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Entry Author Date Location
New to Data Analytics? Here’s 3 Simple Steps For Getting Started 10/31/14 Wisconsin
TeVido Taps 3D Printing Technology to Build a Better Nipple 10/30/14 Texas
Trustev Offers Anti-Fraud Tech, From Cork to New York 10/30/14 New York
I Believe in Angels 10/30/14 San Diego
Clarify Receives $1,000,000 Seed Funding 10/30/14 Texas
Krimmeni Technologies Obtains $11,700,000 Series A Round 10/30/14 Texas
Innovation in Ireland: Overview to Xconomy’s Special Report 10/29/14 National
Panel: Houston Needs Seasoned CEOs to Build Robust Biotech Ecosystem 10/28/14 Texas
MediGain Obtains $38,000,000 New Financing 10/28/14 Texas
Houston Meets the Xconomists, Spotlights Energy, Biotech Innovation 10/27/14 Texas
Texas Roundup: Mozido, BeatBox, Spinlister, J-Labs, Macheen, Cratejoy 10/27/14 Texas
On a Wing and a Prayer: 300,000 Angels in Search of a Unicorn 10/27/14 San Diego
Mozido Garners $185,000,000 Series B Round 10/24/14 Texas
J&J to Open J-Labs Incubator at Houston’s TMC to Boost Biotechs 10/23/14 Texas
J&J, GSK, Tekmira, And Others Take Next Steps To Fight Ebola 10/22/14 Boston
Social Site Pink Petro Aims to Raise the Energy Industry’s XX-Factor 10/22/14 Texas
As Atlas Splits, Is There A Case To Make In Venture For Specialists? 10/22/14 National
Good Technology Acquires Macheen for Undisclosed Sum 10/21/14 Texas
Texas Roundup: DNAtrix, Nanolinea, Wireless Seismic, Illumitex, TMCx 10/20/14 Texas
Shanghai Report: Big Questions About China’s Growth Plans 10/20/14 Boston
Innovation Hub: Introverts as Innovators 10/17/14 National
VC Funding Still Robust as Year-to-Date Total Exceeds 2013 10/17/14 National
Shelfbucks Obtains $2,100,419 New Funding 10/16/14 Texas
Venture Firms Turn Down Funding Volume, but Still Rockin’ in Q3 10/14/14 National
Circular Energy Obtains $5,500,000 New Funding Round 10/14/14 Texas
DNAtriX Secures $20,000,000 Series B Funding Round 10/14/14 Texas
Wireless Seismic Receives $4,500,000 New Financing 10/14/14 Texas
Illumitex Secures $3,985,866 New Round 10/14/14 Texas
How Much Should I Work? 10/13/14 Boston
ParLevel Garners $2,000,000 New Funding 10/13/14 Texas
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