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Entry Author Date Location
ZMapp Ebola Drug Production Set for Texas, Possibly North Carolina 09/30/14 Raleigh Durham Receives $550,000 Seed Round 09/29/14 Texas
Xeris Pharmaceuticals Secures $7,274,592 Series B Round 09/29/14 Texas
Pristine Garners $5,400,000 New Funding 09/29/14 Texas
Innovation Hub: Techies Fix Government 09/26/14 National
Big Delta Systems Say Spray-On Batteries Are the Future of Power 09/26/14 National
The Risks and Opportunities in a Startup: Age 0-2 Years 09/25/14 San Francisco
Magnitude Software Secures $100,000,000 New Funding 09/25/14 Texas
Austin’s Spiceworks Finds Niche Bringing Together IT Professionals 09/24/14 Texas
“100K” Marathon: A Decades-Long Health Study Makes Its Business Case 09/23/14 National
Silvercar Receives $14,000,000 Series B Financing Round 09/23/14 Texas
TelaDoc Lands $50,250,081 New Financing Round 09/22/14 Texas
Roundup: New A&M Center, Funds for Ortho Kinematics, Encore Vision 09/19/14 Texas
How To Respond When the Media Calls 09/18/14 Seattle
Austin’s Famigo Helps Parents Police Kids’ Internet, App Browsing 09/18/14 Texas
A Prescription for the Achilles Heel of Healthcare IT 09/18/14 San Diego
Secure Healing Obtains $50,000 Seed Funding Round 09/18/14 Texas
Encore Vision Garners $1,680,106 New Funding Round 09/17/14 Texas
Ortho Kinematics Lands $3,061,288 New Funding Round 09/17/14 Texas
ChartSpan Secures $1,000,000 Seed Financing 09/17/14 Texas
InSightec Lands $12,500,000 New Financing Round 09/16/14 Texas
Molecular Templates Secures $3,500,000 Series C Round 09/16/14 Texas
LeadingReach Aims to Close Healthcare’s “Weakest Link,” Referrals 09/15/14 Texas
The Rhythm of Management: What Jazz Can Teach Startup Executives 09/15/14 Texas
GruupMeet Obtains $300,000 New Financing Round 09/15/14 Texas
Innovation Hub: Why Tech’s Women Problem Is Bigger Than You Think 09/12/14 National
TX Roundup: New funding for FieldAware, Sandlot Solutions, & Oyokey 09/12/14 Texas
How to Attract Smart People, Smart Ideas, and Smart Money 09/12/14 Raleigh Durham
Cleantech Startups Seek to Scrub Dirty Industries, Not Kill Them Off 09/11/14 National
A Chat With Sanjiv Sidhu of Business Management Software Maker o9 09/11/14 Texas
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