind Startup Entra Pharmaceuticals 05/07/09 Boston
A123Systems Counts to $69M, Sun Catalytix Out to Grow Seed From Polaris, Synageva Gets $30M, & More Boston-Area Deals News 04/17/09 Boston
A123Systems Gets $100M in Tax Breaks to Expand in Michigan 04/14/09 Boston
A123Systems Expanding Battery Tech Production and R&D with Fresh $69M Financing 04/13/09 Boston
A123Systems Receives $69,000,000 New Financing Round 04/13/09 Boston
A123Systems Gives Chrysler a Charge, Segway Scoots into GM Deal, Basho Banks $2M, & More Boston-Area Deals News 04/10/09 Boston
A123Systems Will Supply Batteries for Chrysler’s Electric Vehicles 04/06/09 Boston
A123Systems Obtains $30,000,000 New Funding 10/22/08 Boston
GM Savors A123Systems and Coskata Deals Amid Dreams of Clean Vehicles That Can’t Crash 04/18/08 Boston
A123Systems, GE, and Norwegian Carmaker Join Forces, TNS Commits to Compete, Bottomline Buys Optio, & More 03/10/08 Boston
A123Systems Receives $20,000,000 New Financing Round 03/05/08 Boston
After a Turbulent Decade, A123 Plans New $40M Campus—and Layoffs 04/06/17 Detroit Ann Arbor
Inventev Nabs $500K Grant to Test Mobile Power Generation Technology 02/09/16 Detroit Ann Arbor
Stratasys, Big VCs Bet $14M on 3D Printing Startup Desktop Metal 10/27/15 Boston
Cybersecurity, DraftKings, OBJL, and 24M: A Boston Tech Roundup 06/25/15 Boston
A123 Systems Drafting Settlement With Apple on “Poaching” Lawsuit 05/12/15 Boston
Apple: A123’s Lawsuit “Baseless Conjecture,” Not Actionable Under Law 03/11/15 Boston
Electric-Car Battery Maker A123 Sues Apple for Poaching Employees 02/19/15 Boston
A123 Changes Name to B456 After Sale 03/28/13 Boston
A123 Goes on the Auction Block: Here’s How It Got This Bad 12/06/12 Boston
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